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Author: Maukus
Thank you, and the reseachers for all your work.
Author: Tokus
Have a listen to Benjamin H Freedman's 1961 speech.
Author: Batilar
For the facts not tested true you need to differentiate, inconfirmed, missing, proved false.
Author: Daimi
I never miss a video. Unfortunately not able at present to support you financially but I will in the future.
Author: Samuktilar
I have all original sets of research and can send copies via email should anybody want them.
Author: Tojalkree
Thank you for your work
Author: Dolabar
Author: Kajirr
Another one
Author: Balkis
Author: Shabei
I watched all ten. I don't think i was as shocked as you, beacause in the first four especially, there was a lot i was already aware of, but there were still surprises. It is very uncomfortable to watch, but a lot is true - I guessed 75% and you have come up with roughly the same. I left a comment on one - "WARNING, you may end up liking Hitler"
Author: Malakasa
Check out Dennis Wise's works which includes The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism By The Back Door, they will definitely help you in your quest for truth Dionne.
Author: Kagazahn
If a video is banned then you MUST find a way to watch it.
Author: Shakalmaran
Was born and raised there , in the mid 60 ,s left for n america to avoid socialist/ communist restrictions on lifestyles. Now , 50 years later am fighting the same battle at my new n. american home . This time , i will NOT run.'!!!!!
Author: Akishakar
Can I say thank you in advance to your amazing site and information.
Author: Zushakar
Im sad to say miss i said you were going to find around 80% correct and the people would find it very hard in the extreme. There is people in this world who have paid attention long before the internet. Many of them were the sort of people x employers would go a long way out of their way to get institutionalised. The internet it's self has made that harder for them that information is out now. Laters
Author: Kigajind
Unfortunately most will reject real truth when they hear it, it makes them feel very uncomfortable, it's called Cognitive Dissonance. Truth hurts, it will always hurt and only the strong can handle it.
Author: Kagagul
Thank you researchers I will start reading as soon as I finish watching the videos.
Author: Migore
They are easy to use quickly for free and there are vids on Youtube on how to use one.
Author: Megore
Keep up the great work. Thank you.
Author: Mezidal
Be aware and safe.
Author: Jurr
It will break your heart Europa
Author: Kezragore
We need to build another internet for people who want free speech and to know the truth .
Author: Tazshura
Well done to you and all the other researchers for your hard work.
Author: Vibar
I will spend the time and watch all of them over the next week or so and read your analysis. Thanks for spending your time for all the hard work and to all the others that helped and for passing it on. Makes you realise that the history we were all taught was even more distorted than previously believed.
Author: Jusida
Just watched the first two episodes. Some of the first episode facts i had heard elsewhere in small pieces. Watching these videos is a must though, as it pieces together the information, and makes more sense of it all. The second episode has really given me a better understanding of what happened in the first world war. If you find these videos blocked, use a VPN. I connected via Singapore without problem.
Author: Meztijind
I’ve have deliberately saved watching Europa the last battle until we had long cold winter nights. I live in Southern Italy but it’s still cold here for a few months of the year.
Author: Dikora
Your indication of a meeting in the UK sounds good but again, the people behind the curtain are starting to get twitchy, and they have many resources to call upon to make people new to this information uncomfortable when exposed to public scrutiny.
Author: Shakasar
To anyone who has issues with any Youtube video being restricted in your country, use a VPN.
Author: Fenrigore
Good effort so far, but once Pandora"s Box is opened, consequences far beyond your imagination will present themselves.
Author: Samura
Great work Dionne.
Author: Zulkirisar
Thank you Dionne and everyone who worked on the factfinding research!!!🥂👏🌹
Author: Mugal
The crucifixion of Russia
Author: Dolkree
Kindest regards to you all x