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Comments "Hearing Female Football Sports Announcer WEIRD Unnatural (NFL College Woman Commentary Beth Mowins":

Author: Gujar
Pfft bias? You don’t want someone who never played football telling you what’s happening..
Author: Tojalabar
Truthfully she has probably the worst voice I have ever heard. Like nails on a chalkboard
Author: Kazrajinn
92 women disliked this
Author: Nall
She just SUCKS as an announcer. Sounds like, she is reading from a book!
Author: Maujind
Bro, I got called a sexist because I said I hated hearing her voice and I watched games on mute. It’s not because she’s a’s honestly cuz her voice bugs the hell outta me. That’s not’s a preference. I don’t care if there’s women in sports, Erin Andrews, Doris Burke are incredible! But this lady’s voice....I hate it. Like nails on a chalkboard.
Author: Zulkikree
I watched the game last night. And for some damn reason I thought who the HELL is that??? I recognize Witten but not the guy...Now I hear that's a "woman" 🤣 🤣 🤣 in the booth... Call me sexist but absolutely not. She SUCKS... She's got to go... Bring in Suzy Kolver... She got rid of the man voice now she's fine... ESPN get rid of Beth... #AbsolutelyPathetic 😡
Author: Mauzragore
Well i am done watching mnf. She is terrible.
Author: Arashikora
No offense to her but women do not belong commentating that is one of the jobs that belongs to a man. But many jobs are for both genders.
Author: Fenribei
It's like she's trying to hard to sound like a real professional. I'm sure all the other commentators do it to but it's exaggerated with her. It just doesn't sound natural. I'd love for a woman commentator to call a game who brought her own style and flare. Having said that, her commentary doesn't add anything extra but honestly it doesn't take away anything either. I think it all boils down to the gender issue and ESPN wanting to be PC and proactive. If Beth Mowins was a male, he wouldn't be calling games on ESPN.
Author: Felkree
For the life of me I can't understand who thought this woman is a good fit! I absolutely can't stand her
Author: Faujind
I refuse to let these PC programmers reprogram me!
Author: Zulunris
I hate this announcer
Author: Jucage
Your tv situation is bad bruh
Author: Mazukus
That is not bias. That is actually completely logical. Women are not men. They do not have the same drive or the same hormones that make us who we are and also contributes to our emotions towards things. Which proves a women would never be able to see the same perception we do in the aspect of sports. Or even communication with peers. Have you ever watched a female host talking about sports? Its never about the sport or anything to do with it. They focus on the emotional aspect of things. Which i already explained why it's impossible for a women to truly understand our emotions. So the question really is. Why are they being put in these positions? I think itsbto grow the fan base and make more money. Then i also think its because there is millions of feminist men and women with BLM to back them up that will protest and slander the NFL. Which would cause a decline financially. So yes, it's a great idea to raise your finances rather then let them decline. I just dont like that side of things in America. They are not only dividing Americans, they are trying to control the narrative in mens pro sports just to gain more "control". I will never stand for this. I will one day have a platform to fight against this hypocrisy in America
Author: Mazukasa
Listening to women call a game is like men commenting on menstration.
Author: Faubei
What is she saying?
Author: Mooguramar
I have stopped watching football so it doesn't bother me. It's not fun anymore for me.
Author: Zulkigami
What you got against Beth Mowins she’s great
Author: Terr
Lmao this woman is weird
Author: Tojabei
I think she's great. There is def something wrong with your brain.
Author: Brajinn
No, it makes perfect sense. Stop apologizing.
Author: Zusho
a guy that sounds feminine ? Like the guy narrating this video? but kudos for being self-aware of your own bias
Author: Mazuran
Author: Akinris
She's awful! Her voice is terrible and completely out of place. I thought it was a little man at first too. She's out of place and has no experience on the field. So wrong and out of place. I can't stand to hear her voice.
