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Comments "Cancer Sidelines Progressive Justice: Rejoice?":

Author: Gohn
I would agree that we should find our humanity and be compassionate towards a fellow human being were it not for the fact that RBG is complicit in the murder of millions of children and not only that, proud of it. Proud of it! This is not just political disagreement. This is very different.
Author: Tor
But don't ask me to forgive her.
Author: Arazshura
This wonderful woman, a Supreme Court judge, once said she would not look to the United States Constitution as a reference if she was asked to write a Constitution. That tells me she has never cared much for it.
Author: Kazibei
Good hope she is relieved of her burden soon. Any person who wants to reduce the Age of Consent to 13 is not in touch with reality.
Author: Zulukree
i am disgusted by the left treating her life as if it has no value other than its political value. If the death of a Supreme Court Justice means this much to you, then I would argue that the Supreme Court has too much power.
Author: Shakalar
What an evil swamp creature, She'll soon be with her master in hell
Author: Gugis
Okay Scott, bring on the Kleenex, very astute observation. Bill: Washington would be a ghost town! LOL
Author: Karisar
Ruth Nader Gollum step aside.
Author: JoJoshura
no mercy for the evil....
Author: Kazahn
If you are going to follow the Word Of God then you need to "rightly divide the Word of truth' instaed of putting it in a blender.
Author: Bralrajas
Some more than others, and she fall into that category too!
Author: Yozshutaxe
And it is not "good Behavior" for a jurist requiring unimpaired judgment and reasoning to participate in deciding cases when that jurist is taking narcotic pain medication which likely impairs judgment and reasoning.
Author: Vogis
I think Satan is not quite ready for this wicked old lady. I was so sure she wouldn’t make it to 2019, and she did.
Author: Tukasa
Time for Amy Coney Barrett!
Author: Tosho
That is the big difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives try to meet a certain level of morality. So they sometimes fail. Liberals don't even have any bar to reach so it is easy for them to point fingers at conservatives
Author: Sajas
I never wish cancer on anyone.. RBG at this point is stringing out her stay on SCOTUS for political purposes. Says volumes about her character. That said, I can't wait to see the adoration by the msm at her funeral..
Author: Kagul
"Change Comes In Caskets," and we need some relief from these activist judges who keep going and going and going ---- soon they'll be heads in jars, a la Futurama.  No one will get to appoint anyone.
Author: Zum
What the f... is this! She died on 26 dec 2018 and that info went public 6 jan 2019.
Author: Voodoozahn
I will be singing ding ding the witch is dead!
Author: Goltirg
Author: Durg
Term limits!!
Author: Mitilar
ACS, The American Constitution Society (ACS) is the nation’s leading progressive legal organization, would load the Supreme with progressives. They are hiding their brand, but take a closer look and their agenda will be revealed. She will remain and it will become more painful every day. They, not her
Author: Kejin
The look on Bill's face...he was struggling there at the start...🤣
Author: Faetaxe
They will keep her hooked up to keep her alive
Author: Dusho
"Mastur Bader Ginsburg" won't be "Jerking" this country around for much longer.
Author: Tazahn
I'd rather take a day from her and give it to someone good who could do something better with it so she doesn't have to suffer any longer than possible. Win win!
Author: Meztizshura
Will it really be any comfort to know that you were principled when it all goes off the rails? Does losing with principle really make the loss any better?
Author: Gardakazahn
Yes we are all human beings. That human being forgot about that and have made many of us miserable without remorse. If I died yesterday she wouldn't give a damn about my family. It is not more virtuous nor makes you a better person for wishing her well.
Author: Zolonos
You’re saying,”Nobody hates like the left.” It’s fact.
Author: Kajilkree
You dudes are way to nice. Typical of conservatives which is why lefty is going to win in the end. Turn the other cheek doesn't work in modern American politics
Author: Julkree
Another quick thought: Maybe Ruth's funeral will be held as a delay to the releasing of major indictments. GHWB was a three day stall; maybe RBG would be worth another one or two days! It is amazing how long a body can last when it is frozen.
