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Comments "George Galloway vs Peter Robinson and Pastor McConnell - The Nolan Show":

Author: Kerr
Hey George!  tell us what Muhammad did to SAFIYAH after killing her entire family and slaughtering her husband infront of her...Tell us the peaceful example Muhammad left!....
Author: Tusar
Author: Faurr
Who was shouting, Mick McCarthy
Author: Juzragore
George can only too well
Author: Faetaxe
All religions are the spawn of the devil.
Author: Fell
Nolan showing his true colours again, keep showing them Stephen
Author: Mogrel
I still oppose McConnell and Robinson's rhetoric. However Galloway is a hypocrite saying he does not support hate speech. He supported Jacob Zuma singing "the cabinet dubula ibhunu" which was a reference to ongoing Afrikaner genocide.
Author: Shakar
away back to britain? hhhhaaaa!!!!! from a loyalist. hehe
Author: Totaxe
Author: Tokora
It's unfortunate Stephen Nolan gets any airtime whatsoever. He stirs the pot and makes this country worse with every words he spouts.
Author: Tygogor
One is a Pastor , the other is First minister of N Ireland.
Author: JoJoshura
Galloway waited until the end to stick the knife in that chap from the audience. Perfect timing from the master of debate.
Author: Mizuru
Mc Connell is like an old Ian Paisley. Never wanting the power and control away from himself, he split W.Well and annoyed a lot of decent Christians and that’s why they left. Jim mc Connell is 1 of the biggest hypocrites I ever met. Can’t wait to hear of his death.
Author: Faushicage
I detest Galloway almost all of the time. Indeed, this is the only time I thought that some of what he said was inspired and (whatever you think of him) that he believed unequivocally in what he was saying about the social and normative differences between Britain's people and their parliamentarians and the non-British UK citizens and their non-British parliament in the six counties. I'm truly shocked that I've watched to the end and agreed with nearly fifteen minutes of GG on appearing on television. I suppose I'm also shocked that I've been out of Ireland's north for so long that I'd forgotten that there's a political party there that makes GG look moderate and sound coherent in comparison.
Author: JoJolabar
And didn't Arlene do the same deal. 🙈
Author: Mile
Powell was right!
Author: Mujas
I will NOT stand will sharia law... so now its on bitchez.
Author: Bak
An embarrassingly foolish old man. Was Mr. Galloway talking about himself
Author: Mezikus
Shit we even still got VIKINGS up ere..... and i will stand with them aswell as the christians, and mordern muslims, sunni, pagan, polytheistic...
Author: Kazigar
Educated intelligent man trounces Christian fundamentalist bigots, I certainly didn't see that coming
Author: Kibei
A verbal quasithug (Nolan.)
Author: Taugrel
galloway is a self serving snake.. he stays quite about the jews fleeing london how f sad is that they are in fear of there familys lifes but galloway takes saudi money. stays silent about the biggest facist idiology ever in europre . guys a fake
Author: Dujin
Galloway is lying. Move on.
Author: JoJolabar
I know he hasnt the brains.
Author: Vutaur
Shia/Shiite give ur arse lashes, Sunni dont. ITS PRETTY CLEAR WHO THE CUNTS ARE!!!
Author: Kazrazahn
Thankfully the "Muslims" who Galloway makes out loves him so much didn't re-elect the old blow-hard this year, nice one guys.
Author: Mor
Whose sky-god is better? LoL
Author: Goltilar
the christains of this country have had enough, its clearly time to stand up for what is true and right . and we do have the right to make clear our views and need not be ashamed of the truth. we have the truth and  of such its our responsibility to speak out and declare what is true. freedom of speech is our right
Author: Gukus
Without a doubt. And these are Muslim countries. Think about that.
Author: Vojas
George, come out the muslim closet!
Author: Brahn
Everything is separate over there for men and women even restaurants i shit u not. ALL theyre women wear ninja outfits, GO FUCK OFF AND HAVE IT...
Author: JoJohn
Read your Bible Mr Nolan.
