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Comments "Jammu University students protest against JK Banks recruitment criteria":

Author: Samujora
Are Bhai general category wala sirf form braaha ge bs seat sirf Aur sirf Kashmir,,,, modi laooo desh bachaoo
Author: Kazralar
Bhai governor k paas jao
Author: Malarg
Sy . Exam too sirf bhana ha
Author: Dajas
Classes mey jake padhai kro 😂 Roads pey protest krke % nahi ati hai bhai
Author: Tami
Below 55% wala candidate konsa written qualify kr sakta🤦🏻‍♂️
Author: Madal
Kasmiris r getting high percentage...just bcz due to strikes,unko bohat kamm syllabus diya jata hai fr compare to kashmir....jmu uni se 50% bhi lena mushkil hai...
Author: Fegrel
raise your voice more and more
Author: Shakakus
The same is applicable in all IBPS recruitments , even j&k bank exam is also to be conducted by IBPS, so same criteria is applicable throughout India. No need of such useless protests.
Author: Digal
Hahaha post phly sy fill hy minister ky relative , chamchy,
Author: Zololmaran
I agree..
Author: Gardashakar
Useless, they should have think about it during the graduation.
Author: Meztizuru
Author: Vujinn
right only written no %age
Author: Akinot
we protest against this injustice criteria
Author: Tegrel
Ye bas jmu province ke sath partiality hai..nothing else
Author: Kagagal
Yes itz right...if recruitment is based on written test then y ℅age...
Author: Yohn
Fir graduation ko he scrap karlo, as per them.
Author: Negrel
Bkwss request... Phr pure j&k he graduate h
Author: Mazurg
Next time try krna
Author: Mauzahn
Sedhi si baat jo 55% nahi vo jk bank k layik nahi
Author: Zulushakar
i agree bro
Author: Arashigore
Lolx these blokes are asking for too much look mate reality is those who even fail to secure nw above 60% in this day n age need to throw thr degrees to trash
Author: Shakajind
👍👍👍 full support
Author: Shakataur
Absolutely ryt brothers..
Author: Doumi
Mat Dena eligibility criteria thik h
Author: Kazijinn
yess i agree..
Author: Toramar
Absolutely right
Author: Dairg
Below 55% bhai bhenu k liye baki jobs main try karo
Author: Maujin
age limit is another issue plz raise voice
Author: Mikasar
Author: Zulkitaur
Abe jaa be bhosideke
Author: Arashik
yes sir me billawar se hu mere 46 percent hai
Author: Zulkikus
make a proper panel and meet Governor.
Author: Taujind
good job
Author: Nijinn
Percentage badhalo padh lete thoda
Author: Gardazil
Very nice
Author: Samushura
Yas I agree with you
Author: Toramar
Specially for catagories...
Author: Meztitilar
gud bilkul sahi points hai
Author: JoJolar
Galat criteria hai ..jk bank ko criteria change krna chahea
Author: Vigal
Why the student work hard during their studies and now they are requesting... to change the pattern..
Author: Kazikazahn
Absolutely right
Author: Goltishakar
Well done bro
Author: Faule
Kese pagal youth h jk ka tumhari percentage jo hogi wo ek alag education ke base pr hogi and bank is diffrent thing .kyu nhi le wo written test bank ki knowledge nhi honi chaiye ?maths achi nhi honi chaiye? Bas protest krna h paglo ki trh road blocks krni h duusro ko takleef deni h i am against jk youth it is frustrating both socially and personally
Author: Bagrel
I agree
Author: Majora
Upsc ka exam delo
Author: Narn
Exam will be conducted by IBPS
Author: Kahn
Bcz of all these issues, Singapore has removed ranking in schools there. Finland has removed subjects. Education system need to be inclusive. Not exclusive.
Author: Muzshura
Zyada shaana banrha ha
Author: Vuzuru
So criteria is still same as other IBPS exams. Dnt knw why u people r protesting for irrelevant reasons
Author: Kagajar
%ki limit nhi honi cheya kyu ka j&k bank me entrance ho ga
Author: Nacage
Science aur arts ma percentage ka bohat farq aata ha..j&k bank k pass itna dimag toe ha nahe
Author: Yobei
ma'a m bol..sir nhi..yhi se dikhta hai kitne nalayak ho tum..bc charas ganja peeyo ge toh 30 35 percent he aie gye
Author: Faeshakar
Absolutely ryt brothers..
Author: Tale
Lier J&K administration.. They r just playing with the future of #jkyouth chor govt.. Inka solution to karna jaruri hai unite j&k and take necessary action on this at least we have to be sensitive to the situation. Fair enough
Author: Nazil
Absolutely right sir
Author: JoJozragore
Students demand is fare and natural
Author: Yolkis
Author: Bakree
Kese befkoof bande hai
Author: Shakagrel
jk bank board should change their recruitment policy
Author: Bakus
yaar reporter ko bhi nahi baksha. at 3:32 he says " mam aapki bhi 60% se kum honge" . 😂😁😂😁
Author: Dugor
If u really want to protest then just visit to HQ of IBPS n protest in front of their office
Author: Voodoogal
Agr inko allow KR Diya to j bnde pese de kr LG jaye ge
Author: Kijin
J&k mental ha. ...ibps ma koi percentage nahe aur j&k main percentage
Author: Goltirn
Author: Mikabar
very good
Author: Vudojind
Right bro.....
Author: Doulmaran
Jk bank ki tana Shahi ni chalegi
Author: Fauktilar
yes right
Author: Mikalrajas
Absolutely right. We agree
Author: Negar
Author: Nell
make a proper panel and meet governor
Author: Yozshujin
I m with jk bank they hav done very well
Author: Zulkisar
Injustice for below percentage students.
Author: Yozshujas
Jk bank don't do injustice fare
Author: Brasar
meet governor he will solve problem
Author: Balmaran
Author: Mujinn
Hadh h Bhai 60 see to upr honi chayie
Author: Yozshukora
Exactly the jk bank recruitment should be based on entrance nt on percentage