Author: Taukree
Bill, I wish your perspective were accurate; but I sincerely doubt that it is. I believe your thought regarding the honor and non-corrupt nature of the court is not at all accurate. This fraternity/sorority has become such a singularly corrupt community that I more than suspect she is already dead. I have read her history and completely understand that she is truly a deplorable, amoral, non-humanoid. I am a Christian and do not hope for her death. I don't know her personally and have no desire to know her. Whatever can be done legally and morally to replace this person with a Constitution judge; will be to the benefit and potentially to the saving of this federalist society.
Author: Moogulabar
RBG is already on her second life. The was the Crypt keeper from "Tales from the crypt" in her previous life. She is so far removed from what a judge should be it is time for her to go. I mean retire because of her health. When she was supposed to be UPHOLDING the laws of the constitution and she says she doesn't refer to that when she passed judgement, there is a problem.
Author: Ferg
Who is a God like unto thee,
Author: Kazrabei
I agree with sympathy for a human being: she's not human.
Author: Vudokree
God bless President Trump!
Author: Tygoramar
This old bag has one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel now
Author: Nikolmaran
Nobody that is over 80 years old should be still working. She should have retired back when Obama was president.
Author: Doshura
bill your first instinct/thought is usually correct
Author: Kigaran
soul sacrafice, sacrafice your soul for her?
Author: Arashilar
Deterioration is caused by diet
Author: Kazshura
( 8:48 ) bill- its my first thought, and i havent changed my mind 1 jot- i do not think its bad to want your enemies to be destroyed, and she truly is our enemy, this is a war of sorts. lets all hope she dies asap! or at least is too sick to remain on the court. shes the epitome of a libtard regressive cunt, and having the supreme court 6-3 conservative will be wonderful!
Author: Vujind
Trump rules USSC!
Author: Samucage
Hope the witch is gone ASAP..... Moreover, all haters of the Constitution can join her.
Author: Tojashicage
"It's thirsty work."
Author: Tulkree
I see you guys fixed the thumbnail...
Author: Milabar
there's a war raging on and if we're to have any chance of winning we have to be prepared to be every bit as cruel as the left
Author: JoJogami
Nasty person.
Author: Tojagar
Until in front of a large group of people at some Forum She couldn't remember a single line of the 14th amendment and the audience was snickering aloud about it . So yes she is a bit of an icon but she is also a very radical Judge and I do not agree with her stance on children and reducing the age of consent under the age of 12 the mere thought of that should have her removed permanently .
Author: Vodal
Bill, as for civility, the democRATs are taking advantage of your feelings: fight fire with fire. After all, you don't see the military being civil with people attempting to destroy all our lives.
Author: Mogis
Call it what you will....when the very fabric of our constitution is held at bay,...put at risk by liberals who insist on legislating from the Supreme court, in the end, it doesn't matter one single molecule to me, as to the form or timeliness of her demise.
Author: Shakanris
Anyone who votes for dead babies (the most innocent of all human life), good riddance. Once this is re-classified as first-degree murder the babies whose right to live is restored will give thanks.
Author: Durisar
She can't get to work and is on deaths door. She should be home with her family and getting affairs in order.
Author: Kajisho
Each time her health is in question, I pray for a speedy recovery...and a speedy retirement.
Author: Akijinn
One of the true measures of how wrong Roe v. Wade was is that we now evaluate the entire balance of the Supreme Court on how the balance could affect the fate of that decision. If the decision were really that good and valid, then the decision should stand regardless of the makeup of the court. The left fears real Constitutionalists on the court because they know that the decision doesn't stand the test of time and will likely be changed drastically at some point.
Author: Keshakar
Justice Kennedy retired to enjoy the rest of his life after service to the lives of his country. RBG has worked against life and only has this position to feel alive. Very telling. No amount of identity should be more important than the life of a human being.
Author: Nekazahn
RGB, do the right thing, RESIGN!
Author: Zulkigor
Is a "progressive" US Supreme Court Justice a good think? Perhaps not.