Author: Zulugul
I seldom agree with Galloway, though i admire his debating skills. However, he loses all credibility when he says such stupid and contradictory things as "I support free speech, but I don't support hate speech". 'Hate speech' is entirely subjective, and has been invented to protect anything the left supports...and to attempt to stifle criticism of islam. More importantly, is that so-called 'hate speech' is free speech! If everybody only said nice, fluffy things about everybody else...even those who wish to murder or enslave them, truth and honesty would become redundant. Of course, I realise how much that would please the left, since they rarely engage with either
Author: Mezishura
Just when you think 'Mr Bigot' couldn't possibly get any angrier.. brilliant!
Author: Yozshudal
George Galloway is a gangster
Author: JoJojinn
Northern Ireland- the home of mindless bigotry. We've got it down to a tee. What is Shararah law by the way? 🙁 That pastor is basically Sarah Palin in a suit.
Author: Zujind
Georage Galway is a 🌟
Author: Meshakar
Nolan didn't do a very good job here. He was trying to play devil's advocate because there was no DUP presence but came across too much as being on the pastor's side. This is embarrassing for Northern Ireland. So embarrassing. Thank goodness I don't live there any more
Author: Gojinn
I want his brain.
Author: Akijas
Nolan : Limited Insights, incisiveness, main preoccupation keeping his tongue in-interjections.
Author: Shakanris
Ulster prod boy boy Nolan. Ulster prod breeding always shines through. They say "What are ye".
Author: Yole a people pleaser .
Author: Meztikora
Very nice final blow George, just before the bell !!!!
Author: Mikakasa
Well done booges, preaching what everyone else is thinking! No mosques in Ulster
Author: Moogujar
godbless pastor mconnell
Author: Yozshukasa
George Galloway u r simply the best,may God bless u highly,may Supreme God the all people of the world understand u
Author: Sanris
Stephen got this one wrong ,towing the BBC line.
Author: Malalabar
George Galloway hero !
Author: Shakakazahn
Mr Nolan don't equate bigotry with democracy. Guy @ 8.35  wow..... frightening.  It's 2014. 
Author: Dar
13:50 VERY prophetic words from Nolan the presenter. And look what happened. The whole of the UK parliament has now been hijacked and made subject to the whims of a gang of bigoted, sectarian throwbacks, costing us (so far) £1.5 billion. It is reputed that as and when this so-called "confidence and supply" arrangement comes up for renewal, further instalments of up to £8 billion may be required to keep the shitshow on the road and to protect the selfish party interests of Tory Prime Minister Theresa May. 10 x politically half-formed people are now destroying our nation and impoverishing our society.
Author: Akitilar
Let's be frank Galloway is an apologist for violence by the gun yet gets very upset by mere opinions. Some democratic
Author: Mooguzil
This MAN WALKED OUT of a debate because the  a 20year old boy who was sharing the debate with was jewish 
Author: Tygozahn
"away back to britain from a british protestant" haha
Author: Fautaxe
Pastor McDonnell is correct....I’m from Scotland and that Dundee Baker is an embarrassment to our country
Author: Kagalabar
Is Robinson trying to create more hate and divide in Ireland. What a troublemaker he is and to do this in Ireland of all places, appaling.
Author: Zolozil
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
Author: Vinris
Come on who listens 2 Galloway anyway he's lied his whole life.
Author: Bataur
Some Sunni get on their knees to pray and some sit calmly and do it through their mind.
Author: Vizragore
Some of the audience don't seem too bright either.
Author: Daijora
Galloway is an evil man an God will deal with a man like in this life or the next praise God!
Author: Zular
So much appreciation for George Galloway.
Author: Grok
This is the verse the islamphobes ignore. They only focus on certain verses and take them wayyyy out of context.
Author: Makree
Hes rite never ever trust a muslim
Author: Samum
“Mr. Bigot”, who got roasted, disliked this video.
Author: Daigis
They completely failed to address what sharia law was. Instead he fed off the hosts right or wrong views from something a christian priest said...
Author: Mogis
Nolan is so biased. Mention the crusades and the abortion bombings happening today and he'll run away scared.
Author: Kazilar
" Go back to Britain" said the British sectarian loyalist. LOL!
Author: Gardalkree
one point six billion Muslims in every corner of the world a quarter of humanity of all backgrounds,cultures and ethnicities and this pastor don't trust every single one of them, the only Muslims his probably ever encountered must have been on his tv screen maybe he needs to get out and meets some Muslims before making broad statements like that.
