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Comments "🇬🇷 🇹🇷 Greek PM Alexis Tsipras visits shut orthodox school in Turkey | Al Jazeera English":

Author: Kizilkree
Open Halki
Author: Viran
A great leader long live Tsipras
Author: Vudozragore
gay ellada greek turkey macedonia for ever
Author: Mautilar
How many Turkish schools are closed down in Crete as well as mosques. Human rights in Greece?
Author: Mubei
Kapali kalsin hic acilmasin - let it be closed and never be opened
Author: Kehn
Is relationship between Qatar and Turkey souring?
Author: Gukazahn
it is closed because there are not any christian and these buildings are old. only in büyükada there is a church.
Author: Nijar
Author: Jusida
All religion are the same always try to seperate people to each other by hatefully
Author: Zuzuru
religion is fake
Author: Zulkibei
By opening one orthotox school they will get freedom of religion but , what about other schools and churches in turkey? Lol.
Author: Kazisida
ironic ...first time Tsipras went into a church 😂
Author: Dukinos
Ο ΤΣιπρας θα δόσεις Τζαμια και ιμαμιδες αντάλλαγμα
Author: Kacage
Tsipras is dead
Author: Zulurr
Aferin ona
Author: Samurr
Müslümanlara Hiç yardım etmeyen yunanistana Okul açmak bir aptalliktir...
Author: Dojas
Did he get baptised ?
Author: Mushakar
Funny thing is that Tsipras as an atheist is at home in Greece widening the gulf between Church and State