Author: Grokazahn
No love lost for RBG here at all, but as a bible believer, I pray for my enemies and give them a glass of water in the name of Yahshua Messiah. I wish her the best. Cancer treatment is a living hell. Anyone can be deceived, but wishing evil on someone takes a certain kind of special.
Author: Dok
Author: Vole
Never rejoice in someone's suffering.
Author: Yozshugor
You 3 men have made me a better person after listening to you for the last several years. Such decent people..
Author: Bahn
She is unable to do her job properly so she needs to retire
Author: Takora
RBG said in a past interview that she would keep working only if she could do the job "full steam". The Dems will probably try to redefine full steam as room temperature.
Author: Tygolkis
she said she wouldnt reference our constitution to write another one. the bill of rights spells out how tyranny happens. the tyrant takes away free speech, religion, the press, your guns, assembly, a speedy trial so you wallow in jail without even being convicted of a crime, etc.
Author: Kagashura
HEADLINE: "World's Oldest Living Bolshevik Near Death: Trotskyite Neo-cons Saddened."
Author: Faugrel
The Leftists would animate RBG's corpse , if at all possible, and have her corpse vote for all manner of evil.....
Author: Sagis
Whittle and Green (and possibly Ott as well) are misinterpreting the Constitution, which DOES NOT say that members of the federal judiciary hold their offices for as long as they are alive -- rather, Art. III section 1 permits them to hold office "during good Behavior".
Author: Musho
So they want her to be a vampire.
Author: Braktilar
Hey hey, the old witch is dead🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼
Author: Mejora
If the president during a crisis is out of touch or missing, and a new president has not been sworn in, then the Secretary of Defense makes the decision. That's why the President and SECDEF are the two that make up the National Command Authority.
Author: Gashicage
Scott exemplifies why the left is taking over. When one takes the high road and tries to play by the principled rules all the time against another who cheats at every turn, especially when the refs are non-existent, blind, or siding with the cheaters, the cheaters will always win. They are treating this as a war, and doing what it takes. And 'we', are not. And we are losing.
Author: Jujas
I do not engage in celebrating death, nor pain and suffering.
Author: Tojabei
I pray for her soul, that she comes to a Saving Faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior! The Way! The Truth! and The Life!
Author: Nikokasa
When Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, Witches across the country attempted to put a curse on him. Looks like their spell got redirected
Author: Gugrel
Justice Alito probably IS there, seeing that she is at least treated appropriately, rather than to be murdered at the hands of evil conspirators like he was...
Author: Kazragor
That said, Ms bader-ginsburg is in my prayers. Lung cancer is terribly painful and an awful ordeal for anyone.
Author: Shaktilkis
Let's face it, the only reason ANYONE wants her to live longer, is to prevent President Trump doesn't get another Supreme Court pick.
Author: Kilabar
Mr. Green, My grandmother would not need any encouragement to engage in heroic efforts did she think such efforts worth her doing so.
Author: Mazujora
All my political reasons aside, she should step down.
Author: Dimi
PS, Ruth? say HI to McCain in Hell when you get there!
Author: Malami
They will keep her on life support for the next 20 years in hopes of keeping her seat filled.
Author: Muzshura
Sorry! She is EVIL! and Never belonged on The SC she has done Great Harm! to this Country, and Many Peoples Lives. I would come a bit short of wishing her death, but not to short of it. Would you people have been Praying for England's King George III's health during The American Revolution, or Hitler, or Stalin? I get it that RBG isn't Hitler, etc. but she does have plenty of Blood on her hands, if we are Courageous, and Honest enough to say The Truth!
Author: Mekasa
Love the sinner. Hate the sin. A maxim to live by...
Author: Douktilar
Lose the virtue signaling guys. She might have been "buddies" with Scalia, but she wasn't buddies with these united States. She was a reliable vote against everything I stand for. I do not wish her a speedy recovery, I simply wish for the eventual recovery of this once great republic of these united States.
Author: Vishura
Weekend at Ginsburg’s.