Author: Maulabar
“Whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all of humanity”
Author: Maushura
George Galloway you don’t know nothing about Islam,
Author: Sacage
Says the man that was on big brother for a quick buck. Bowl of milk lol
Author: Taukree
I lost all respect for George when he entered Big Brother! Can never take him serious now.
Author: Arashijar
yes mu cho , I am a Christian , and history will record significant times when Christians stood up for the principles of Gods word . sometimes it cost them their lives , but you must agree that anything of great value will always cost you dearly. the Christian gospel is of great value , jesus paid the ultimate price so should we.
Author: Kajirn
Surprised? No.
Author: Dajind
Nolan accused of eating his own audience.
Author: Kazigar
Bad peoples are every where and in every religion or nation. And the opposite is right. But the most dangerous ones those who run by U.K. And USA intelligence agencies. Alqaida was created by America to hurt soviets because that time USA cannot declare war on Russia in Afghanistan so that creat an army of arabs and others to fight for them. And then tray move them to chechenia.
Author: Doktilar
Nolan bugs the hell out off me, he rarely lets anyone finish what they are saying!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr :/ .......Well said George Galloway btw!
Author: Gagul
Really suprises me that people in that audience who clapped did not clap because they supported the comments made by the Biggot and his Pastore but for the pure and simple reason that they're Unionists and Protestants. Don't get me wrong if you believe in what that Pastore said clap away(Fools) but in every topic in Northern Ireland society and politics there always has to be a divide. Pity both sides can't just agree on issues that our clearly and obviously WRONG...
Author: Zulumuro
Nolan has to interject a few gasping words to justify his presence, existence.
Author: Arashitaxe
Nolan a democracy is people voting to lynch a man.
Author: Vogrel
We r used 2 it George. The DUP always insult nationalist culture & nothing ever gets done bout it. Most of the time it doesn't make the headlines.
Author: Nale
Pastor McConnell & iris? why not?
Author: Grogis
Somewhat hypocritical of Galloway to suggest Robinson is was lying about his supposed anti-violence stance, considering he had been a friend of self-confessed terrorist Martin McGuinness since at least 1990. When was the last time Galloway criticised his SF/IRA buddies for their violence?
Author: Zulurisar
Nolan : not so bright.
Author: Mezishakar
But Enoch Powel was right .
Author: Goltijinn
Stephen Nolan - biased as per!!
Author: Negami
Author: Zunris
It's a pity the Ottomans people were not able to get to Ireland they would of had soft spot for the Irish. And galloway would be. .....
Author: Goltigar
The only scaremongerer is “Mr. Bigot”; he is an informal sectarian idiot. Embarrassed at Mr. Bigot; hardly reflective of Jesus’ agape love. The media just hinted on the bleeding obvious.
Author: Vikree
AWAY BACK DE BRITIAN.. thats coming from an ex UUP counselor??
Author: Dumi
Very sad!
Author: Yot
Well said George. Right on the money
Author: Kek
am sorry George am not scare mongering , check out the info for yourself , the muslim brotherhood have purchased the land to build the biggest mosque in Europe, think about it the biggest in Europe . think about their objective ,think about what they hope to gain . I can safely say that if I travelled to iran or such like and purchased land to build something the size of say the Belfast metropolitan tabernacle , do you think I would be allowed to do that ? doubt id be alive if I tried.
Author: Narn
Galloway destroying the opposition in the most eloquent and intellectually way possible.
Author: Fesar
Nolan is THE most biased interviewer ever. INCREDIBLY biased unionist!!
Author: Kazisar
I used to, and probably still admire all of the three salient people in the triangle here......very sad that Islam and christianity's' progress in the modern world can simply be reduced to this stephen nolan headline gathering place he has chosen to put himself of my best friends in north belfast is a muslim and a great friend he is.......he would do anything for you except agree just to say anything that is music to my ears......just to stay friends with me ....I respect him for this and keep our religious conversations to a minimum as we think the same way and know that just as catholic and protestant (wrong talk) always leads everyone into a cul de sac SO.....Like I said I like all the three salient people in this video (EXCEPT NOLAN ) for pretty much the same reasons..........just a pity they can't see the sense of......... for example of George Harrison's song .......Isn't it a pity.......Isn't It a we break each others hearts ......and call each other names......go ahead friend treat yourself to a listen or are you too frightened to allow the truth into yourself......... NOLAN IS A BUM......A BUM WITH POWER AND MONEY AGENDA......HISTORY WILL REMEMBER HIM VERY BADLY FOR HIS UNCONSCIONABLE DECEIT........In the majority of his so called debates.
