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Comments "Assad Executing Reporters Compilation":

Author: Goltishicage
Long live assad n russia .
Author: Vudozragore
The best leader alive today.
Author: Teshicage
Is this real life? A politician with logical and consistent arguments? I'm impressed
Author: Shakinos
I'm changing my support to Syrian government.
Author: Malazilkree
But Leaders have to be thrown out
Author: Samulmaran
God Bless Assad, Putin, Iran, Hezbollah!
Author: Maur
"Everyone is conspiring against you, why?"
Author: Shami
"but it is true that civilians are dying"
Author: Zololar
"It's not evidence at all. It's actually the contrary"
Author: Shagis
I thought that The title said... Hmm...
Author: Groshakar
Long live Bashar al-Assad you are better than Saudi.
Author: Gomi
The dumb goyim
Author: Tegrel
One interview tells us more than a thousand lies.
Author: Teran
Funniest reply ever
Author: Nalkis
This guy didnt nothin, they blame him cause he dont wanna knee to the banks and west interest.
Author: Taurn
Divide,conquer and bring DEMOCRACY! God will ask all of you..
Author: Zulkigis
Western democracy what a joke 🤦‍♂️
Author: Kajilkree
"barrel bombs". Like those used by USA in Vietnam?
Author: JoJogar
However, due to indoctrination, since birth, most western citizens have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is the truth.
Author: Gulabar
Author: Nikomuro
We need to fight ISIS not this guy.
Author: Zulucage
Lol they thought they would get another Sadam Hussein. This time the guy is actually to smart for their bullshit. America is the greatest evil this world has ever seen.
Author: Tojagrel
Interviewer: what about your human rights violation in your prisons, torture etc etc...
Author: Aragore
And yours president always invade country that HAVE OIL??
Author: Mazulkis
I've lived in Syria with my mother and brother for quite a period of time, and it was during Hafiz Assads reign. I have to say, syrian people are among the kindest and most polite peopole there are. Syria had a good time during the reign of the Assads. But Syria is also a good strategic point to control, and hence the hysteria around it.
Author: Nelar
A dictatorship is the only thing keeping Syria together. Once the dictatorships were broken in the middle East, they become havens for terrorists organisations, and they become corrupt states primarily run by terrorists. Dictatorships are needed sometimes
Author: Yozshugar
I'm stealing that.
Author: Kajizragore
Author: Voshura
Long Live Syria.
Author: Kigrel
Good news is that Saudi Arania is WAAAY WORST than Syrian regime yet... US its his ally! 😍
Author: Vudok
watch from 23:50 lolol.. you don't have bomb to make nothing😂😂
Author: Fenrizragore
Heck, Assad was protecting Christians in Syria.Now , through U.S. & Israeli direct and covertly contracted "entities" this is no longer the case. Interesting, how some years back Coptic Christians were beheaded, also, by these "entities".
Author: Kinris
Syria ...
Author: Akira
On other hand, most of the western journalists of today look very dishonest...
Author: Moogull
Assad needs all the Russian support we can give him. 🇸🇾🇷🇺💯
Author: Fenrishakar
It's clearly evident who here is speaking honestly and freely and who is trying to cast evil insinuations and innuendos.
Author: Mezishura
Do Westerners know how much their governments are evil ?
Author: Niramar
The US media is owned by the same entities who run AIPAC and is essentially the very voice of Satan himself.
Author: Akinotilar
Error . Imperialism.exe not responding.
Author: Narr
Same thing happened in Libya..."oh lets brainwash our already dumb public about this country and make them think we have to invade it in order to help the people" ... good plan again, Libya went from a prosperous and relatively peaceful and beautiful tourist country full or history and heritage, to a freaking pile of ruins ruled by terrorist groups who are TODAY selling people as slaves and executing anyone they want, 100% chaos and anarchy. Good job again USA/Israel. And just like with Syria, once the job was done, not a single word mentioned in the US media about it anymore after a couple of months of constant propaganda.
Author: Fenribei
Assad never wanted to be the president of Syria. His father groomed his brother to be his successor, and Assad wanted to be an eye doctor in the UK. But his brother died and now he’s stuck in this mess.
Author: Shajar
USA: oh you've heard about Guantanamo bay?
Author: Arat
i used to listen to news sources like BBC framing him as a tyrannical dictator. after watching this video, my whole perception changed.
Author: Vudogor
Author: Zubar
Author: Jucage
He might be a dictator, but sometimes a smart dictatorship is better than a dumb democracy
Author: Shakalar
He explains very well the hypocrisy of the United States and Western politics.
Author: Netaxe
5:40 "Can outside, foreign reporters come?" "You are here...." :D
Author: Keshicage
God bless you, Bashar al assad and your own people the syrian people ..
Author: Mikale
this is a layer in action...