Author: Kagagrel
The Devil is calling you home Ruth!
Author: Arashisar
Well done gentlemen.
Author: Shaktijar
@ Scott Ott 1:34 I hope you NEVER praise or otherwise pretend to honor veterans, police, firefighters, etc! Your claim that no one would willingly give one second of their life to prolong the life of another is absolute nonsense and your playing politics with that statement is ludicrous!
Author: Nill
I won’t defile your comments section with my thoughts on RBG. I’d really like to... but I won’t.
Author: Tygokinos
Off topic but does anyone else notice that Nancy Pelosi looks extremely like skeletor from Heman ?
Author: Fausida
of the remnant of his heritage?
Author: Vular
Well said, Bill. I wish her a rapid recovery, and a rapid retirement.
Author: Tojarr
Outstanding commentary gentlemen. Your points are exactly right, our conscience and morality are what separate us from the evil that we hate. Anyone who wishes death or suffering on their political opponents is a hypocrite if they condemn the communists that wrote off millions of people who opposed them.
Author: Takree
She is on ice in some commercial deep time they need a national distraction....IMHO
Author: Zolocage
she is just another one of those people whose death would be `fortuitous`.
Author: Mausar
that pardoneth iniquity,
Author: Kizuru
because he delighteth in mercy.
Author: Jujind
As liberal as the West Wing was, their civics were usually on point. They had an episode that dealt with this situation with a Republican Justice who was on life support and a Democrat president who wanted to see when he would be appointing a replacement. They showed an aide go into a room with an unconscious justice then come out and tell the WH staff he was fine and said hello.
Author: Jucage
All the sudden this great love for old communists?
Author: Malagal
SATAN waiting for HER
Author: Dairisar
I was enjoying the irony of the broken ribs saving her life from the cancer. While that could still happen, I suspect that her time is drawing quickly to an end.
Author: Zulkijar
If you do not think RBG was that bad of a person, you know very little of the woman!
Author: Kazizilkree
and passeth by the transgression
Author: Gorisar
The only rejoicing I will do is when this libaturd kicks the bucket or resigns.
Author: Kazizilkree
Good episode guys, some on the left I absolutely despise and you have reminded me that it doesn't hurt them it only hurts me. We absolutely need to be decent people.
Author: Gromi
If years of life could be given from person to person, the famous and the rich would live forever.
Author: Maugal
Ginsberg should of retired when Obama was in office, she was selfish thinking that Clinton was going to be elected and retire when she got into office. Now she has to live whatever days left to know that Trump is going to replace her and cannot stop it. Ginsberg's allies are trying to deal with the idea that she is going to leave the bench one way or another. When that happens it will throw the left into such a tizzy that it would be the event of the decade.
Author: Kimuro
Yes we should rejoice! I hope she drops dead very soon! She is NOT a person.
Author: Tek
Heller and McDonald were 5-4 decisions. She voted against the Second Amendment as an individual's right to keep and bear arms (favoring the militia interpretation). That's how close it was. To hell with that woman.
Author: Fejas
Thanks for all your hard work.
Author: Mulmaran
Soon enough this cancer shall be no longer.
Author: Gardalar
Why are some government employees able to do this? Senators, congressmen and judges should have mandatory retirement ages. no more than 70 years of age period. People may be sharp of mind but they are also stuck in their generational mindset. Are we, as a people, still using dial phones, analog televisions or horse drawn carriages? Move on already.
Author: Malkis
When does dereliction of duty come into play?
Author: Mezira
I don't agree with her politics, but I would never wish ill upon anyone.
Author: Felmaran
of course she wouldnt use our constitution as a reference. she is just another jewish supremacist and subversive who views gentiles as their livestock.
Author: Tosar
She needs to go either way. She is a cancer to our society. She did, after all, say she WOULD NOT look to the United States Constitution as an example for another nation's own new constitution. If nothing else, that statement alone disqualifies her as a decent American an human being. Sorry Scott, love you guys, but she is a terrible human being and a DANGER to our republic. And I don't care if that offends anyone
Author: Kazrarn
Some heavy virtue signaling going on. Retire already Ruth Vader.