Author: Kazradal
its not bias because sports is for entertainment, so its not a necessity like voting that needs to be inclusive, its something men do to bond with other men, so by including women they dont want us to bond
Author: Vitaxe
Don't have any problem with her at all. Beth Mowins has been announcing games (pro and college) for years as well as college basketball. You've all been hearing her voice for years already.
Author: Jujin
This is complete BS. The wooseyfied NFL has forever lost me now! This is just political correctness gone brain dead! She absolutely ruined the lion game...I am speechless that our F'upped liberal country has finally got their paws on my football. The one last place, where I could escape the liberal nonsense all around, that is gone too.
Author: Terisar
Author: Vikora
She's not exciting when she speaks she makes the game we're very dull very boring where you don't want to watch the game she doesn't put any excitement and enthusiasm into the game like the men do it's just a job to her they need to put some men in there who put a little excitement into the game,she really sucks,
Author: Kekinos
It sounds like she's doing a bad impression of a male announcer instead of just using her natural voice, epic fail for all involved.
Author: Vora
Better than joe buck
Author: Shazuru
I read a comment on facebook to watch in spanish. It's crazy how much better it is than listening to Beth. I don't even understand but at least they have excitement in their voices.
Author: Tujind
She sounds exactly like a MAN announcer except a female voice so what's the problem?!?!? She's doing just a good of a job as the men
Author: Vudorr
Nope! Nope! Nope! Women need to announce women sports and Men need to announce Mens sports!!!!! Period!!!! (no pun intended) All this p.c., diversity, inclusive nonsense is just plain ignorant!!! Traditional ways of operation have proved successful for need to change for some silly "diversity" experiment!!!! You only appeal to the least common denominator with those stunts!!!
Author: Kajizilkree
I'm fine that she's a woman, but she's trying too hard to be something she's not, and it just sounds awful. I literally cannot watch games with her announcing. Not only that she's a women, but alot of stuff she says really doesn't make sense. The other commentator with her always corrects her for calling the wrong thing, or saying names wrong. She just flat out sucks at her job, which makes me think that the only reason why she got the job was because they wanted a female announcer to be politically correct.
Author: Gall
She actually is doing a bad job
Author: Dosho
It’s because she’s putting on an act. I’m sure she has notes and quotes to say set up in front of her like many women do. I can remember girls making flash cards for quizzes my freshman year of college. It’s just their way. Go and listen to Madden and Summerall. Both are able to ad lib about the game because they’ve been around it longer than this lesbian has been alive. She is a lesbian look up Kate Troescher not just using “lesbian” as slur.
Author: Kerg
It was just unbearable !!
Author: Docage
She sounds like Jodie Foster off Silence of the Lambs
Author: Mezizshura
Her voice doesn't blend with the whole conversation of football. Her commentary seems more textbook and less experience. It's as if she read a book on football so that she could relate to football. Men like to hear commentary that they can relate to involving the sport we're watching. We want to argue a point as brutally as possible without concern of hurting anyone's feelings or coming off as too masculine. Women do not relate to sports in the capacity that men do. They're not as passionate, be they a fan or not.
Author: Arashijin
I had all those same different emotions, too, bro!
Author: Arashizragore
I mute and listen to the male radio voice for now...
Author: Kalmaran
Those saying she's "nagging" or "clearly the end of the sport" are merely showing their sexism and narrow-mindedness.
Author: Groktilar
My dad told me she sounds like Reba and now that's all I hear 😂
Author: Yozshunos
I cant listen to this. It's horrible. Female announcer i just can't ... the game becomes cheap.
Author: Douzuru
she sounds like a boy stuck between puberty
Author: Sharg
She sucks at play by play....just another espn dyke placed there by the libtards that run espn
Author: Zolokus
Your video skills are terrible, you don't have a right to make fun of anyone else
Author: Tekus
Author: Yozshuhn
Some of the comments left here are super sexist and misogynist. It's only "weird" and "unnatural" sounding because it's new. The more you hear it, the less you'll be affected by it, until it's just another part of the game. And this woman has played no less football than Greg Gumble, Jim Nantz, or Joe Buck. She's just another play-by-play expert, with an NFL vet color commenting alongside her.
