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Comments "Bufo toad dangerous to pets":

Author: Mizil
The vet informed me the danger of these toads. He said she was lucky to be a large dog and old enough to handle the toxin. she was 1 year old at the time.
Author: Mazuran
Steps to recoup after your poorly trained pet try to eat food out of your house.
Author: Tygojind
never spray water twards their throat. As you may cause them to swallow more toxin or drown from water into the lungs.
Author: Keran
The toads aren’t dangerous the do was trying to eat it if the toad ins not put in your mouth it’s harmless unlike dogs that kill 25,000 people every year
Author: Docage
Was that Rhinella marina or Anaxyrus americanus?
Author: Maugis
Take the frog, milk the glands softly on the glass,, let it dry and smoke it. You will forget about poorly trained pet. You will experience oneness and can talk to dead pet. If you are addict, any kind of addict, like addict to idiotic idea of killing you will be cured permanently.
Author: Jut
Any dog under 50 pounds is technically a cat and cats are useless, you lost nothing.
Author: Kelmaran
1:34 Your editing clipped off the beginning of the word "Rinse", the hugely important word in this video!
Author: Akijinn
We just lost our Baxter to this toad this morning. he was a westie too. I can't believe it.
Author: Tojar
You gotta stick a hose in its mouth to rinse it out and to make it throw up. happened to my golden retreiver twice. she learned not to mess with them anymore. dont lose time taking it to the vet, immediately shove a hose in its mouth,make it throw up a couple times. it will stop foaming and feel better right away. 
Author: Shaktitilar
This toxin secrete from the cheek area of the toad. If you have a small dog or cat? It will most likely die if you can't wash out the toxin in time.
Author: Shakagrel
Some humans are very allergic to these toads also. Colours may vary. However in my area they are usually brown. Tall grass in shade areas are very common.
Author: Zolokazahn
Prevention for the future if she ever tried to catch one again.
Author: Mular
They are the reason why I keep a 7-Iron near my back door. I practice my golf swing when I see one in my yard.
Author: Shaktirr
Bufo is latin and means toad. So what a stupid TV report! They only stir up that every kind of toad is dangerous, so stupid TV consumer think they should kill all toads..., wheather dangerous or not. What they mean is the cane toad.
Author: Gardajinn
The best thing to do is wash out the dogs mouth and the morce ur dog to drink milk then take it to the vet
Author: Goltigor
so toads scientific names start with bufo so that can't be the name of that toad isn't it a cane toad? also they're not very good toads they kill lots of thing ( intentionally or accidentally) so if you see one capture it and report it I love toads but be careful some are dangerous!
Author: Gugis
Use a garden hose as close to the back teeth as possible and spray the water forward out of the mouth.
Author: Sagami
If you see one, kill it, especially if you have dogs or children.
Author: Shakakora
What would you do if a giant monster tried to chew on you, you would probley do the same as the toad,
Author: Katilar
I had a wolf husky pup who once grabbed one of these in my back yard. She immediately started to salvatate like dish soap suds out of her mouth. I didn't know toads were poisonous. so I rushed her to the vet. she seemed to be fine by the time I got there.
Author: Vinris
just lost my dog last night to one.. he was a jack Russell. e was dead within minutes.
Author: Mikagore
''Bufo toad'' do these people even do research before making a report?
Author: Kelmaran
They kind of have the info wrong, there is no such toad as a "Bufo Toad" it's most likely an American toad simply because most toads have Bufotoxin, not just the American Toad
Author: Golar
we need chad "parents upset about toads'"
Author: Zologor
Almost lost our 6lb dog yesterday morning to one. Rinsed her mouth out but she was still affected horribly. Luckily got her to the vet in time and they were able to save her.
Author: Tom
Bufo toad hunting is a favorite hobby of mine!
Author: Zulkizuru
In my area Southern Canada these toads are mostly out at night or early morning in damp or shade areas. Not in water though, like frogs. if you handle one of these and you see a milky substance from the cheeks. Please wash your hand before handling any pets.