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Comments "HH Sayyid Asad bin Tarik bin Taimur Al Said during OEF 2012":

Author: Maujind
Best king of the country oman
Author: Torisar
Best for his cantari oman
Author: Brakree
This is the most respected Al Sail man by real Omani people. He is a pure Omani for Oman. His words tell that he wishes best for his country. This is a man that can make Oman more real and does not glorify other than Oman and its people espeacially of Omani culture. He got Sultan Said bin Taimur genes of manhood and leadership similar to the Sultan Qaboos. He deserves to be saluted by Omanis who care for a good future. An example of an original proud Omani who cares for his familly.
Author: Zulkizshura
nice personality , son of HH Tariq bin Taimur