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Comments "Aurora Cannabis Provides Update On Australis Capital (TSXV: AUSA)Public Listing":

Author: Gardabei
Love your videos as always, thanks for doing what you do!
Author: Zolobei
good news just keep coming, my god I love Aurora <3
Author: Dujind
I'm not understanding this so exactly what happens to my acbff shares as of September 19?
Author: Fek
Rich you gotta check out Cam Battley on today's MIdas Letter #60!
Author: Akikazahn
The real deal .... right here on RICH TV LIVE ! Rock on bro
Author: Kagall
Aurora will take off very soon. I can smell it.
Author: Tygotaur
Awesome video Rich. Always great to hear about your observations and excitement with the cannabis market. Loaded up with more Aurora when the stocked dipped to $5.98 on Friday morning market open. Cheers!
Author: Vunris
I love all those stocks lmao! your a pumper
Author: Kazihn
Hey Rich, as an unexperienced stock buyer i want to ask: for me living in Sweden is it just to buy the regular aurora stock with the aurora ticker which costs around 8 usd? I have access to the canadian market or do i need to buy from the us market?
Author: Moogudal
everyone is talking about the namaste deal in the uk, but weed is still illegal for recreational use over there except for a minority
Author: Brakree
Rich, Tilray is on steroids. Making canopy look like a penny stock
Author: Mezile
What will aus be on the nyse/Nasdaq. And how many shares do we get... I own 10
Author: Nehn
I think they will dive into California and bail out a number of the smaller growers that don’t have the access to capital to meet regulatory compliance. Lots of low hanging fruit there.
Author: Samushakar
Aurora is a beast!
Author: Mikalkree
Check out Midas Letter. Cam just said up-listing the Aurora stock to USA
Author: Shakree
Most definitely jumping on Australis 👍💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🤪
Author: Goltiramar
I LOVE YOU RICH and i love <3 AURORA
Author: Shakticage
Your gonna make me a stay at home dad rich.
Author: Faull
this stock trading at 25 cent. this stock will sky rocket due to greed.
Author: Dujas
probbly gonna be a winner, the shares that was given out for free was so little, it's not even worth to cash out considering the commission fee. So most people would probbly buy more into it.
Author: Mikasho
Yay Free shares aweesommmeeee I will be waiting for mine then ! 💫
Author: Tojaran
I will take my free Australis and wait for next summer to see andbuy more. They need lots of money to expend in 🇺🇸...and who is paying(investor-you). I see dillution