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Comments "Bootleggers caught at a local movie theater":

Author: Nazahn
What about when you can put a camera in a contact lens?
Author: Goltigore
Such noobs. Go to a drive-in, park close to the screen, and hide the camera in your car's grille
Author: Tojajinn
They will never stop this. Because all it takes is for one person to film it, and put it online. And then once it hits online, there’s no stopping it.
Author: Gagami
Why are they using UK spelling on a US channel?
Author: Met
Cameraman: yes
Author: Doushakar
what it you do it a 4 time at 1:52
Author: Tolkree
Idiots getting arrested is ALWAYS funny.
Author: Taular
that is actually a very good and expensive camera they were using I have a camera and I paid $700 for that camera
Author: Zologul
Author: Tukus
1 2 4 nice counting XD
Author: Tygogor
Please, they generate capital like nothing
Author: Voodooshura
How did get caught?
Author: Kigahn
Cameraman: going to jail
Author: Gutilar
Oh please
Author: Mikazahn
Viewers: what did it cost?
Author: Mezizahn
I feel they'll erase this law and start getting more involved with illegal selling of guns
Author: Akibei
Those pedophils in Hollywood don't need more money.
Author: Kajira
You can get paid $50 for snitching
Author: Dalmaran
Bruh in Clinton township I thought the cops didn’t even care
Author: Dobei
how would they make money, what sites would they put it on that will make then money
Author: Kagaktilar
dang white collar crimes lol... the fines are so high, but the time is so low.
Author: Vizil
If this were an indie film then yes they are being damaged.
Author: Tazshura
Remember people, use camcorders to make home movies at home, not cinemas.
Author: Zulkigore
Author: Kazranos
This is why you wait for it released on DVD or online and then release it rather than taping it in a movie theater
Author: Moogushura
Oh no poor hollywood actors will not make the entirety of their retardedly high salaries :( Boo hoo.
Author: Kigami
0:27 says movie theatre but title says movie theater, a typeo?
Author: Nikoshura
Four years for taping some movies... I wonder (((who))) could be behind that...
Author: Daibei
LOL why would you take a video camera?? and for gravity??? jesus just use ur phone
Author: Bragore
I don't do things like this. I am too afraid of getting caught. Plus i don't have a 4K camcorder if i wanted to do it, if i did i wouldn't do it anyway...again i would be too scared of getting caught. I only tried it one time with my 8 MM camcorder at a drive in for Jurassic Park 3. I have a small part of that still on tape along with "Let's go to the stand for candy" thing at the end. The rest is recorded over with home movie footages.
Author: Mat
I’m from gh and grand Haven 9 if great
Author: Vudozshura
And how much money did they save from doing this? None, they lost 2 tickets worth per movie because there are other copies everywhere that people who use them won't buy the movie anyway. And now these guys are banned from the cinema...
Author: Tojashicage
Im laughing so hard at 1:52
Author: Gataxe
1:03 "millions and millions of dollars"
Author: Sam
Fucking assholes fuck the MPAA & RIAA.
Author: Moogumuro
You wouldn’t want to steal money from overpaid liberals living off your money In paradise would you?
Author: Vigrel
next it will b farting n public......
Author: Meztisho
I found some here on YouTube!
Author: Nitaur
You can tell they never got nothing to talk about
Author: Sasho
I got Gravity from the Library and it literally put me to sleep...
Author: Ker
It also spoilers it
Author: Dogul
Viewers: Did you do it?
Author: Samudal
we want to make sure Hollywood gets ALL their money
Author: Vocage
Just because I don't wanna pay to see the movie again doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to record it man
Author: Sataur
i wanted them not to be caught i want them 2 video them
Author: Nezshura
I take option D, none of the above
Author: Dourg
Hollywood won’t be damaged by this
Author: Nizil
This is legal I am pretty sure
Author: Gardar
I get it but
Author: Kazisar
They must have been filming "Death blow"