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Comments "Florida Cannabis Operator Trulieve (CSE: TRUL) To Begin Trading in Canada on September 25":

Author: Kajikasa
great video
Author: Tomuro
started at 10...high was's now 17...what will it do?
Author: Zuzshura
@Rich - what is best way to buy on CSE? Do you need a separate account and purchase under TRUL on CSE? Or is purchasing SCCYF on US the same thing?
Author: Bagal
This only trades on the Canadian security exchange as TRUL.C right now...there will be an OTC coming soon. But this is not the OTC TRUL!! and not the sccyf and scyb
Author: Nesar
South Africa’s decision to decriminalize cannabis could start a domino effect that sees the cannabis industry soar in the region.
Author: JoJozshura
I know this goes against the rules because its been green since the IPO but all aboard!
Author: Mikajar
symbol CRXPF
Author: Kagamuro
Hi Rich, This is so awesome, bringing to people great scoop with help of member , what a great work !
Author: Dosho
Rich what do you think about Crop Infrastructure corp?
Author: Tygokasa
We have a WINNER +
Author: Faetaur
Hemp could be one of the most explosive stocks if FARM bill get passed in the coming week. Dem and Repub are still fighting. The farm bill is going to expire Sep 30th. What people do not realize the farm bill include Federal level Industrial hemp legalization.
Author: Mazutilar
So scyb is the new ipo. Thanks for the video
Author: Arale
More US States will be on the November Mid-Term Election including some of the large Key STATES. More broader market will be open.
Author: Shakasar
Author: Yolkree
This week the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that South Africans now have the right to grow cannabis and consume it in their homes. That is music to the ears of pro-marijuana advocates in neighbouring countries like eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, who hope these countries will now be persuaded to cash in on a regulated cannabis market.
Author: Baramar
I work for this company and can't figure out how to buy. It's frustrating.
Author: Felmaran
TCNNF is the symbol right?
Author: Kigalkis
The one I’m looking at right now “TRUL” is at 5 cents ... Is that the same one ??
Author: Vijar
Been three trading days I entered a short position on TLRY... Exiting my short position at the bell, then buying more ACBFF with the profit.
Author: Zurisar
Rich I must say, I'm started to get a little worried about all of these MJ companies popping up left and right. I feel like the market will become over saturated by them and we're going to see a crash.
Author: Akitaur
Just my opinion...
Author: Vurr
Hey Rich, I think this is a good stock. The latest news was the Congressman of Florida denied TRLY a Canadian Company, to come into the USA. If USA is going to legalize a company then its probably going to be an "USA company" and not "foreign company".
Author: Mezizuru
Rich - Not sure about Trulieve. Never heard this company until recently. I would say wait approach on this one. I also believe share price is also too expensive. I am not chasing this one even it goes 1000%. There are so many old Canadian MJ companies with proven revenue records. Imagine the explosion on October 17 and there after!
Author: Fenrikree
USA tiker ? Yes i would be
Author: Fehn
Pure Global Cannabis is an awesome company that Rich brought to us and right now is experiencing volume and price movement on news of receiving their oil license. The Canadian recreational market is an awesome catalyst, but relatively small. Global companies will thrive longterm.