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Comments "Did The Washington Post Sell Out Their Ethics?":

Author: Ferg
I'd refer people back to your own comments as proof...but you removed them. However, one can still look back to where I quoted you to get a snapshot of how hateful you are.
Author: Daikora
Why did you remove almost all of your own comments to me earlier in this chat?
Author: Brakus
Newspapers were/are dying off and need money anywhere they can get it. I wouldn't feel too bad about WaPo's standards - people mostly get their opinion from NYT or cable news anyway. But I would like to point out that WaPo is a right-wing daily, and we all have a sense of which side the right is on with the healthcare question - I don't see how trying to get the lobbyists to pay for what they're printing anyway is such a bad idea... their boast about top Dems being there was fiction, guaranteed
Author: Voodoolrajas
Did The Washington Post Sell Out Their Ethics? Yes just like the rest of the so called MSM. Hail Obama on you knees and call him GOD
Author: Fera
well librophile old son,and that is why the arseholes are dead(sic) set against public health care like the rest of the world has! after all imagine those poor overwight stuffed CEO's having to go with money(but they might at least have a public health care system that makes sure they dont DIE!)
Author: Zulkree
begining of the end? Wow... are we as a society giving up already? Thats what your making it sound like.
Author: Kagakus
Sad to think that it was the Washington Post that broke the Watergate scandal, and now to see what they have become after the "Reagan Revolution". Sad indeed.
Author: Gatilar
Because they show what a bigoted, venomous, ignorant human being that you are?
Author: Daizahn
How true... Why is America selling out?
Author: Mokus
No, indeed, but the internet has it's own drawbacks. Anyone can publish anything at all, true or false. May people begin to redevelop discernment.
Author: Yora
Crow: I see you are still projecting your wish-fullfillment fantasies onto others.
Author: Aragore
I know, that's what I intended.
Author: Tygomuro
Could not have said it better myself
Author: Tezshura
Yeah, this was pretty sickening. My hometown paper. Still, theres no way I start reading the Washington Times.
Author: Julkis
You screw lobbyists, get what your constituents want done, AND get paid.
Author: Mezile
The health care industry is going to try to screw America one more time. We need a public option!! Anyone, without regard for party, who stands in the way of a public option, should be kicked out of Washington with a boot in their ass!!
Author: Nikoran
97% of the mainstream media - newspapers, magazines, television, and radio are owned by a handful of corporations, and have been for some time. They bought out your hometown radio station and newspaper years ago. We need a free and independent press. How about one that has reporters and paparazzi taking pictures of our elected officials and reporting on which lobbyists they dine with? Now THAT would be some valuable reporting.
Author: Karr
Wow, and the Washington Post were the guys (I forget the two guys names) that exposed the Watergate scandal. WashPo has not lost almost all credibility in my eyes.
Author: Kezragore
dude, our debate was over days ago, get over it.............two, when i debate with somebody to the point that the coversation lasts like 20+ postings, i remove some so others wont have to sift through hundreds of postings to respond to their own various debates. i was just being polite..............besides i was only talking to you anyways, and you got to read every one of my responses, i have nothing to hide.
Author: Meztigami
You and donottake are disgusting creatures; no wonder you don't get along.
Author: Nile
So what do we the people do about it.
Author: Fenrishakar
exactly - no one seems to have good answers to that question.
Author: Shaktikus
I always wanted to see a politician that would take a lobbyist's money, then fuck the lobbyist over with it.
Author: Taukora
Healthcare is already a sea of beaurocracy telling you who you can go to. I don't see how it could get any worse.