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Comments "Haunting, never-before-seen images of Ground Zero":

Author: JoJohn
Why are these titles always “never before seen” this video has 1mill views
Author: Moogut
Thanks demtards this is your wish of our country...keep dragging them in....go on now....feel justifiable....
Author: Mirisar
2:17 Why should an intact clock stop at the time the tower collaps.
Author: Bagar
Reporter put it PERFECTLY: "Unimaginable!" Amen.:<3)
Author: Kazragrel
As our beloved Dubya once said "MONEY TRUMPS PEACE .."
Author: Nikoran
Zionism death grip on America!
Author: Dazuru
And America has become racist to the Arabs ever since although we were watching the tragedy on international TV and mourned over the victims.
Author: Shakashakar
I was 32 when that happened.. not matter how long it has been it still feels like yesterday. Time has stopped for me in regards to this.
Author: Volmaran
Died on one of the planes that hit the towers
Author: Yolabar
When we were United an took a tragedy to do so. All prayed to Jesus an found their bibles and religion. Believed in a greater voice of understanding what was happening. Now we argue an gripe an complain about everything an everyone over what the craziest things. Sad it took so much an so many lives an still taking lives to shake our world up enough to take notice of what it meant to be United as families and friends and noone was a stranger. Wake up sheep were are being turned against each other
Author: Darr
So hard to believe that all this was eventually cleaned up.God Bless those men!
Author: Bat
The worst part is the first responders who suffered with cancer years later because of this.
Author: Taule
I had an advert.
Author: Kazralkis
This CBS woman does a lead-out quoting the LA Times as if they are credible about anything.
Author: Zulkirn
Such loss, tragedy, madness, and now we have. Trump.
Author: Akisar
Author: Tole
I'm confused I thought that the underlying debris was all on fire. How did the bottom underground survive the collapse 😢 were survivors there? This still haunts me.
Author: Vugal
Well, I see in the comments that we still have our thoughts on conspiracies. Who ever really was behind it, what ever was or was not covered up by whom ever, nothing changes the fact that this event has changed the world for ever. Nothing takes away from how many lives were lost or destroyed. So out of respect for those victims, I'm not going to talk about conspiracies. I'll just acknowledge that there was a horrible tragedy, I'm sure we can all agree on that.
Author: Telkis
The pictures will never be erased In the mind of every sept 11 emt and paramedic
Author: Duhn
Everyone in Santa Cruz had flags on their cars & houses
Author: Tok
Hurts my we tear each other apart.
Author: Sagis
Images of 9/11 still today sadden my heart beyond measure. God bless the USA and everyone that lost a loved one that horrible day in 2001
Author: Kagazshura
I could never understand the twin towers rubble scene - how did the pieces of outer shell survive 110 stories coming down on them and the pile of rubble looks way too small for such massive buildings ?.
Author: Yozshura
God bless everyone involved.
Author: Grot
War of Independence! The spirit of 76'
Author: Grolkree
Author: Zulkira
Sir, we have located the enemy, and it is us.
Author: Musho
Whole buildings crumble but an airline tire remains....hmmm
Author: Mikalabar
that's been happening to be non stop for a year. I look at a clock Its either 9:11am or pm, this morning I passed by a church the from said "services at 9am and 11pm" who has church at 11pm? Yeah it's weird.
Author: Tajar
17 years later <3
Author: Tojacage
Amazing how they never found the black boxes they didn't exist
Author: Nejas
Busch family is pure evil.
Author: Fenrigul
Were the clocks stopped at 9:58 , because that's when the South Tower collapsed and cut the power?
Author: Nikokazahn
13 years after....
Author: Nikokus
The flags planted in the rubble comes across as a sick joke.
Author: Nesida
So, tin foil hatters are saying govt. and thousands of people were so efficient and coordinated so as to bring the towers down? Phleeze.
Author: Shaktisar
"the smoking gun" still unfound
Author: Shaktibar
so where were the never-before-seen images?
Author: Mishura
Like 2nd world war after bombs on Germany and Austria 😕
Author: Fern
Argument exists calls were not made while plane was 30k feet. A rumor exists all were put on 1 plane
Author: Faeshicage
I gave a 'Thimbs Down" because Media like CBS never mentioned Building 7 again after the first day. Why don't they expose the fraudulent conclusions of the Investigation that never even dealt with Building 7?
Author: Gardasida
2:17 the time when the tower collapased
Author: Akicage
That's crazy. You would think the plane parts would've melted especially the tire considering it was hot enough to melt steel
Author: Gokus
The military industrial complex?????