Author: Vudozuru
Fucker won't let George speak ffs
Author: Taur
Nolan is a blob
Author: Meztibar
Shame the UK doesn't have 650 MPs of George Galloway's calibre and mindset. For that matter, just a few would be a fantastic advance on the current band of idiots.
Author: Dalmaran
love u goerge your the man
Author: Garg
Pity we don't get this show in Scotland
Author: Brabei
George once again rips the 'The Sun' readers a new one. No contest! It's like watching a car crash. Educated, well read, informed, measured, natural orator V A Planter! Who once again show their true colours.Yawn! Dull, backward, bigoted, clueless, boorish, stuck in a time warp! Who respond in their time served usual purile spoilt child manner? Shouty, screamy, nasal whine and speak over people. Which shows them up even more. :-) LoL
Author: Bashicage
what a traitor
Author: Kigarg
George the Snake.
Author: Nataxe
Northern Ireland is the undemocratic creation when tge King of Britain and Ireland's government voted on The Irish Home Rule Bill to give Ireland back to the Irish. Protestant Loyalist/Unionist told their King of House Saxe-Coburg and Gothe "We will bring civil war to England if you enact The Irish Home Rule Bill."
Author: Kajim
10:15 oops hahaha
Author: Vudomi
Robinson carried the coffin of UFF leader and sectarian murderer John McMichael.
Author: Grogor
I hate Galloway but he can debate alright
Author: Kagacage
It's non of your business who i am,,, legend Galloway go 😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃
Author: Vugrel
Using the language of freedom and liberty to validate oppression..
Author: Voodoosida
A cow fell on him.
Author: Feshicage
Constitutions protect people from lynchings.
Author: Maule
what happened to the irish man who was drinking milk?
Author: Moogular
Ignorant about their settler / Plantation land's history and geography.
Author: Shaktikazahn
love you george as i catholic i welcome anyone here , we had to put up with that hatred for years, nolan picks hes who goes on hes show well dont think a cacholic got to speak , and as it goes think only prods turn up for his show, thank you for coming you made nolan look iike the big fat arsehole he is
Author: Dubei
This terrorist act against their King created what became N. Ireland which many Protestant Loyalist/Unionist, British Army Commanders, British Politicians etc think is the Province of Ulster.
Author: Fenrishicage
I have watched Nolan for quite a while and could never work out if he was playing Devils Advocate or simply a unionist supporter. Thanks to the ever entertaining George I can see Nolan's loyalist credentials, as George did by walking off.
Author: Tygojar
And why you ask? because I am transgender, I always thought it was the locals of the loyalists or republicans for the last six years throwing eggs, piss and shit at the windows but I was wrong, It was from the Muslim's from short strand and now have the army stopping me for going out, I am completely surrounded by the army, that I can not go out or enjoy myself and the food they give me is shit, no beer, wine or sprits and the way things are going I am going to miss the years pride over my dead body! 
Author: Gagul
Its like comparing a middle aged paedophile catholic man repeat offender, to a little old christian protestant lady.
Author: Tushicage
The bell-end ranting at 8.35 was kicked out of the UUP today. He only lasted three weeks!!!!! The dim glype must have completed the wrong application form. Maybe he thought it said 'TUV' application form. Or 'KKK' application form. The latter is more likely.
Author: Bashakar
Galloway's spot on here.
Author: Kagashakar
Away back ta Britain. up the RA.
Author: Dami
george galloway is brilliant 
Author: Fegul
...Nolan needs to stop butting in
Author: Akinomi
speak for himself
Author: Tygomuro
George Galloway handles himself with such sublimlity, intellect and dignity as well as eloquence. Amazing politician.
Author: Jujar
" spawn of the devil ! " read the koran ! pretty accurate statement ! if you're a " practicing " muslim ? its pretty scary stuff !! and if your not careful its coming your way ! read their history . their prophet was a psychopath !! how many people did he have murdered ?? time for action ! now before its to late !!
Author: Kile
Joke interview by Nolan. Unbiased my eye.. :-/
Author: Gak
Land of No Hope & and even less Glory.