Author: Kejinn
Muted the TV and listened to game on Sirius xm !!
Author: Barn
I hope this is suppose to be satire
Author: Gardalar
I watch football to get away from women talking and now this....SMH 😂😂😂
Author: Dolar
she sucked
Author: Zulkikree
then when the NFL puts a dyke in the booth and on the radio so I can't get away from it.
Author: Mogore
Get ready this is a new wave. Probably the end of sports tbh.
Author: Tokasa
Im here because philly eagles sports radio 94.1 fm just spoke about how terrible she is,i dont watch ESPN so i didnt know. Sounds like jodie foster LOL.
Author: Ferr
Your sexist
Author: Groshicage
There’s seriously nothing wrong with her announcing. You’re looking into it too much
Author: Aragore
I don't have an issue with a woman announcing. Suzy Kolber would do a fine job. This woman's voice is annoying.
Author: Kegami
I came here because my husband told me the same thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ...there are some things to be fair to be kept as it is...not need to change
Author: Kazracage
People don’t hate her voice. People don’t hate her because they think she’s annoying. You don’t wish it was another female announcer. You hate her because she’s a woman announcer.
Author: Mezibei
Yeah, she's only been calling football games for years. And lead announcers, in the majority of situations, have never played professionally.
Author: Gogal
Ah, super cringe.
Author: Torr
Butch! Her wife was in the stands
Author: Zolorisar
nobody wants to listen to women announcers. men and women both want men, they are way better and have a natural authority due to their voice frequency. the only people who pretend to like it are the fake "diversity" crowd ... and they only say they like it lest they label themselves as sexist. it's a joke. i literally have to mute every game i watch when a women announces. the worst one is that woman who calls baseball on ESPN who grates the chalkboard, ugh!
Author: Balmaran
What’s her name
Author: Jubar
It is like listening to Clarice Starling imitating Cris Collinsworth for a couple hours.
Author: Yomuro
F#@# the nfl
Author: Doshicage
Muted immediately, spoiled the game, I can't watch if she's calling the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Tojakora
She's a "Token". NFL trying to show they aren't prejudice against women. This politically correct society we've created sucks. What's next? Short people not being judged fairly by the NBA? Men being allowed to participate in women's games? Schools all over the country already have fat cheerleaders. There are no doubt about a zillion guys could do this job better, but they have to have a women. OMFG. Like it or not people, there is a difference between men and women. Check the DNA (if your atheist) or the Bible (if your religious). Either way, we have different rolls.
Author: Faurn
You're programmed and she's kinda bad.
Author: Mazumuro
I won't watch.
Author: Kigakinos
Glad I'm not alone! Her voice is annoying and is ruining the game for me.
Author: Samubar
Wow you put in such a great way
Author: Volabar
Another reason not to watch nfl
Author: Juzahn
Author: Gulrajas
Can not stand it to be honest. It's really pissing me off. Hopefully it's just an experiment and it will go away.
Author: Tehn
Didn’t expect anything less from an insecured redneck...
Author: Yozshum
Its so odd. I feel bad for feeling like this.
Author: Dozragore
She the worst announcer ever turn the game off if she is announcing.I bet she would sound better with duck tape on her mouth.
Author: Nilabar
I love this channel! I'm subscribing.
Author: Yozshukasa
Stop the social Programming!!!! For as far left as countries like Italy have become, they still have men's areas and women's areas and they maintain those natural barriers. Stop forcing females into male activities. We want our male time! Stop it! I won't listen to it. NFL, trying to lose as many fans as possible.
Author: Gubei
Wasn't she in the KFC commercial???