Author: Duzil
GROUND ZERO DEFINITION:the point on the earth's surface directly above or below an EXPLODING NUCLEAR BOMB! Bombs did go off in the basement. Judy Woods pretty much got it right.
Author: Kajishicage
The nerve of these corrupt poiticians calling it Ground Zero! They even the audacity to tell you how THEY brought the buildings down!
Author: Kajisho
Haunting never b4 seen images. Bs
Author: Nijind
Author: Zulkikinos
Steven pellitier,I agree 100 %
Author: Nikojinn
Clocks stopped? I know a certain type of weapon that stops clocks...
Author: Kesida
Author: Mazugore
Author: Yojind
3:08 ... if the pups only knew their importance. 💕
Author: Brahn
God bless all the first responders! Almost 3,000 lives were lost that horrific day. First responders and dogs continue to die from the toxins they were exposed to so that the death count continues to rise even today. May we never forget those who perished that day and those who are ill and continue to die. Breaks my heart!
Author: Taujin
Have you taken a look at yourselves lately? Closer to a race war than ever before and tearing yourselves apart over mirages and going after shadows of history.The 3000 of 9/11 are weeping in their graves!
Author: Tajin
I live in Alabama, where there are few tall and large buildings like the ones in New York City. Watching it all on the televisions was like watching a bad dream. I will never forget the sounds or the sights. I will never forget all the raw emotions that we all felt that day. I will never forget where I was, who was sitting next to me, or even what I was wearing. My prayers continue to go out to all of those that lost family members that day. I think of all of those children that lost parents, parents that lost children, spouses that lost spouses. As this 9/11 approaches, I will be praying for all of them.
Author: Taukazahn
Author: Kajinos
god bless the workers. they should be more careful with their health!!
Author: Yozahn
Maybe a war on jobs and education?
Author: Malazil
War on drugs = More Drugs.
Author: Moogutilar
We watched this in my 7th grade science class today and mostly all of us cried,my teacher has played videos every year on the 10th,11th,12th of September every year because he wants us to know what really happened that day. It’s so sad all the lives that were lost that day.
Author: Gokus
How many rescue workers have since suffered a variety of medical conditions and / or died, due to the fact that they were directly exposed to the toxic soup of asbestos at ground zero... which by the way was deemed safe by the EPA?
Author: Tojabei
while watching this I looked at the time read 9:11 am... :(
Author: Kajik
This is why so many people are turning off the MSM, propagandists, liars and only good at covering up Truth. Mouthpieces for the Rothchilds.
Author: Samule
imagine being the people working in the surrounding offices, looking at ground zero from their office Windows.
Author: Kitaur
Excellent tiiming published 9 years 11 no fro 9/11. Lol
Author: Kilar
People could have hid in those areas by luck, and survived that way...woah...
Author: Dainris
America please open your eyes. That's all I ask please open your eyes.
Author: Nirg
Haunting? where's the ghost.
Author: Doushakar
at least the military is now better funded.
Author: Tugul
It's amazing that bits of the first jetliner was found along with unburned tires....and yet everything else wa unrecognizable.
Author: Dairr
I don’t forget. I damn sure don’t forgive. Thank you Team 6.🇺🇸
Author: Shacage
This was the catalyst that made me for and become a Firefighter
Author: Zushicage
RIP to LA Kings scout Ace Bailey who
Author: Kajizilkree
1,400 or more already dead or seriously ill after working at ground zero..
Author: JoJogis
It's now 18 years later.
Author: Kazilkree
Many of the first responders are very ill, cancers and such and the dogs have all died early from exposure to the contaminaition of the site, deemed "safe" by the EPA. Those buildings dustified somehow and there was molten metal that stayed hot for weeks.
Author: Mezisho
I can't understand why no one is wearing safety equipment and breathing equipment as the buildings were riddled with asbestos and they knew that
Author: Zologor
Amazing when you see the newspaper for a normal 9/11 day. The newspaper's headlines and the picture looks very peaceful.
Author: Garan
Clocks stopped at 950am or 9/10 11 for hands. Hands are on 9th n 10th n 11th clock markers
Author: Merisar
War on Terror = More Terror.
Author: Vigis
So sad that rescue and recovery workers were exposed to so many toxins without proper hazmat equipment.....and who have been falling ill ever since......
Author: Mizragore
Isnt it runned by batterie?
Author: Mezticage
Author: Moogulkree
Almost 18 yrs later and I still remember the day just as clear as yesterday. Unexplainably heartbreaking and sad.
Author: Kimuro
I thank you from my heart for your time reading this. And I hope you too realize what we are up against. And I love you all.
