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Comments "Journalist Leslie Kean talks UFOs on Open Minds Radio":

Author: Volabar
he's a burrito eating spick/ cockroach
Author: Kahn
why so less watches???? i mean these guys do a winderful good job and the guest leslie kean ??? hello??
Author: Durg
I know nothing of the economic relationship the Huffington Post has with its writers however, I do know that writers wield a great deal of power. If writers feel they're getting the raw end of the deal they should write about it. Everyone should get a fair deal wherever money for services is the agreed upon understanding. In any deal, all parties should be able to walk away from the negotiating table with a sense of satisfaction.
Author: Nikozragore
Audio is too low when guest is on.
Author: Mikanos
hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha. funniest thing in weeks. now i do like leslie and i bought her book but i cant say i've had the same thought. hey, whatever floats yer boat!
Author: Tygorr
She loses me when she starts talking about defense dept. crap about foreign aircraft and terrorist drones but otherwise she's a feisty journalist.
Author: Bami
I read this lady's book. It's fantastic.
Author: Kirr
This operation must be on Alejandro's dime.He's got the Chris Farley interview style.Boring.
Author: Mazut
this guy never gets the names straight- ever. His guest is politely correcting the names all the way through.
Author: Zuramar
??? lol
Author: Grorg
front or back door? lol
Author: Kaziramar
Author: Taugor
Alejandro Rojas blows.  I should replace him.  I am passionate about UFOs and don't have the voice of alvin the chipmunks.  
Author: Meztikora
And people ask why UFO's don't land and introduce themselves. Here's why.