Author: Nanris
It's impossible to have a proper debate with 'BIGOTS'.
Author: Arat
Pastor James McConnell speaks the truth about Islam. 
Author: Kakora
I'm from north of ireland Steven Nolan is a loyalist from the shankill road and he is a bigot he hides it well but he can't hide it all the time
Author: Shasida
Author: Douzilkree
George Galloway is a legend
Author: Kalabar
Most Sunni faction muslim women dont wear any vale or headdress. Their men, western looking with no yallah beard or hat.
Author: Vocage
Qu’ran 5:32
Author: Tejar
In the past week I was arrested in my own flat and held for five days and continuing because two muslim  men took a dump in my bedroom and my living area of my flat.
Author: Fegar
George Galloway always wants media attention
Author: Fenrirn
George Gallowgate just loves to hear his own voice, what a trumpet! By the way, for a man who grew up in Lochee the Irish quartet of Dundee, you sound hee haw like you come fae Lochee. Walaper!
Author: Dushicage
'BELFAST STYLE' "Go back to Britain "Geography lessons required.
Author: Vokasa
Nolan is way too biased!
Author: Kajikasa
Author: Arashijin
Anjem Choudary, George?
Author: Brazragore
Racist DUP...
Author: Netilar
Let's have sharia law George a law which treats woman as 3rd class citizens and has mediaeval punishments for those who transgress. Also George what is Islam's view on homosexuality??
Author: Vigore
Quite rightly so too.
Author: Tataxe
you would love to be married to that roaring lunatic
Author: Mezitaur
George is weird
Author: Tular
Not all muslims follow sharia law.. just pretty much the Shia/Shiite faction... where as the Sunni are lovely people.
Author: Dait
is this nolan a doctor lunt ?
Author: Kashakar
This Nolan guy is a knob end.
Author: Zuluran
Author: Kajizuru
the protestant extremists are going after the muslims now because the catholics are no longer interested in a fight
Author: Tezahn
Oh dear Nolan.....what a tit..... showed himself up here.
Author: Kell
Is  It  On  Dope   ?/galloway xx
Author: Yozshujind
There is huge differences criminally 1 is doing things based on what they see then use it as an excuse. And the other one is someone who has their morals still intact . If u turn up to a Sunni run country and attempt to spread Shia sharia law. They will throw ur dirty ass into one of the worlds nastiest prisons.
Author: Shakanris
Add him on Facebook, he responded to my message, very kind and very quick even.
Author: Dounos
George Galloway is a traytor
Author: Mezirr
this is a Christian country not Muslim if you went to any Islamic state you would have to go by what they want or say or be put to death for being Christian that is there law!! the DUP is far............ from perfect like any party but at least they have some Christian values and pastor James has spoke the truth the bible says a true man of God who speaks the truth is never welcome in his own land.
Author: Faerg
N.Ireland is 6 counties in the 9 county Province of Ulster. All 4 Irish Province's have 9 counties.
Author: Mazular
“He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, Edom, Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.” (Daniel 11:41 ) Whom are they escaping from?The antiChrist. Is that a good thing.
Author: Goltikora
Away back to Briton. Pmsl. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣
Author: Zulkir
I love how the committed unionist tells him to "go back to Britain".
Author: Goltisar
George is a man of integrity, what a Moronic member of the public, it looks and sounds like he's educationally substandard, he has just embarrassed the whole of northern Ireland and single hardly undone many years of human evolution.
Author: Gujind
Let the people sing 🎶 🇮🇪☘️
Author: Tole
Shia/Shiite sharia law is bad fucken shit. Fuck off to Saudia Arabia if u want sharia law. Go see and have ur own shit from ur own original place.
Author: Gardalkree
Author: Samule
Of course this pastor is a bigot any right minded person can see that, but Galloway's usual grandstanding is way over the top. He says this would have gone through the Muslim world like wildfire causing offence to all, what he doesn't mention is the almost daily rants you'll hear from some Islamic mullahs saying equally bigoted things about Christians and Jews.....all these religious assholes are a cancer on our world, irrespective which religion it is, they are all basing their dubious claims on fairytale books written nigh on 1500 to 2500 years ago.
