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Comments "Bridge City, Texas cleaning up after Hurricane Ike":

Author: Tygolkis
I was in Louisiana with after IKE and where we were was nothing like that.
Author: Shakalrajas
they are still destroyed. It just seems that down there people want help from the gov more.
Author: Kajizahn
I think there is sth wrong with yer mike. Movies are ok, but you sound a little metallic.
Author: Nakus
I just found this video and it gave me chills. This is what my family came home to. We lost everything below the top shelves in our closets. You can't save plastic that has been in this kind of water. We were told what we could and could not save.
Author: Zulkishicage
Author: Tut
Probably the size and scale of the disaster leaves most people with few options.
Author: Kazinos
my last comment was for crowmagg and pacificcoast.. I am soo mad I forgot to put that.
Author: Tutaur
One Saw A Shape all of a sudden Within His Eyesight Thought it was something on his eye like a fiber but no he could still see the pulsating light in the shape of a " C "
Author: Doulkree
majorsbc - I know exactly what you are talking about. My parents are lining in their RV, that is parked in their driveway. We moved to BC in 1978. My parents worked very hard for everything they had, only to have it ruined in the flood. But they were wise enough to realize they lived in a flood plain and had flood insurance.
Author: Mule
@neinsudtexas10 None in Bridge City that I can remember. Most people were smart enough to leave. I did hear a few stories of people having to retreat to the attic, but thats it.
Author: Kazrasida
FEMA is not providing adequate assistance?
Author: Fenrigor
Just 4 a time stamp-(Many That I know Have Had Some strange Experiences lately.
Author: Yoktilar
I suppose it takes a piece of garbage to know..
Author: Nekree
Author: Taushakar
A sad sight to see. I hope all is well in Bridge City today.
Author: Yogor
i just saw my house in dougas addition!
Author: Voodoozragore
I almost died in this storm!! I was only 2 years old when this happened ! my home was ripped apart!
Author: Shakadal
Who would have ever thought across from Hattons Elem. would flood? A lot of these people were caught unprepared. My mom and dad live in Dugas addition, they got over 9 feet of water in their house. But they had flood insurance. A lot of people that lived out on round bunch did not have flood insurance.
Author: Tojajind
Thank God I was living in Beaumont at the time of the Hurricane but worked at one of the chem.plants in Orange.PPL in Bridge City rolled their sleeves and got the job done without bitching like those ppl in New Orleans
Author: Tashicage
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Author: Yomuro
Hello all, Wow seriously had no idea, here on the west coast I have seen no word.
Author: Tosida
Five Stars!!
Author: Mezitaur
:) Some of the houses in this community were totally destroyed. There is a difference between a flood, and all the walls being blown out by 100 mph winds, and parts of roofs being ripped off.
Author: Sakazahn
dude there was a Hurricane
Author: Yodal
just so you know FEMA didn't pay for shit this was mostly just to get the washed away and may i note nausiating smell that they had from the water ruining it.
Author: Grodal
Oh I know but everyone on his site seems to think differently. Most think bush is reasonable for everything from pet food spills to low water levels in rivers that disable to barges. I left his site because it seems that common since is not welcome. I don't care what they say bush isn't sending people out to burn corn fields to raise the price of ethinal. And hes not sending hurricanes to new orleans to kill the blacks and raise oil prices.
Author: Gromuro
This community has been dealt a HORRIBLE blow by mother nature and we will rebuild and overcome this. What you see out in peoples yards are everything they own and are NOT salvagable due to the waste, bacteria etc that was in the water from the surge. These people in BC would much rather keep the things that are out by their curb than have to START OVER! Have a little compassion for them. May God have mercy on you if you EVER have to go through anything of this magnitude in your lifetime
Author: Shale
I graduated bridge city, class of 86. My mom and dad and my brother still live there. These videos were shot when I helped my brother shovel 3 - 4 inches of mud out of his house. We (you and I) both know what kind of people live in BC. They are down but not out - they will recover and rebuild. While the people of new orleans let their city fall down around them, the people of BC will rebuild.
