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Comments "Judicial Watch president on latest Clinton email dump":

Author: Kazrat
oh dear i was going to vote hillary only jokeing
Author: Ararn
Hillary has been doing this for 10 years, no one is doing anything.
Author: Tadal
She Destroyed Evidence! LOCK HER UP!...
Author: Taujar
We only got them now Ms. Reporter because the clintons were hiding them and because the media carry's her water for her. In the day, investigative reporters would be uncovering this.
Author: Zulkizuru
youd have to be blind deaf dumb or dead not to see the corruption of both clintons...this is unfucking believaber shes still in the race for the highest office
Author: Meztizuru
These people have no honesty or integrity, they do not care what has to be done to attain their goal
Author: Kekree
Let the FBI handle it, again. :(
Author: Vicage
Hillary has to go to jail or else there is no justice, along with Barry, or else this will happen again and the next time they do it, the US will longer be a republic. Canada is on their way to voting out Trudeau as he has broken all of his promises, opened the borders, shut down our own oil fields and continues to purchase oil abroad. He also gave $20 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Author: Tobar
The Department of Justice is rampantly corrupt. Where is the Whistle Blower from the NSA, the retired guy ? Did he get shot dead too ?
Author: Dainris
Its not just what they say. The fact that she uses a private server and deleted emails is a crime we would be in jail over.
Author: Zulkijas
its a farce bla bla bla....nothing ever happens .... they are still FREE
Author: Brall
Wasn't it The Rolling Stones who did the perfect song for Broom Rider's newly revealed treachery? "When The Whip Comes Down!" That will be a gloriously awaited day for America to finally see The Evil One in handcuffs!
Author: Shakasa
why is she not in jail,,, boy if we did something like that, say with $1000. we would be put under the jail...that's it!
Author: JoJolkis
Well that means that 95% of your Government should be going to jail, because most of them have become millionaires in office.
Author: Shajar
Oy - she is SO tasty.....
Author: Visar
Killing took 💵from Hatti and the IRS is now on her trail. He dumb brother in law is the treasury and has no clue but transfer and deposit. The foundation is suppose to be audited every year. That foundation has not had one , in 20 years. Clinton line their pockets,while people starve and live in filth! SHAME On You 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Author: Tokazahn
+30,000 missing emails...
Author: Fenrikree
People, it's the all mighty Clintons, they are God's to all, which operate above the law. Doesn't anyone get that by now? The law suit should be brought against all facets of our justice departments which all have turn a blind eye to the facts.
Author: Tojajind
Jullian Assange, Edward Snowden, Aaron Shwartz, C Manning - ALL HEROES
Author: Moogusar
"'jejune' devoid of significance or interest..."
Author: Nikorg
Clintons are heads of world's organized crime... here we call it government...
Author: Ninris
Yeah that makes sense.
Author: Fauzahn
Hillary vs. Trump.. Is that the best nominees for president USA can come up with in 2016? INSANE!
Author: Vok
jt's a shittin shame what the rest of the world thought of the US before all of this clinton coruption came out. they must be rollin in the isles now. what ever sense of dignity we had is long gone.
Author: Vudoramar
I can't wait for WikiLeaks "October Surprise."
Author: Arazshura
número uno estas en primer lugar el trompo lo sabe bien vistes que rápido es convertirme el en el PORTA voz de todos sus antojos yo no soy político pero son SUSESOS que cumplen profecías y yo como ser humano tengo que estar despierto ante los cambios de presidentes o PRESIDENTAS.
Author: Gardashura
Who is in our state dept ? Are there still people who worked with Hillary ? If so , they have to be cleared out also, if a rat is overlooked they will begin to smell
Author: Kajigor
Perhaps Hillary is becoming a very serious "liability" that cannot be overcome, papered-over, bought-off, or "suicided-away." Too many email leaks, too many videos, too many dead bodies forming a "trail." Too much overwhelming evidence, that not only implicates her and Bill, but implicates those above her (and Bill). If she is removed from the running, who would jump in? A decision needs to be made soon if they want to replace her, because she might be found dead from "natural causes" soon.
Author: Nekasa
Thank you Tom Fitton & JW!
Author: Kajar
They help us keep an eye on the rich and powerful.
Author: Nikorr
Which by Comey's statements; she had instructed her attorney's to thoroughly read and digitally destroy them so they were forensically unrecoverable.
Author: Meztisida
Everything that Hillary touches gets engulfed in scandal, failure or flames.
Author: Garamar
Trump should know, he took part in it. Bragged about it. So sure, he will never ever do that now.
Author: Shakasida
It's impossible that Hillary is leading... Most her speech is thumbs down. She cannot even fill the school gymnasium.. Pathetic. Polls are lies
Author: Samuzragore
somethings not right here. why are dnp holding on to a rotten apple? there is another game in play here
Author: Togis
Too bad our Benghazi men didnt make donations to the clinton foundation or hire bill to speak. We see how their emails are handle post haste unlike the 600 emails asking for help.
Author: Fenrihn
The entire POTUS run has become the shit show it is because of this, and simular situations. The people either accept Trump or don't. But the scandals all started out of the Clinton camp. Other wise, it would be just another election.
Author: Arale
Fancy that, going to such extremes to cover up your obsession with Yoga classes.
Author: Vudora
The entire gov. Of Obama , Clinton’s were so closed and a web of treason, they had the justice dept, FBI , CIA, IRS, lawyers, almost all they needed for protection of their corruption! And they are still in place, the FBI are still operating
Author: Meztijora
She is a snake in the grass
Author: Kik
Just imagine what the rest of those emails say
Author: Brak
Killary Rotten Crooch Killenton is going to resign as the Democratic nominee do to health issues soon, I suspect. It would be best for the United States and it be the honorable thing to do. Oh shit, look who I'm talking about! well, I guess that'll never happen.
Author: Mikakora
That is NOT Hillary
Author: Tolkis
Brother said Americans will be safe once Hillary is dead plain and simple