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Author: Faurisar
Author: Zulkirn
Amazing! That was one long and slow walk.
Author: Arashikree
Author: Faetilar
Fantastic! It's like travelling through time. So wonderful, so much dignity and elegance. The heart of a country relies in its traditions! Bravo Japan! Banzai!
Author: Tekree
Author: Akinris
So Majestic and Imperial, absolutely ceremonial and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
Author: Arashishura
Author: Faetaur
日本が大好きです !!!
Author: Voodookazahn
Author: Makora
Author: Dalrajas
Beautiful, traditional and dignified. So proud to be of Japanese ancestry.
Author: Dourn
WOW!! I can't say that I've seen a ceremony so beautiful and majestic before!
Author: Gam
What an awesome ceremony !
Author: Gardamuro
I met their Majesties four years following the Emperor's Enthronement Ceremony shown in this video when they visited Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It was Father's Day, 1994, when they toured areas of the east side of the park. As the Public Information Officer for the park, I was responsible for preparing packets of information that were forwarded to the Imperial Household Agency for translation into the Japanese language, and also to act as a conduit of information to members of the American Press covering the royal visit. These packets contained information on the natural history of the park that were presented to their Majesties by various members of the Park staff. They were a most gracious couple and treated those of us involved with their visit to a luncheon at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Following the luncheon, they proceeded down a presentation line of Park employees involved with their visit. at which time they personally thanked us for our efforts and presented each of us with a small silver spoon on which the Chrysanthemum Symbol of the Emperor's family dynasty was engraved. It was quite a memorable day and I treasure that silver spoon that now is displayed prominently in my home with antique family glassware. And, it was quite a way to observe Father's which I never will forget!
Author: Vudolabar
I think it's beautiful that your people still celebrate your tradition. The video of this ceremony is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.
Author: Yoran
Very beautiful and impressive processions. So Beautiful culture.
Author: Mezilabar
So beautiful
Author: Tugar
This is absolutely beautiful !
Author: Mezshura
Author: Ararisar
I was in Japan at this time..I LOVE JAPAN
Author: Kirisar
Author: Shaktiran
Long life to the Empress of Japan
Author: Shakak
What a beautiful ceremony and also the dressing of royal ladies !!!
Author: Baran