Author: Zur
so sad all angels they are
Author: Maujar
If this happened today all people would be concerned about is getting a selfie next to the rubble.
Author: Vujinn
0.00-0.37. She is really pretty, according to me! There is something strange about my heartbeat when I watch her...
Author: Negrel
2:17 the clocks stopped right as the South Tower collapsed. Just like the Titanic where a clock was found, stopped exactly when the ship sank.
Author: Arashihn
All the rescue workers who survived are now dying of cancer because of all the toxic fumes they breathed in searching ground zero for survivors
Author: Faezilkree
The only ‘conspiracy’ on this issue is the massive, unrelenting effort to flood comments sections under every 9-11 related video with twisted lies and demented theories to manipulate and distort our collective memory of what happened that day. It’s sick, and in a way it’s the continuation of the attack on us that never ended.
Author: Moshakar
Americans will continue to fight for the victims and their families. God bless them.
Author: Gardakinos
Description says it was published in August 2011?
Author: Mora
Author: Galmaran
Major insurance scam...too...
Author: Mazugul
If the fire was 'melting steel' how has the plane managed to survive
Author: Akinojora
Humans is stoopid
Author: Nishicage
Worlds is a like and g
Author: Aram
Author: Barr
Hell on Earth. Yes. 😭😫
Author: Doukus
Dear USA,
Author: Mezil
isnt it kind of funny how a small airplane made of paper and rubber bands could not simply bounce off of a bulding leaving all the occupants unharmed? #trumpdid911
Author: Taunos
Okay now that was clearly plane parts! How are you conspiracy theorist gonna justify that?
Author: Tor
why would the clocks stop? x
Author: Dojinn
@JenniferLoni RAAAGG!!! evry time i look at the clock its 9:11!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! IM SIRIUS!!!
Author: Dilrajas
News broadcaster at the beginning teasing us with "over 100 hours of footage" , Here have a lousy 3 minutes
Author: Mokus
just about EVERY OTHER DAY I catch a clock reading 9-11. It happened this morning AND tonight, right after I finished watching the movie World Trade Center. I was talking with my kid about it and looked at the clock. My oldest daughter had a bad premonition about the towers falling while visiting the WTC 10 years before it happened :(
Author: Malataur
God bless these men. So dedicated.
Author: Faum
Hard to watch those guys not using their breathing masks.
Author: Nizil
All those people who were lost and all those men, women and animals (dogs) who searched for survivors are the truest heroes known to the word. Thank you all - you are incredible. I hope you find peace. God bless you.
Author: Nikokinos
I'll never forget this day I was only a little girl, and I was in school we live in the UK and i remember we actually got sent home from school. As we thought this was the start of a war. We went home to watch the news and I just remember being so little thinking why is this happening I didn't understand. May all the souls of this awful torture live for forever in paradise x
Author: Vudokora
Author: Arabar
strange how fema took so long to get video, they were there a day early.
Author: Moogukinos
clock stopped just before 10 the moment the first tower started to collapse
Author: Mojinn
It took way TOO LONG to clear the site.
Author: Netaur
Funny, you think the rescue workers would still be recalling seeing carnage on a biblical scale., going 6 stories under a filled, collapsed SKYSCRAPER. A WHOLE SKYACRAPER.
Author: Nitaur
If you believe this was real or fake and the US government had involment in this or not the one thing that is clear is alot of poor defenceless people lost there lives. My heart goes to them and the people of the US who live under a Congress that would do that to its own people if proven true.
Author: Malajar
This reminds me of the last of us
Author: Bam
Nine-Eleven: The opening shot of WW3. Not long now...
Author: Douk
A piece of Tin couldn't have done this.
Author: Aralkree
amazing that the plane hit, burst into flames, burned hot enough to melt steel, yet the paint is still on the scrap bulkhead from some plane and the tires are intact....hmmmm
Author: Taujinn
No airplane seats/engine/anything?
Author: Bragul
Building turned into dust but piece of aeroplane remains? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Author: Totaxe
Can you believe people still today think it wasn't an insider job? I wonder if they get headaches from all the cognitive dissonance. After so many physicists and pilot called this bullcrap, some people refuse to believe it! Maby they were the one that got away with the gold and such in the vault underneath...
Author: Douzahn
omg the puppy on the zip line poor baby ❤️
Author: Voodoonos
Clue David Rockerfeller and Thermite.
Author: Gulkis
And to think among all that rubble one of the hijackers passport was found. But not the black boxes.
Author: Grogrel
Never ever forget. Love from Canada 🇨🇦
Author: Voodoogrel
My bday is 9/11 and I look at clock every night at 9/11 weird !!
