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Comments "Heart Breaking Scenes At School Bus Accident Spot":

Author: Turr
Well thats the price for not having a working fire service and ambulances multiple of the kids could have lived if ambulances and doctors where faster on scene for example that one father who carryed his dead son on his back...he wasnt dead...he still was dont bleed anymore when your dead the blood just drops to the lowes part of you body and what zhe fuck is that hospital scene thats just sad
Author: Vumi
So sad of those small kids!!
Author: Shat
God...what is this?????The most tragedy thing  we have ever seen..May god res their souls in peace and support for parents..PZ DO SOMETHING SO THAT THESE THINGS NEVER REPEAT..HEART BREAKING..MY GOD
Author: Kagasho
😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭OMG so sad this is heart broking for the parents 😔😔
Author: Gardalkree
Author: Mogore
So very sad :-( R.I.P. little ones