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Comments "How to be a Better Talk Show Host 1 20 16 Media Training":

Author: Vicage
As always, great advice TJ. I have questions about questions. Can you guide us towards any list of questions that we should ask most every guest? I know that there are some popular interview wizard type apps. Would you suggest any certain one in particular? Should a host have an interviewee fill out a form stating what questions would be appropriate to help promote their product or service? Should the interviewee have prepared answers? Thank you for all the wise training.
Author: Dairan
Helpful, a little bit draggy but overall, helpful. Sorry, not my intention to sound mean critiquing. Good day! (thumbs up!)
Author: Mikar
Thanks :)
Author: Tygolmaran
hi TJ I m Khutso Nelson from South Africa i want to start a live talkshow. with that advice i now have a clear idea of what to do . thank you very much
Author: Moogumi
Thank you so much for this video! Very helpful :)
Author: Kajitaxe
Hi TJ, This is Adaeze Uduma , I run a talkshow called Ikukunigeria on social media , a platform aimed at reaching out to people based on relationship hurts, past mistakes, family life, finances. I listened to the video and I learnt a lot that would help me achieve a lot with the talkshow. Thanks alot
Author: Sajar
Hi! I thought this was exactly what I needed to hear. :) I'm a singer and songwriter but I also plan on running my own online talk show. We should connect on Instagram and Twitter. @eligrahammusic
Author: Zuhn
Hi TJ am sam from Uganda soon I want to start a live show on Facebook and I love the advice.