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Comments "Boss Metal Zone mt-2 distortion pedal review":

Author: Juzahn
jeez, all you guys out there: if you ain't got a good webcam or if you don't have a fluid text to blabber into your microphones, then please for god's sake stop talking an doing "lesson videos" or "review videos". you're just goin' on everyone's nerves. WE DON'T NEED YOUR AMATEUR BULLSHIT VIDEOS!!!!
Author: Net
well mick thompson uses that pedal so.....
Author: Kagataur
@Brucethehoose besides its better than yours
Author: Kijar
thanks you XD and yeah its a great pedal
Author: Tejind
Ooh i will buy one alright. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA METAL ROOLS!!
Author: Fenrigar
wow really lol i didnt know :D