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Comments "California losing the most residents of any state in the blue state tax exodus?":

Author: Arashigore
This is not good. I predict Texas will have a state income tax and higher property taxes within 5 years.
Author: Dasho
Please don't import them to Red States.
Author: Mejar
But remember they bring along their disastrous politics with them
Author: Tezshura
Author: Mushakar
Then they come to my Texas and bloat the votes for tax-hungry Democrats!!! We have no state income tax here AND DO NOT WANT ONE!!!
Author: Batilar
Way to go Democrats.. Destroy your beautiful State!
Author: Kagam
California has become too Liberal and has poor leadership.
Author: Taulkis
I'm happy in my Texas don't bring liberals here
Author: Mezilar
Make em stay in the crap hole they made.
Author: Vudozuru
Illegals move in while citizens are leaving.
Author: Arashisar
Then they vote for the Democrats who bring the same destructive policies to the new state........
Author: Kazigar
Vote pro gun and pro freedom.
Author: Fejas
People from Blue states go to Red states and vote Blue. That makes Red states suffer too.
Author: Fenrijora
Make sure to vote red...or stay in blue states.
Author: Tauzahn
the taxes are high so they can pay for their illegal aliens..
Author: Tazshura
Becareful Red States, those that moved into your Red States might just bring their Socialist views with them and where will you be?
Author: Kajizahn
That's a problem. They come to a Red State but keep on voting Blue......
Author: Nikomuro
Remember move and leave your liberal agenda behind.
Author: Tocage
They come to red states and still vote democrat. Stupid sheep
Author: Brami
I live in this whacked out state of California! It is full of idiots: legal and illegal!
Author: Vodal
I moved to LA 8 months ago and am already leaving in February. The city is too congested, expensive and overall just too many disgusting people everywhere. I've seen a homeless man taking a dump with his ass facing us at a stop light on the 101 off ramp in Hollywood. The problem is not about to get fixed and I accept that. The state is still the most beautiful but the environment is so bad it's simply not worth it. You can only take so much when you are paying an unreasonable amount. Paradise has been lost for sure 😔
Author: Dogor
I think the numbers are much higher than estimated. Which is good.