Author: Arashikazahn
It's sickening that Nolan passes for an unbiased commentator in Northern Ireland, or anywhere for that matter. George nailed it, the demonisation of Muslims today is no different than our own experience as Irish people at the hands of Loyalists and the British establishment.
Author: Grorg
Im not even religious but all they did was verbally bash each other.
Author: Melkree
Lol the crowd actually clapped for the lunatic in the front row. This is what the unionist community is like when there are 4000 Muslims just imagine what they would be like with 100000.
Author: Dizshura
George Galloway one of Scotland's most anti-semitic and nasty men....notwithstanding my problems with Robinson and McConnell. 
Author: Kazragor
Bollocks George. Theres a grassroots movement rising up in the UK that soon will demand the expulsion of all non black Christians. SAGA.
Author: Batilar
muslims will take Ireland back to the gutter just like they have done in England. enjoy your mess:D
Author: Akilar
Should we be looking for an excuse to the Islamic would? And if so. Why?
Author: Vudoramar
Stephen Nolan is an excellent journalist!
Author: Telkis
Any man who doesn't trust muslims, is an intelligent man as far as I'm concerned... it may be considered ill-advised to admit such things publically in this PC age we are living in. But there are many people who privately will completely agree with this stance... Muslims need to work very hard to regain people's trust. You don't just automatically have trust... you need to earn it through being a decent citizen and denouncing the evil deeds of your fellow muslims! There is a very long and hard road ahead, before Muslims can be fully trusted by most people in society... whether they admit this publicly or privately, is somewhat irrelevant!
Author: Tukree
Look at that screaming psycho's wife sitting there with her eyes down and obviously suppressed.
Author: Shaktitaur
Nolan's mental processes are syrup slow.
Author: Mausar
Author: Tesida
Stephen Nolan had a lot of valid points. I don't believe Galloway when it comes to Muslims. He claims he doesn't know a single Muslim who wouldn't want sharia? Yea ok. I find that hard to believe
Author: Nakinos
In the type of society NI is with the past Troubles they have, animosity is part of the fabric of the society and now they are just looking for someone new to take their decades of anger out on. Why not target the most vulnerable....(in this case Moslems; after all they have so many problems in their own countries but those problems that Moslems have in Moslem countries that get pasted across every single news outlet are social diseases in their countries that even in their own countries many Moslems are against - they make it out that in Moslem nations all moslems agree with female genital mutilation or killing women indiscriminately or child marriage - I mean wake up - can't you see how in Moslem countries with all the diseases that they have that there is a HUGE dislike for the ills that they have and so many Moslems in those nations wish that their problems would go away - but the NI politicians are saying that ALL Moslems support the social ills the newspapers are reporting - do I go around saying that all Russians are the spawn of the devil? The NI people have to start to see how the rest of the world, not only the West, but any country on earth sees them - as completely petulent and socially immature. I would not even wish to fly over NI. Look at the hate in that man in the audience, simply seething out -- and then ending it off with 'Go back to Britain'......maybe Galloway should have asked that man in the audience if he would be happy if all Moslems in NI were wiped out of existence or if we should start a holocaust of Moslems in Europe.....that would shut that man up right away because he knows in his heart that like the other DUP NI politicians, he only has hate for them (because he has so many decades of hate in him that he needs to take it out on the next best thing.....this is a fractured sick society that needs time to heal and time to get therapy for its Troubles of the past, they still are not over it, and look at the effects for everyone on earth to see). the same sort of language the Hutus spoke of the Tutsis in Rwanda - to kill them like cockroaches - and remember what happened in Rwanda....!?. How quickly people forget history......
Author: Zoloshicage
As long as the Muslims are outnumbered they remain peaceful as soon as they multiply, they will show their true face.
Author: Magore
these are the people that came to ireland and think they own it
Author: Gusho
Fair enough Kiyo he is anti-Jewish....still a nasty wee man. 
Author: Fekora
All Religious leaders are the same...they're all obsessed with money and they love to molest children, or at least help cover up the abuse.
Author: Dunris
last 1/3rd of the video
Author: Maujar
Author: Kagagal
The more and more i see of George , the more my respect and love for the man grows .What a lion ! He is destroying each liar with facts . Wat a inrotchment to the public . If he would became P.M he would sertenly drive the U.K in to the golden age !
Author: Fenrijind
Nolan is a prize tool.
