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Comments "Elections 2014: BJP-led NDA to win big, exit polls suggest":

Author: Yojas
Anybody watch in 2019
Author: Megis
2019 मे मोदी
Author: Kalmaran
Any body 2019
Author: Gusho
But in 2019 Rahul and congress will win
Author: Malalkree
May 19, 2019, Modi will win again.
Author: Vinos
anybody March 2018
Author: Kak
We don’t need a chowkidar in our apartment any more, because all of us have become chowkidars
Author: Sagul
Zee news poll is perfect
Author: Moogutaur
Same language of opposition today as of 2014 iska mtlb pakka NDA 350 par
Author: Malmaran
INC needs a prominent and decisive face. BJP has Modi, TMC has Mamata, BJD has N. Pattanaik etc. Bu, this congress, AIADMK etc. don't have any respectful leader.
Author: Faebar
Who else watching it after 2019 exit polls..?
Author: Dalmaran
anybody watching in August 2017?
Author: Dour
Who else is watching after 2019 exit polls.
Author: Brarn
Author: JoJolar
exit poll is almost right
Author: Micage
Ranga billa ka kheyl hai..
Author: Dushicage
Chankya is terrifically accurate
Author: Nimuro
Kaun hai Jo 2019 me ise dekh Raha h
Author: Nikot
Most Accurate one 👌
Author: Vobar
Chanakya only right
Author: Kigakus
Seeing this,,,,I think NDA will get more than what is shown in 2019 exit poll
Author: Kagakree
2019 me isse jyada hogi
Author: Mekus
Who's watching in 2019.
Author: Nakasa
Author: Bajinn
Anybody watching in 2019 hit the like button
Author: Faerr
I am just checking accuracy of exit poll in 2019😀😀😀
Author: Goltim
Chanakya ka exit poll to jabardast nikla wah wah ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Author: Mezigul
any body watching in may 2019
Author: Mik
Grand coalition of so many parties can't be good. If they make government, the next 5 years will be internal fighting for power and BJP will again come back after that. Since then, they would be reminding everyone 2019 elections (f they lose). We need a strong single opposition party with a firm leader.
Author: Zuluran
Chanakya was bang on target😎 boom and chanakya 2019 exit poll = nda 350
Author: Tujin
Any body is after 2019 exit pole??
Author: Maushura
Background music bilkul psnd nhi aaya...
Author: Arara
Anyone watch in 2019 May 19th after 2019 exit polls??
Author: Balrajas
Who is here after 2019 exit polls?
Author: Votaxe
Waiting for your poll in 2019
Author: Merr
2019 same result
Author: Sazahn
Ayega to modi hi
Author: Tet
Biggest mistake in Indian History.
Author: Moogukasa
One more rubbish channel
Author: Nikomi
Anybody here after 2019 exit polls??
Author: Arazilkree
Anybody after 2019 exit polls... 20 may
Author: Fenrizahn
Behan mayawati g next p.m 😁😁😁
Author: Grokasa
Anybody watching in 2019
Author: Tugal
Anyone watching 23 may?
Author: Mokree
Anybody watching in 2019?
Author: Torr
Anybody Watching today
Author: Fenrizshura
modi is the best for india progress.
Author: Vudot
Me 19 may 2019 me isliye dekh raha hu ki us time kitna sahi exit poll tha i found it was correct
Author: Guzil
Anybody watching in 2018
Author: Maura
Same as 2019. Repeat
Author: Daizshura
any body watching in 2019 may 21.
Author: Gabei
Anybody watching this video 2019....exit polls
Author: Mikataur
Ye Anchor ne channel badal liya...av aaj tak me h😂😂😂paisa paisa
Author: Vubar
Anyone in 2019
Author: Kigar
Right Exit Poll 340
Author: Daisar
19 may 2019 🙌
Author: Gojar
Watching after 2019 exit poll
Author: Tejinn
Anyone watching 19may 2019
Author: Mezishura
Anyone watching in 19 may 2019