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Comments "EMPTY BIKE LANES? Business not happy over proposed cycling lanes on Scarlett Rd.":

Author: Gardazilkree
Guys, clearly you know Liberals dont want small businesses or any businesses making money. You should work and give your money away. And why arent these fu #kin bike lanes in the middle of the street ffs
Author: Voodooshicage
I've seen firsthand where cars can't park in front of businesses they that's what I've seen out here in bike lane capital of the Left Coast end up going out of business
Author: Nehn
They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on bike Lanes in Victoria and the bike people don't use them they still are using lawn by Crane Road. They have turned the whole downtown Victoria into a Gong Show they have destroyed Victoria. So not only are they shutting down our pipelines they're shutting down all the small business to Canadian don't get to eat because the globalist will do whatever they want to do. Sadly BC has the most insane people in its government. The lady that's the mayor of Victoria has hired a woman from Amsterdam to help turn Victoria into Amsterdam she fails to realize we live in a cold country with winter six months of the year new levels of stupid from Canada. We are not a European country Frabill big distances we're going to run a straight into the ground and we're going to be another Venezuela happening fast. Vote for Maxine. People's Party of Canada the only hope this country has the correct people have made of it. I lived in Europe for 10 years Canada is definitely not Europe we cannot have bike Lanes year round for people that don't even use them anyway this is all the globalist agenda being forced upon the people I hope the people wake up and vote for Max
Author: Kagarn
bike lanes are a joke in canada ask anyone in winnipeg ,-30 in january and three feet of snow how many morons are on bikes for the winter months
Author: Zukasa
Here in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) we already have some bike lanes within the downtown core. To date, I have not seen them utilized. My wife works downtown, so I drive her to and from work every day. The few cyclists I do see are people who are using main 'trunk' roads, to traverse longer distances THROUGH downtown, and not TO the downtown core. It seems a waste of space and money to accommodate the few people who choose bipedal locomotion over the thousands of cars on the road each day.
Author: Bragul
unfortunately, you get whom you voted for, and you voted for idiots who have not learn from world history, take China, before it turned capitalist, all roads then were occupied by bikes, little to no cars were on the roads, look at China now, thanks to fossil fuels, all roads are crowded with cars!!! do the Canadian idiots really think that people would go backwards and start riding bikes if they can drive a car? would these idiots ride bikes instead of cars?
Author: Nijas
An extreme small portion of the population is making big noises and getting their way , where are they 8 months of the year ?
Author: Vudoshicage
You will be building Canoe lanes in 50 years. Ha!
Author: Brataxe
All cities were involved in this crap. Municipalities are organized communist social engineers.
Author: Zulkizilkree
The secret is never vote in a green government , their anti vehicle and business . Hasn't Been a green government yet that builds a city up , just makes them poorer .
Author: Gulabar
I've lived on Scarlett for over 20 years, I've seen about 2 cyclists per year. Bike lanes are a joke and a massive waste on Scarlett just to please a handful of lycra wearing leg shavers.
Author: Kagaran
No one at city hall gives a rat's ass what these businessmen think and residents think. The bike lobbyists will get their way as they always do.
Author: Kagakasa
Put in a bike lane, smoke the bike, government puts in a bill to outlaw cars. "McKenna says provinces shouldn't be fighting the federal government on this issue." Increase carbon tax that does no good.
Author: Narr
Same thing happening in Edmonton. Higher taxes less lnfrastructer. When did your wages go up?
Author: Neshicage
I’m in Calgary and the City spent lots of taxpayers money on bike lanes; hardly ever used and they pose a danger when vehicles are trying to merge into traffic as the have another lane to cross. Two of the avenues near my home have been made into one way streets but the cyclist stay on the sidewalks as they can’t be bothered to go to the other avenue where the traffic is going the way they want. Consequently I never see the bike lanes being used. Total waste of tax payers money.
Author: Dor
Tory says I vant bike lanes. So you vill get bike lanes and like it. If you don't like it, ve haf ways to make you like it.
Author: Zolokree
econutjobs are in the process of destroying the whole country
Author: Vozil
Yeah. Because 11 people might use these lanes between June to September. Great job leftie clowns.
Author: Zolomi
Why do we keep having bike lanes in a place that snows half the year?
Author: Mazugar