Author: Nera
Same woman is now doing nba games she sounds like a dike
Author: Samujind
She's trying to imitate what SHE THINKS a man sounds like, but it's a bad imitation. I've heard her do college games, and to me, it's just a bad imitation of how she thinks a man sounds when he announces. It's cringe-worthy. I would have thought that the NFL would have chosen someone else (Suzie Colber? Linda Kohn?) to be the one to break that "Glass Ceiling", but this representation of a woman announcing is a big disappointment. And I feel you on the "Am I sexist?" sentiment. I wouldn't mind a woman announcer. Just not this one. It's bad. Really bad.
Author: Galmaran
I'm sorry but this does not work for me.  First time I heard MNF with Beth Mowins, I didn't look at the screen but was listening from my desk and it didn't sound right.  I don't have anything against her, but it's too bad that she lacks the guy "thing"  (testosterone?) to make it work for me.I agree with Low Pockets.
Author: Maushura
Same thing happens to minorities when they're in a position dominates by whites. Ppl can't buy it because it takes time.
Author: Dazilkree
ugh... it's so bad.
Author: Moogura
Weird? How
Author: Doshicage
While you hillbillies take each other behind the barn before a good wife and daughter swap, I'm going to enjoy quality commentary. I hope the truck is running soon and the factory keeps you through the next quarter. Hey, maybe one day that dream car may even crank over. Good luck with the company that's about to start.
Author: Kazik
Having a woman call a game is totally fine by me. Having any person male or female with a horrible voice call a game is not ok.
Author: Bagar
I just can't stop thinking of a cat screeching
Author: Kikree
I muted the sound for 2 quarters and missed most of the game. She sounds like she's calling a baseball game. No offense but she's not good at calling football games. It's just so hard to listen to and ruins the game. Sorry.
Author: Kazrataxe
Its the equivalent of having men replace the ring card girls for ufc cards.
Author: Dikree
I thinks she’s friggin terrible
Author: Dirr
She should be announcing that the sandwiches are done and asking what kind of beer we want.
Author: Baran
She is a good announcer. She does a lot of college announcing. However, she has a very annoying accent.
Author: Mezit
No problem with female announcer, but I just don't like her voice.
Author: Zukora
I have 2 turn it on mute when she calls i can not stand her calling games esp for the teams i like she should not be calling games ive not heard from anybody who like beth calling games she is the only 1 i wish who wouldnt. Like she said 1 day calling a basketball game off the windshield in her tryin 2 sound like a man voice and she over does her words and stretches them out. Im not joking if she is calling a game i have 2 put it on mute
Author: Kezahn
Dude I was watching a game and I was like " why is there a woman talking?!?!?!" And it's not even a feminine voice , it was annoying
Author: Jugar
Obnoxious! It's like a dude woman and she is trying way to hard to sound like a tough dude. I just kept saying shut the F up already.
Author: Kazrashura
If I hadn't seen her I would have thought she wore a flat top haircut..
Author: Zugrel
“... yaRRRds
Author: Shakatilar
It’s like hearing a foreign language
Author: Kazisho
Men have more bass in the voice, the bass is meant to carry across radio signals better. She was trying to mimic that bass....
Author: Shakagis
Worst voice in the business and it’s has nothing to do with her being a woman.
Author: Zulkihn
She is awful.
Author: Brajar
Can't we men have our space to ourselves. Why must everything be invaded by women? this is the Eve/Jezebel effect. The rebelliousness of women usurping men's roles, while beta males encourage this lunacy.
Author: Mizahn
I switched languages, we can do that in Europe. Was not to my likening. Didnt feel she really understands how it feels to get hit or play football, exactly what you described. Now I am Swedish and love women and promote level playing field on all levels but this was not right.
Author: Nalar
I'm actually proud of her for breaking the gender barrier. She may be very good right now but she'll only get better with time.
Author: Maunos
Maybe you don't like her voice, and that I can understand, but I don't think it's "unnatural." ..."It cheapened the game"? ...You're cheap. And basically sexist.
