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Comments "Live transmission? Mysterious signals come from deep space":

Author: Narg
Why would any intelligent life form want to contact us?
Author: Mazujora
This just in: it was an ad for a new smart phone.
Author: Faelrajas
Space farts
Author: Tojagore
Hahah rt still pumps out this utter bs, everyone is now waking to see that the nasa and Freemasons who bring us this space illusion are bogus and faking it, weather or not people believe the obvious fact that the earth is flat, the fact still remains we can believe in this space lie
Author: Kazrarisar
What is so amazing is that people who have an interest in the universe should be open enough to realise that aliens have been among us for thousands of years, and the secret shadow governments know a lot more  than they want us to know, then look at all the sighting report. It proves a point that all science is just another narrow minded religion, designed to keep real knowledge out of the hands of people, so if you can't see it, be able to pull it apart, then it does not exist and all is an illusion. ha if they continue in this narrow mind field of thinking, that what will they do when there will me a revelation?  could be a smoke screen for those who are dumbed down and to keep them that way.
Author: Tull
Aliens can clearly see from the sky the destruction USA has caused in the middle east. Aliens want nothing with us.
Author: Shaktigis
ET is coming to eat us!
Author: Goltirg
When you look at the Moon you are seeing what the Moon looked like 1 sec ago
Author: Zolocage
This isn't credible unless there's an actual interview with one of these scientists.
Author: Mile
Light take time to reach our eyes. This is what we call the "speed of light".
Author: Yoktilar
Nazi's in space.
Author: Shakazragore
I guarantee you we won't hear about this again & if we do it will be some boring explanation.
Author: Vudolkree
Trillions and Billions and Millions and Trillions of LIES ....STOP THE LIES !!!
Author: Zologor
If anything, these messages are saying something like:
Author: Kelabar
Ease up with the hand gestures
Author: Kigagar
When you are looking at stars you are seeing the past, not the present.
Author: Nasida
the most high communicating
Author: Akigar
Author: Grokus
Thanks for no information whatsoever regarding who found what where and when... "umm some astronomer said some stuff... and a guy at cornell said other things, and uhhh... ummm billions of lightyears away is uhhh some direction in space there were signals of an unspecified frequency that uhh... repeated at an interval we are too stupid to tell you... uhhhh.... ummmm". Yeah, thanks Regina. Guess I'll google search the vague breadcrumb garbage you regurgitated to see if I can do your damned job for you and tell people about this story.
Author: Gozragore
Err, sorry I wasn't listening, she is breath taking...
Author: Shaktikus
When you look at the Sun you are seeing what the Sun looked like (about ) 20 minutes ago
Author: Mok
If people knew such a big sound comes from something so small <3 Weapons of terror will be used on a galactic level :D Our God, gods or creator, to each his own is NOT the only one (s) in charge...they are more like emissaries <3 You have been warned by Nature and by Light ;-)
Author: Doura
I'm a Telecom Engineer.
Author: Vitilar
Aliens. The great deception.
Author: Dolabar
I'm sure RT can get one.
Author: Gardanris
Let's squeeze more billions for investigations. The scientists need a pay rise
Author: Yoran
Did the flat erf people enjoy the solar eclipse yesterday?
Author: Dull
No Alien species uses radio waves as a communication source ...either there is nothing else out there or there is a different way to communicate ( FTL )
Author: Malashicage
Bragida Santos used to be a man.
Author: Mikagor
Author: Faugul
Author: Digis
0.31 ...caused by cataclysmic events! HONK! Mystery solved. Hooters!
Author: Faezil
Are you SURE you are talking about GALAXIES???
Author: Malasida
Author: Yobar
How did you figure out the initial source? They claim they know it is billions of light years away, how do you know that?? That would be billions of years ago if the signal was traveling at the speed of light, so chances are that whatever sent it or initiated the signal is long gone.
Author: Sagul
THAT CHICK. IN LA. Was hot..both. R
Author: Dulabar
The Aliens must have seen Kim Kardashian's selfie and would like to mate with earth women
Author: Vogul
Are you SURE you are talking about BILLIONS of light years away???
Author: Tojas
Are you SURE?????
Author: Tojacage
Recommended reading: "His Master's Voice" by Stanislaw Lem. About efforts to interpret repeated radio signals from space, and the mind-bending theories that scientists came up with to explain them.
Author: Faut
They need a reason to get more money for their "space program"
Author: Faenris
If a transmission comes from BILLIONS of light years away, the signal is BILLIONS of years old, it was sent BILLIONS of years ago.
Author: Gardajin
Seem to me you have no knowledge of what you are talking about.
Author: Yozshujar
Author: Tat
When you look at Alpha Century you are seeing what the Star looked like 7 years ago
Author: Kazraktilar
All I saw and heard were nipples.
Author: Mejora
No need to be scared, think about this, man named those other living creatures “aliens” what if to them we are “aliens” and what if those other creatures are scared of us? Has anyone ever thought of that? I know they found out a way to contact us so you must think oh they are way more advanced, but just because they are more advanced doesn’t mean they are hostile.
Author: JoJosida
Well, here it comes, the beginning of the alien invasion hoax and it will come. Wait and see. Don't buy into the lie.
Author: Malall
I'd marry that woman in a heart-beat.
Author: Nelabar
and how come they don't let us see or hear the signals? 😡