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Comments "LIFE UNCOMMON by Jewel":

Author: Faunris
There was noting beautiful about "Shock and Awe"
Author: Nikomi
hi from italy
Author: Gardalmaran
What price are you paying for your freedom? Only some are paying the price here in the United States, and a LOT are paying the price for OUR freedom in other countries. The United States no longer pay anything for their freedom. We don't suffer, pay extra taxes... nadda
Author: Fenrira
thank you, hopefully we will have a change in 2008.
Author: Malajind
Yes this is a beautiful song and I chose it to honor women who lived lives uncommon. Women who have worked and sacrificed their life for the good of mankind. That includes women in the Peace Movement-"There are plenty of people Who pray for peace But if Praying were enough It wouldve come to be"
Author: Macage
Peace sells but who's buyin?
Author: Mugis
if i were an american i'll vote for Obama. He seems the right man !
Author: Dikree
wonderfull !
Author: Nikok
Lovee this so much...there are plenty of people who pray for peace but if praying were enough it would have come to be.
Author: Tojagor
And you were part of the problem...Obama lied, people died. Scandal after scandal after scandal....lost liberties around every corner. So much for sounds of none no more. It's time for a revolution!
Author: Shakagal
Don't be a jerk, Twiggy1108. Freedom is for all of us, including those who work and fight for peace. Their work is just as important for all of us and it in no way diminishes the sacrifices of our children. In fact, it honors them because we should be working to protect them as much as is humanly possible, and that includes not wasting their lives indiscriminately in unnecessary or futile wars. Our children soldiers are for only absolutely necessary sacrifices. Everyone of us matters.
Author: Akinodal
"Let your words enslave no one and the heavens will hush themselves."
Author: Bacage
There as nothing beautiful about celebrations in the streets of Dearborn, Michigan and most of the Middle East on 911 either. This song is about Liberty. Not only ending endless wars but to stop the tyranny of our own government. This song came out long before the Iraqi War!
Author: Sham
Author: Tygorr
I hope usa will change foreign politic soon
Author: Guramar
Patricia Anderson
Author: Nikogrel
faith ,
Author: Dami
You can shove that hope & change. Ron Paul was the answer, but you libtards were too narrow sighted to see it. I like your video but it takes two to tango.