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Comments "JPMorgan: `Hard to Overstate Potential Damage of Mexico Tariffs on U.S.":

Author: Gugis
Will continue to come from Mexico into America
Author: Tok
Good News
Author: Meramar
Is the US economy booming or it’s merely a “credit expansion”?
Author: Mauzahn
It's no wonder Trumps empire and life have failed!
Author: Shakalkree
A month ago, they said interest rates we're gonna be raised because our economy was so fantastic it had recovered.
Author: Maramar
This is crazy Trump is really smart he just want the American Citizens to do Business in there own county! This is a Punishment on the Americans who have Companies in other countries or companies in the USA that’s buying in other countries 😎 they or going to start running 🏃 back to USA and face real Competition and not Cheat the market
Author: Mikagal
NOW, the Federal Reserve intends to lower interest rates again to allay investor’s fears.
Author: Tygogami
Lol trump will tear off all agreement with all continents in the world .... so as expected he won’t reach a deal with Mexico
Author: Taujinn
Fed rates cut not makes any difference.QE 4 on the way much bigger then last one.
Author: Vilrajas
Steve Bannon are you listening ?
Author: Shagis
$100 Billion a year in drugs