Author: Sagis
No one finds it amazing that there is Litteraly no building left but they found rubber from the tire of the plane?????
Author: Kazishakar
There's a lot of debree still: in the heads of those who think all this never happened and that the earth is flat.
Author: Dutilar
Do you remember when people believed the NIST report? Even after they refused to release the information about the physics settings in their program that explained the "pancaking".
Author: Todal
Yes planes crashed into both towers with explosive jet fuel. Golly gee you didn't know that?
Author: Malanos
Btw: 2:23 that doggy is clearly an actor.
Author: Nikozil
And today, demonscats want you to forget this ever happened.
Author: Samujas
Fake non-sense and Propaganda at it's finest.
Author: Kagadal
why would the clocks stop ? ;P
Author: Kigajar
Do you remember these days right after 9/11? Do you remember how unified you all were in defiance of a common enemy? Remember how you all stood shoulder to shoulder as the rest of us in the free world stood right alongside you?
Author: Mazujas
What's most astonishing to me is the supposed fact that the Id cards of the hijackers was found in the midst of all that destruction. Now I believe in the facts that strange things may occur such as news paper stands and merchandise not touched and perfect as it was before the incident. And I'll even buy into the fact that the black box was melted and the landing gear tire was not. But there is not a person that walks and breathes the same air as me that can tell me they found the id cards of the hijackers in all that destruction. My heart goes out to all the wonderful Americans that lost their lives that day and to the families of those said Americans. I personally took it to heart and I was deployed for 18 months In the hell they call their home. And I did what I had to do and lost a lot in the process and i would do it again tomorrow if i felt the need to and was called upon.
Author: Kazrazil
They gave no comment about all the first responders and rescue people who years later came down with different types of cancer, a very high amount of the people working down their.
Author: Kisho
Not enough questions were asked we all just accepted the narrative
Author: Nikolmaran
I am so sick of this commercial..wells fargo what a f'in joke!
Author: Mezilrajas
@bazookasforbunnies45 me too!!!! i dnt understand it,,,its creeping me out!
Author: Dikazahn
i thought you meant haunting as in ghost xD but very sad vid i remember that day
Author: Shaktizil
Ppl on YouTube say this was fake.
Author: Dougis
Someone from somewhere did something
Author: Meztigar
whats up with the plane engine they found it was to a different plane.
Author: Kigalar
quickly clean up and demolish all evidence ggwp
Author: Zugar
@bazookasforbunnies45 :) lol..
Author: Toktilar
Do we still think invading other countries for oil is a good idea ..if the taliban did this makes me wonder what the states did to them oh wait ...nevermind history on america says it all
Author: Tesida
I miss those innocent days before 9/11 because they were very peaceful and 'cozy'.
Author: Bataxe
when I used to go into greenwich village my train's next to the last stop was always under the wtc where some of that video was taken....I had been planning another trip into the city that week with my mom but decided against it for whatever reason, can't remember why I didn't go but sure glad I didnt
Author: Kagam
I was 21 and in Las Vegas. I've never seen such unity in America since.
Author: Yomi
Liers! Autoattacking theirself for have a justification of invade "tgeir enemies" when they are the real enemies.
Author: Misar
still gives me goosebumps. I'll never forget that day, and I'm not even American.
Author: Yozshumuro
Nothing is unemaginable anymore🙄
Author: Kazihn
I hate to take away from what this video is suppose to represent. But if the indestructible black boxes didn't survive how did a rubber plane tire survive as shown in this video?
Author: Shazuru
What we do to each other as a human race.
Author: Vudotaur
With that being said,I was a firm believer in what I was doing. And what I had to do. I lost a lot of very good brothers fighting right beside me for what we all believed was the absolute right thing for those lost souls. And like I said,for THEM AND THEM ONLY,I would do it again without blinking an eye. But the thought of our government doing this for their own reasons and purposely causing that carnage to fuel a war that we are still losing GREAT MEN AND WOMEN AMERICANS to sickens me to the core. When I seen that they "found the id cards of the hijackers" but not ones of the Americans on board those planes,I gotta tell you,something broke inside me. My faith was damaged. My whole perspective of what I went thru,and my brothers and sisters went thru in Afghanistan was completely changed. It's like my life flashed right before my eyes in a split second. I literally felt like I was going to pass out. I'm a patriot and always will be. But not for the government of this country. I'm a patriot for all of you beautiful Americans that are reading this.
Author: Meshicage
I looked at the time after watching this video.. guess what?? 12:34 am. too bad..
Author: Shabar
since everyone else is throwing science and physics to the wind and come up with fun conspiracy about what happened, its my turn :D