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Comments "Bartleville Dealership Targeted - Wheels Stolen":

Author: Naran
it looks fake to me, a lot of people do it so the insurance can pay the car off
Author: Shakamuro
Didn't realize you needed to be a mechanic to take of rims😂
Author: Goltir
At least they put the blocks nicely lol
Author: Faerisar
I have gm rims for sale only 50 of them left hurry for half of the price
Author: Tejind
Lmao experienced mechanics... They're removing wheels...
Author: Sakinos
dealerships are always screwing people.
Author: Mozuru
I don't feel too bad dealers rip off their customers all the time
Author: Mabei
Can't feel bad for a stealership
Author: Moogunris
"their experienced mechanics" if removing wheels qualifys you as an experienced mechanic then I can now consider myself a master mechanic.
Author: Gurr
it's about time someone screwed you back !.....hahaha :)
Author: Golrajas
I think it was the owner. Those wheels wouldn't be worth near $50,000. I smell an insurance job
Author: Fenos
With all those bricks , the owner could build a wall around the dealership !
Author: Zuluzragore
they probobly came back for their blocks
Author: Bashicage
obviosly an employee, like manager
Author: Gobar
I don't feel bad. they rip you off when u buy cars
Author: Kazrajin
Experience thieves not mechanics that's in insult
Author: Domi
I still cant believe no one saw a thing..........I think it was a inside job...
Author: Taurr
how about they go to local home depo and fi d out who bought all them bricks. lol
Author: Dukinos
No surveillance cameras? Must be an inside job?
Author: Kaktilar
How does a car dealer not have cameras
Author: Nagar
Explains how I got 4 new tires and wheels at such a cheap price.