Author: Sajora
obviously u have been living under a rock she has been calling nfl games for years now i actually enjoy it
Author: Moogujind
She should be on The Home Shopping Network
Author: Brakree
She ruins every game she calls making it unwatchable, ive literally muted games or shut them off because her voice is terrible. In an age where we have a plethora of former players with personality available to call a games they dig up this broad because hey its 2018 why not ruin Football to score some Social Justice points. would rather listen to the gamed called in Chinese before i listened to her.
Author: Gagrel
It is a bit weird, but then again, so is the fact the you’re “stunned”... Are you sure that’s the right word?
Author: Kigashura
To all of the NFL fans out there. You need to understand that this is going to keep getting WORSE. After that its going to get even WORSE. Then women will make the players wear frilly clothing. You have no idea whats happening to the world you live in. Its BIG, its NOT GOOD and its coming for YOU. Fight back against feminism. I am WARNING you. You NEED to fight back. NOW. DO SOMETHING, and do it SOON.
Author: Menris
Please make her stop. She has an annoying voice. I had to turn down the TV and turn on the radio. Please reassign her.
Author: Toshicage
Author: Tejar
ESPN must be able to find someone to take her place and do a better job.... just awful
Author: Samukazahn
The same thing happened to me!
Author: Vibar
BART Simpson
Author: Mutaxe
Better than Jim Nantz.
Author: Dojora
I spent the first half of the first MNF game with the Jets and Bills thinking it was a guy with a high voice. Only to find out it was this lesbian-WNBA type announcer. She's absolutely horrible. Sounds like she's trying too hard to sound like a man. And with some words when she's trying really hard it's just down right funny. Or like she's going to cough something up. The women on the field should be pissed.
Author: Virg
Fire her
Author: Gardazilkree
It sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, however I just cannot get behind it for whatever reason. It would be like listening to a Male announcer during women’s Olympics gymnastics
Author: Arashidal
I just watched nhl playoffs with female announcers. You hit the nail on the head. It sounds cheap and no validity to what they’re saying...get back in the kitchen koos
Author: Mikaktilar
Idc how many brothers you have women and sports is a terrible mix...make a sandwich and shut up...
Author: Daitaxe
the way she says the word "yards" has been irritating me for years now
Author: Gardakree
I'm watching the game now. I thought that maybe a male horse jockey was filling in. That or Brian Stelter from CNN.
Author: Ner
It does cheapen the experience and it’s nothing against women. Our brains are having hard time with it because it doesn’t make sense to us. Why is a feminine woman explaining to me about men’s hyper masculine football. I expect to hear a woman when I flip past women’s tennis or golf, WNBA. Because they can relate to the viewers.
Author: Vojinn
She sounds like shes nagging us the play by play.
Author: Tygojin
You're just conditioned listening to males.
Author: Gur
It's not that she's a woman. Her voice is awful
Author: Doshakar
God my ears are bleeding
Author: Volmaran
If you think she's bad you should listen to the one's being forced on us by the BBC in the UK. You have to watch the game with the volume off
Author: Fausar
once again proving a feminist can make anything suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!naw I am just kidding , it is odd n she is late on the calls , like thanks for telling us captain obvious , doesn't matter woman just sucks as a announcer , but we know espn is woke , why they are unliked n woke = broke eventually
Author: Fautaxe
I hate that lady
Author: Shakarg
This sucks!!!her voice is NASTY!!!!!now I can't watch mnf. I'm throwing up!!!!!!
Author: Samugal
I think it would be better if the female announcer had a voice that sounded female.
Author: Kigarr
She is real dull,speaker ,it makes the game boring
Author: Meztirr
Well, at least you’re admitting the problem is you, not her.
Author: Kazrazilkree
She said good pursuit when she should have said good push or break trough ect ect... This was right in the beginning..
Author: Mezilkree
Yeah if you didn’t play pro football don’t commentate...
Author: Zolojind
She is absolutely terrible! I will be watching Monday night football with the sound off from now on!!!
Author: Mar
As a woman I am not for women announcing play by play NFL or college football. Beth's voice just is not a fit in this venue. It is a distraction from the game, for me at least.