Author: Zulumuro
When they took a picture of all the judges together... To be honest, she looked senile...
Author: Dugor
Notorious RBG...for pedophilia! Is Scott joking? Let me finish the video. 1970s have you read her beliefs???
Author: Sagore
...and deleted my “dyslexic” comment. ;)
Author: Fenritaur
To RBG's credit, at least she called out the partisan approach to the Kavanaugh hearings. Don't recall her words, but sounded like she was not on board with all the attacks on Kav.
Author: Tuzilkree
I remember the bad old days,
Author: Kazralkis
Author: Faut
Pre video comments:
Author: Tull
Everything government does is based on extortion.
Author: Shazahn
The Dems have a plan to keep her there....she will be renamed...Darth Bader...
Author: Kazrakree
On a political level .. Jesus Christ Almighty Retire already!
Author: Vizil
Mentally and intellectually she died decades ago. Her Faustian Pact is coming to an agonizing conclusion. BIH burn in Hell.
Author: Sale
Going going gone
Author: Nashura
mind is to retire gracefully and not be forced to retire by death. RBG, give up the seat while you can.
Author: Akinoramar
She can't die soon enough as far as I'm concerned.
Author: Malazahn
Weekend at Ruth Bader Ginsburgh's
Author: Grosar
But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved).
Author: Moogule
I have reserved thoughts for many in the political arena and she falls into that category! I believe we will all be judged by our maker when our day comes.
Author: Dazuru
Proof of life , please.
Author: Fegami
No Lefty would ever give someone you like this latitude, so let me fix this for you: she's not senile, just old and evil.
Author: Kasho
5:29 be careful about having a law or amendment allowing for congress to remove / replace an elected representative when they feel that the representative is mentally incapacitated as Nancy Pelosi would immediately jump on that to replace Donald Trump.
Author: Yogrel
Bill, I am sorry but the exact opposite is true, there is an unwritten rule that the Supremes lockstep with each other over the issue of health. Thurgood Marshall spent the last decade of his tenure nodding off in his office watching soap operas. (just one example). Mark Levin's book "Men in Black" is an excellent overview of the Supreme Court and lists several historic occurrences of this type of Judicial protectionism.
Author: Gojar
Why did you start with a picture of an airbrushed Orc?
Author: Fejind
Micah 7:18 |
Author: Kazralrajas
and that went on for many years.
Author: Tygolkis
There's nothing decent about it.
Author: Bakora
It is unfortunate that the 25th amendment was not in place during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. He suffered a stroke during his last term, and rather than resigning his wife and staff performed much of his duties.
Author: Kazir
Hope it stays gone.
Author: Samujas
At this point in history there is no humanity among the left. They will crush us at any opportunity. We must crush them and not feel bad doing it.
Author: Tagul
I've participated in two events featuring Justice Ginsberg in the past 3 years. She is partisan, she was gracious, she is still sharp, she is a little tiny bird of a person. She spoke of her friendship with the Scalias. She is obstinate. I wish she would retire. I wish her no ill will.
Author: Dut
On a personal level from one american to another. God speed, recover soon.
Author: Digore
Anyone still working at 85 is either a pathological egotistical maniac, or a slave.
Author: Tezshura
he retaineth not his anger for ever,
Author: Vik
Perhaps there could be a “25th Amendment” for the SCOTUS, but that would be very dangerous; I think things are better left the way they are...
Author: Kek
Oh Mhe GhaD! RBG is in "storage"; the ice burns will explain all and implicate many among the left.
Author: Kagalkis
Right...the justices would huddle and be honest with the senile one! Somehow they won't root out the pedophiles though! Please stop.
Author: Gumi
Gotta be satan keeping her alive
Author: Arashizil
the perfect storm ....
Author: Bagami
I have seen the impact of cancer first hand. I would not wish cancer on anyone.
Author: Zulkibei
I think you need it change the name of the show. To the secular humanist lefty angle.