Author: Akigore
I'm a non believer of any church, but I deff think Mr McConnel speaks the truth about how the average people feel about this subject.....Sorry if this view offends anyone....
Author: Shaktizilkree
This Nolan bloke looks like he's wearing a fat suit - Mrs Doubtfire without a wig. 
Author: JoJokasa
Well said! George .
Author: Gasida
“Back to Britain” 😂😂😂😂😂 is this the level of Slaves nowadays!!
Author: Kazrajora
Well said George - I dont always agree with his views - but I do think he's very knowledgable and always worth a listen - -and right -that guy really was a bigot -! a horrible one!!
Author: Meztijas
Noland defends lynchings or is he playing the fool or devils advocate.
Author: Gabei
Enoch Powell was right !!
Author: Mekazahn
7-35. The moment Nolan knew he was beaten.
Author: Vijora
Author: Vishura
Ya ignorant fools.
Author: Zulkidal
The Man in the audience was Quite right its time for Christians to waken up, They hate us, I think their actions prove it.
Author: Vijora
yo jack frost how are ya?
Author: Arashijas
Love george
Author: Tojatilar
George is a legend.
Author: Mazuzuru
have always liked George and have a lot of respect for him.
Author: Micage
What an evil man George Galloway really is....
Author: Dujind
I admire George Galloway. The truth is that this sort of language from Pastors is nothing new to Northern Ireland. For centuries  'as George rightfully stated', but also right up until today they teach that the Catholic religion is evil and the Pope is the Antichrist. What im interested in finding out is why the Police are investigating this particular case of hate speech while they have ignored for decades the exact same type of language used against Catholics?? Ian Paisley who was the leader of the DUP was one of the greatest culprits of hate speech anywhere in this part of the world, so why was he or the countless other Protestant 'Presbyterians in particular' not investigated for their anti Catholic hate speech?? Ignorance is the problem. People need to educate themselves on other religions and what these religions 'actually' teach and believe rather than being malformed and brainwashed by bigots who claim to be speaking in the name of Jesus. They couldn't be further away from Jesus and his message if they tried. 
Author: Douktilar
Also, "the North of Ireland" is a very different thing to Northern Ireland.
Author: Sahn
10:17 : "AWAY BACK TO BRITAIN!" Well according to your political standpoint he's already there lol.
Author: Digar
With all due respect to George, Pastor McConnell didn't say that Muslim's were the spawn of the devil, but that merely Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell. The difference being that one is persona of sorts, and the other is the least desirable metaphysical holiday destination. Alas, we all hear what corroborates our prejudices. Also, we also receive edited news reportage through the prism of the dominant neo-liberal ideology. Pastor McConnell was undoubtedly being mischievous in deliberately mis-pronouncing Sharia law to impute similarity with the IRA (ie Sharia[ira], which he flagged-up with reference to IRA cells in GB and now militant Muslim cells reputedly there. To my certain knowledge the IRA were never militant Roman Catholics, or claimed to be such. One may not agree with what the good Pastor said, but we should defend to the death his right to say it. I would have like Stephen to ask George about female genital mutilation, and desecration of irreplaceable historical sites by militant Muslims, and say whether he believes such crypto-theocratic vandalism is good for the world. As a Dubliner baptised RC, I actually admired all contributers for the courage and honesty. Top marks all round.
Author: Kazijora
I mean listen to that audience, full of Loyalists bigots.
Author: Mosida
I know now where nolans politics is based,dont need robinson on nolan is his mouthpiece.
Author: Vudohn
Author: Dami
the mosque is in Dublin by the way , less than 100 miles away
Author: Mezirg
can you dear folk not see the deception here ? did you know that the muslim brotherhood have purchased land in Dublin to build the biggest mosque in Europe . why ? because they have witness the decline of the catholic church and they aim to profit from it . they are set on making this country which is christain ,muslim
Author: Mokus
Time to stop vilifying Enoch Powell. All he did, so far as I can tell, is make predictions about the future that turned out to come true.
Author: Kazikasa
god bless paster James McConnell....A true man of god.....
Author: Arashisar
The dup didn’t show up because they have no one that could take on this man, he is a highly intelligent well read man, he can talk on anything, these idiots are away out of their league with GG!
Author: Shaktiran
George Galloway legend TAL 81