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Comments "Learn line work skills quickly":

Author: Voodoozilkree
In canada lineman make 50+ an hour apprentices make around 23 and up....americans get payed a low wage
Author: Gardalkree
LOOOOOOOL OSHA wouldnt like that at 0:45! guys hat falls off!
Author: Shagul
There aint no way to learn line work quickly. That is like saying learn to be wise quickly
Author: Malaktilar
Lean out in your belt , you look like a dog fuckin a football!!
Author: Shakanris
Took me 4 years to become a journeyman lineman.
Author: Gar
in Italy an expert lineman earn not more than 18 euros (with taxes 35%) per hour, about 20 dollars. You are very luky for your payceck
Author: Faunos
earn 16 dollars in hour
Author: Vutilar
Scab bitches