Author: Samuran
the government does not make hurricanes. They dont make them go towards new orleans what makes them go in that direction is warm waters and there is super warm waters in the gulf tracking right towards that part of the country. we can blame the government for many things...this is not one of them
Author: Megul
why is it that people on the coast bitch all the time but the folks up in iowa with the floods just did what they had to do and got shit done? I mean you didn't see them rioting and screaming for fema to help them. They just kept cool and did what needed to be done.
Author: Tygomuro
Search for them here on youtube. See what you come up with.
Author: Arashiktilar
Personally I think FEMA is up to some pretty nasty stuff.
Author: Malabei
Me and my family have property on east roundbunch that connects to cow bayou an it was all under a couple feet of water.
Author: Gudal
Have you ever dealt with FEMA or an insurance company? They really aren't very helpful.
Author: Faurr
Maybe some of you could answer this...
Author: Kazigis
Thanks for the vid?
Author: Taukora
You people with all your negative comments on here are making me sick. I live in BC and was very fortunate to not have flooding in my home but all of my friends and family here did. We are hard working, middle class people who go to our jobs every day, raise our children to be good people, pay our taxes, insurance premiums and also support all the people in this country that are on WELFARE for their entire lives.
Author: Tazilkree
you should've seen David st. it was behind Blueberry, we still have FEMA trailers down our street. quite a few.
Author: Samurisar
In case you do not know what a flood does, it washes the human waste out of the sewers and into your house. Most of those houses had 3 - 9 feet of water, 2 - 3 inches of marsh mud, mixed with human waste and dead animals. I killed 2 snakes in my brothers house with getting the 3 - 4 inches of mud out of it.
Author: Kigagal
Are you on meth?
Author: Yozshugami
This is heartbreaking. I had no idea. When I thought flood, I thought just water. Now I have a better clue. Thank you for posting this and educating us. God help.
Author: Samulkis
That is what We said, after Hurricane Katrina, and now We are rebuilt...
Author: Voodoora
When the water came up, the sewers flooded and started running into the streets. This means the water and mud is contaminated. Do you want human waste material on your furniture?
Author: Yok
Peace, love and drugs.
Author: Telar
you are an idiot...I invite you to take a trip to the great town of BC and see what they are all doing to overcome this. It is not their "CHOICE" to discard these items. These families were not allowed back into the city for several days and once they were, very little could be saved. The mold had already taken over in their homes and they have to remove everything. Maybe you should think about what you would do before you criticize these people. They are not looking for a PAYDAY!
Author: Shaktinos
Should I be?
Author: Yolrajas
I'm from this area, and had SEVERAL friends lose absolutely everything. They stayed and are rebuilding - showing courage and determination that people like you will NEVER know.
Author: Yokus
I can remember going down to the beach, after the storm, and not being able to realize where I was, because everything I remembered was gone. It will be some time before you find "normal."
Author: Kajiktilar
@SPCkeith Um we didnt riot, and didnt bitch in Bridge City. We had no help, and no media coverage. We rebuilt and are a new community. You must be confused with New Orleans, and don't dare compare Texans to New Orleanians or anyone else for that matter.
Author: Maum
seawater mixed with raw sewage and god knows what else- it ruins everything, furniture, appliances, vehicles, drywall, clothing, anything it touches will never be fully cleaned even if you soak it in lysol for a year. The only way they could have done it is if absolutely everything they owned wasn't there, and even areas that have never flooded before were underwater. The surge pushed crap 35 40 miles inland up through the bayous and estuaries.
Author: Mauzilkree
Its all the governments fault. They make hurricanes now didn't you know? I mean come on no way in hell that a hurricane would naturally hit new orleans or there. Its just imposable without someone making it go there. Vote obama 08' he feels sorry for you guys and will stop the government from killing you and destroying your houses.