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Comments "BlackRock Chairman And CEO Larry Fink One On One About The Companys Growth Strategy (Full) | CNBC":

Author: Akinocage
How can you find and eliminate those people?
Author: Douramar
Greedy men with no soul
Author: Dair
Evil man this house !!!
Author: Virn
The economy is excellent in the red.... I mean in the positive. The deficit is lower than ever period. Commodities are at there lowest ( Not really high times) Low unemployment really why so many homelessness. Only ones profitting is the 1 percent just talk real numbers and facts stop stuttering a real time teller of piers. Lie lie lie the great White American way . Keep up the great job give yourselves a 200 percent pay increase. You have earned your robbery.
Author: Grolkis
Fink and his greedy capitalist investors, will end up more rich like many others before them, but they will die like the most of us as unknowns, not leaving a real mark on history. However if they donate their $6trillion they would end world hunger and global water shortages forever, this will defiantly leave their mark in history forever.....
Author: Voodoor
Author: Gohn
Fink : an unpleasant or contemptible person.