Author: Gohn
I think they should stick to making sandwiches.
Author: Dit
If I said "Chris Berman" or "Stewart Scott" (R.I.P.) or "Scot Van Pelt" (I am a fan of all three) made a stupid statement and they were wrong in their observation, it would be water off a duck's back. Look at Steven A. Smith. I an pretty sure that he gets WAY more hate than Beth Mowins. Half of the things that comes out of his mouth is stupid. It makes you wonder if he knows anything about sports. To say that about a woman commentator, she and a lot of feminist people would attempt to label my statements as misogynistic. They would then cry (figuratively) and start plucking the guilt strings of men that either don't want to be stigmatized or do not want to bleed economically.
Author: Zulukus
And let’s be honest everyone, we all know that women are the worst fair-weather football fans.
Author: Nalkis
I muted the game. Alexa would do a better job announcing the game.
Author: Julkis
Its as if Reba Mc Entire is calling the game.. its horrible ..nearly unwatchable.
Author: Yorn
Oh my, God, did she suck. Both Monday night broadcasts were terrible. Whitten was good but the rest were horrible.
Author: Sabei
Author: Faunos
It's an all out attack on testerone in this country
Author: Nikotilar
It's all about the #MeToo . I'm so sick of this BS.
Author: Dizilkree
Did you hear her on mnf tonight? She was awful. Nothing wrong with how you feel bud.
Author: Kirg
God save us.shes terrible.
Author: Mezihn
She sounds like that Wacko from Fox News Jeanine Pirro. She should just use her own voice so I dont have to turn the sound off.
Author: Nikoshicage
Lmao and here come the feminists.
Author: Taule
Imagine an old school football fan listening to this. I'll leave it at that.
Author: Nikomi
She did the Hawaii Bowl on 12/22/18. Within 2 minutes I had to mute her. Can't ESPN use her on female beach volleyball ?
Author: Bazragore
im hearing this for the first time now..its terrible!
Author: Zolorn
You are right,
Author: Kazitaur
Nope.....sorry. Just can't get used to that.
Author: Mugore
Go make the wings biyatch!
Author: Arashishura
She is awful
Author: Nelabar
She uses every cliche know to man, er woman. The captain obvious of sports broadcasting. No wonder there is a FIRE BETH MOWINS site on FB.
Author: Arashiran
hearing her announce football was as cringey as having a clingy girlfriend that wants to forcibly inject yourself into every single thing that her man does.
Author: Jujin
Same thing now with some women commentators in boxing, from time to time they switch it up. I sit there and listen like wtf is she talking about, just a goofy perspective with no real analysis or breakdown of whats going on.
Author: Goltibei
Damn. I couldn't tell if it was a child or a midget announcing the game tonight on ESPN. I like the announcers to be ex-football players with plenty of testerone. I will only have the TV on Monday nights twice during the season when my team plays and I will have the sound off. Give us back our football. No women announcers and no kneeling.
Author: Sagis
I had the same exact thoughts when I heard her in preseason. I dont like her at all.
Author: Shakakora
I've always wondered what it's like to be an idiot. Luckily, this video is here to let me know.
Author: Moogushicage
Why do women invade male spaces?
Author: Dasar
NBA is moving heaven and earth to inject as many pretty, young women into the commentary and locker rooms as possible. On the other end, it seems to be an invasion of female space when men show up and some who are, uh transitioning to being 'women' in their more private places. Seldom see new men with microphones in their hands calling the players by their first names anymore.
Author: Yozshugul
Why doesn’t it seem natural?? Because your sexist. She’s female she can watch sports. Maybe she always wanted to be a sports announcer. Your just sexist
Author: Samukinos
Big mistake by the NFL networks.
Author: Mezigis
Sounds like a 13 yr old boy
Author: Fenrilabar
A woman's place is in the kitchen!
Author: Dataur
lol do they think this will get women to watch?
Author: Zulujas
Imagine her mowins and collinsworth together...hello mute button