Author: Nikogami
And the left has made a movie about her. Do they have no shame. Well I'll pick it up on dvd in about 3 weeks. NOT!
Author: Gasida
The bench require sharpness of mind and RBG is old and ill. I think the main reason she
Author: Dugrel
Author: Tejas
Why was this video re uploaded? Did youtube slap you all on the hands for some reason?
Author: Vokora
Ephesians 2:4-5 |
Author: Aratilar
I hope she croaks.
Author: Mauzilkree
Steve, the constitution NOWHERE says that a court appointment is lifelong. Judges can be impeached at any time, and she should have been impeached long ago, as should most of the court.
Author: Arashizahn
For the record: the sinking of the Titanic that caused the death of more than 1500 people was "progressive". Water, ((progressively)) spilled over each successive bulkhead and the ship sank more and more as this process ((progressed)).
Author: Kigajind
refused to retire is to prevent Trump from nominating a conservative justice. The balanced
Author: Melabar
I love Scott Ott
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Old twit RBG needs to retire.
Author: Kibar
I hope she kicks the bucket soon.
Author: Mazujora
The only thing that strips RBG of her humanity is her corrupt ideology.
Author: Dubei
when Rehnquist was the ONLY conservative on the court.
Author: Ganris
You guys can be gentlemen and soften the truth with prayers for your enemies --- and Ginsberg IS your uber enemy ---- but not me. I'm not saying prayers or casting pearls before swine.... You won't trade one minute from your life for hers and I won't waste one minute in prayer for her other than to say let God judge her and decide her eternal fate. I'm not Ginsberg's judge, and I'll accept whatever God has in store for that witch ---- including mercy.
Author: Shaktigis
Ruth gator
Author: Faunos
Author: Tabei
The fashion neck doily has become a drool bib. If she is allowed to work from home and have her clerks file her decisions, will they allow Scalia to work from the hunting lodge? It would only be fair.
Author: Arakasa
Steven Green sort of has Baldwin eyes. It sort of upsets me.
Author: Gosho
How will she know that  she's not dead or comatose...with others making rulings on her behalf?If she can't show up for work she should resign.However resigning would take class...something that is sorely lacking in all "the end justifies the means" Democrats.
Author: Najora
You're right, Bill. We must guard our own thoughts because not every thought that passes through our minds are in line with our morals.
Author: Shat
Good show gentlemen. Class as it should be.
Author: Ganris
She literally looks like a witch.
Author: Mira
Better men then I. For the damage she has done to the constitution I wish her a quick and easy passing.
Author: Migis
Notice how her mouth remains partially open in recent photographs? It is reminiscent of photos of Bush 41 in his final years. The liberals around her will, no doubt, conceal her true condition and ability. They are not beyond hiding her dementia or even comatose state to prolong her judicial career. The liberals will resort to absolutely ANYTHING to maintain and insure their power. Lying about GBG's true condition is small potatoes to them. She has publicly condemned the Constitution as "irrelevant" so she has therefore violated her oath of office to protect and defend it. RGB retire now.
Author: Kitaxe
She wanted age of consent to 12! She wanted he, she, etc. abolished to he/she etc. She needs to die, get a younger more alive SCOTUS.....
Author: Faeramar
RBG is DOA> that is all.
Author: Akilkis
She's revered in this day & age because this is a godless age. In another time she stood for some very evil ideas. Pray for her soul because God wills that none should perish, but if she isn't ready for eternity, she has multiple MILLIONS of dead babies on her hands. I will not romantizie her wicked ideas, IF someone is offended by that, so be it.
Author: Vijinn
There's a possibility that Ruth Baaader Ginsburg is in hospice. We are now immersed in a DEATH WATCH.
Author: JoJolrajas
Rejoice that RBG is ill? no. Rejoice that Trump will soon be able to replace her? Absolutely!
Author: Grohn
Weekend at Burnies 3
Author: Meztigar
They have actually made a movie about this woman making her out to be a "hero". A rebel in the patriarchy. The flaming sword of hypocrisy!!!!
Author: Fekinos
Best wishes for Ms. Ginsburg. I disagree about her ideas but do not hate her.
Author: Tygorg
The incapacitation of RGB is still an Imbalance of the court in constitutional favor . If she's not there then she can't vote .
Author: Voodooktilar
i don't trust pence. never have, never will
Author: Dokinos
I do however hope she steps down.
Author: Sar
An 85 year old woman who is frail and had a few surgeries must be in a whole lot of pain. I don't look to her occupation, just to her humanity. I'm sure she believed with all of her heart that she was always doing the best she could in life. God bless and let's hope she has a speedy recovery. Yes, her death may be imminent, I don't know her situation, but I only wish for a recovery for her. I could only imagine the fear she must be in and for that I only have compassion and that she makes it through. God bless you.
Author: Tuzragore
I love your honesty, Bill. And I completely agree.
Author: Zulkijinn
We want proof of life!
Author: Daik
She is a disgusting person and human being.
Author: Moshicage
Talk about draining the swamp! Lol
Author: Baktilar
Oral arguments don't mean anything to her. She has her mind made up before she shows up.
Author: Grogul
They say "Only the good die young" and "there's no rest for the wicked", Ruth Bader Ginsburg will live forever but always be tired.
Author: Zulujora
Canada has a mandatory retirement for judges at 75 years old --- I have no problem with a future amendment declaring that for SCOTUS and COTUS and POTUS at some point....  we shouldn't have to wait for some future Hillary or Michelle or  Ruth Gator Binsburg to die in order to be safe from them...
Author: Salkis
Funny how she'll use the U.S. Constitution to keep her job but discards it completely when it comes to DOING her job.
Author: Samujora
Rejoice,justice will be done.
Author: Mimuro
Are we being entirely serious here? Hmmmm...
Author: Fenrijas
I'd like to make a snarky comment, but I don't think that you'd enjoy being a forum for such :-)
Author: Malazragore
I think she is way sicker than they are letting on, remember this is lung cancer we're taking about.
Author: Kazrakora
I do not like RBG at all but I would not wish cancer on any human on the planet. I currently am battling throat cancer and it does take a large toll on you body and mind. God Speed RBG, get over that cancer but retire from SCOTUS please.
Author: Zolosar
People of her ilk have destroyed the socio-economic fabric of our society. Judges should retire at full pension at 70. Period!
Author: Kagaktilar
In addition, it is rather cheeky of Whittle to presume to be the spokesman for how "Conservative Constitutionalists" should act.
Author: Goltibei
I hope she recovers i wish her no ill will. But she needs to retire for her own health. Make way for a conservative to defend the core of the constitution.
Author: Zull
I admit I also had uncharitable thoughts when I heard of her illness but find that I think of her almost fondly now that I have conquered those particular demons.  This reaction seems to me to be almost universal on the right.  It makes a stark contrast to the pure joy and vitriol expressed by the left upon Justice Scalia's demise.   That said, I still can't refrain from commenting that I thought RBG did her best work when she was on The Beverly Hillbillies.
Author: Kagak
RBG RETIRE already, effective NOW! Why drag it out. You're only hurting yourself.
Author: Mira
Heck, I wuz gonna ask RBG for a month....
Author: Dounos
The only person I unreservedly despise and would love to know that she died a painful and ignominious death is Killary Klinton. Absolutely nobody else.
Author: Tabar
I think she was dead long ago... they just pulled the weekend at Bernies and drug her around lol.
Author: Mesar
This is a war! RBG is the enemy! A long lifetime of pure stone cold evil misdeeds. One of hell’s own twisted wicked handmaidens. Time for her to go home.
Author: JoJogor
You just know that if shes dies.....or is dead now, the left will try to cover it up till after using body doubles and duplicity....ala Hillary.....
Author: Brakazahn
"the switch in time that saved nine." affected the outcome of a the 1937 case West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish.
Author: Dat
she is evil, she is the reason burning at the stake was invented....