Author: Moramar
Assad: "But you're here right now"
Author: Aragul
Now that is what you call a smart leader
Author: Kagakasa
Long live the Lion 🦁 of Al-sham(Syria)
Author: Tugor
i love his accent
Author: Zulubei
A real man
Author: Taurisar
My christmas wish was for syrian civil war to be over
Author: Mim
"I showed you an FBI report"
Author: Tygokus
There can't be talk about good wars
Author: Tojarg
In another issue, you "Christians" in America who so staunchly support Israel. Please be aware that the left-handed Talmudic Noahide laws are-a-coming!
Author: Tuzahn
A US journalist quoting the FBI as a credible, objective source of information 🤔? The US admitted they backed IS & Al Qaeda in Syria.
Author: Moogum
Wake-up! Y Yahushua / Jesus Christ bless all of you!
Author: Kajik
Author: Mooguzil
He made this title because of YouTube's algorithms. That's why you never see videos like this.
Author: Grolar
Iran is one of the best country's to live
Author: Arashibei
"no, they are allowed... and you are here. you have been here two days now"
Author: Kajijas
People's are getting angry
Author: Mooguzahn
LMFAO at the title of this video. Assad is a hero, and 20 years from now he will be acknowledged globally as such.
Author: Zulubar
And then,Persia will be number 1.
Author: Faull
Long live Assad!
Author: Goltijin
14:16 LMAO we showed you FBI Evidence, I'm from North America and I even laughed at that shit , so true
Author: Dogar
You own the question. I own the answer.
Author: Shakarg
shame on them(Wahabbism, Zionist, West, and those who against u). . .
Author: Zugis
Journo: "No they can't"
Author: Tesar
America really underestimated this man. I don't see a dictator. I see a real leader of he's people and country.
Author: Kesida
He can answer All questions
Author: Meztizragore
"his name is Omran, five years old" ah yes the staged photograph? lmao gtfo
Author: Dougis
Libya ✔
Author: Faenos
Assad "ask them"
Author: Goltill
Why not ask same question from israel
Author: Dougis
Damn...dude is owning em in English too...Pure Alpha.
Author: Dot
My president 🇸🇾🇸🇾👍🏻
Author: Mutilar
Massive chad, long live Assad, long live Syria!
Author: Sakinos
He is standing still in front of rebels, Israel and US he's a strong man
Author: Mabar
Why do people listen to the media, seriously.
Author: Meztikree
Journo: "Okay but im asking if foreign correspondents can come here?"
Author: Yonris
"You own the question, I own the answer"
Author: Akinok
I'm from Syria and i know how the Syrians like Bashar Alassad and i know how much the west are lying...
Author: Makasa
By "executing reporters" I expected something else...
Author: Nikokus
Remember the pharaoh from night at the museum? Yeah this is him now, feel old yet?
Author: Meztile
If he had followed commands and requests, he would have been called HERO.. !
Author: Bakinos
I remember being on vacation staying up all night due to fever and the war breaking out. Been supporting Syria and Assad since day 1. Much love from canada
Author: Fenrishakar
From Holland
Author: Nisida
Journo: "Can foreign journalists come to your country?"
Author: Fenrimuro
But slowly
Author: Malam
This should be titled "Assad's lies montage"
Author: Samukazahn
"You didn't show me any evidence"
Author: Yom
Assad: "Yes"
Author: Kamuro
Asad is too smart for Zio journalist
Author: Tetaxe
Lmao, only after watching the video did I understand the title "executing reporters". Good one.
Author: Dirr
believe what there told to believe, sad, slaves loving there own slavery, tragic. Assad is a hero!!! With love from London.
Author: Fauzuru
To be honest. I'd vote for him. These were good interviews.
Author: Togal
I didn't even know he speaks English like that. Western media 👎
Author: Zulukus
President Assad: Show me evidence.
Author: Nikozil
Oh man this world is insane. Russia turns out to be the good guys.
Author: Nazahn
Brilliantly smashing truth into western puppets' faces and then smiling to show them how silly they are. Journalists in this video seem very uncomfortable and embarrassed
Author: Akigore
For Satan is the father of all lies, God gives intellect to man so that no one is deceived. you can reach your own conclusion from what you hear and see for yourself.
Author: Dabar
The passage of time proves this
Author: Moogurn
Nice propaganda by americans, it's funny how it backfired on them and now they're totally quiet about Syria, you don't hear a word in their media about it anymore, and the public has the memory capacity of a gold fish and already forgot all about it.
Author: Togami
What do we call yours president for invading others country...
Author: Gataxe
I would have executed these so called journalists. They were nothing more than trouble makers
Author: Dusho
"Uhhhh FBI said... CIA said... A woman said... Hrngffff"
Author: Kajilkree
When Assad drops bombs in cities hes a brutal dictator, but when America drops bombs its spreading democracy.
Author: JoJogul
Assad is a good man.
Author: Talkree
There is nothing more evil in the world than people who use their power in order to deceive, lie, abuse and destroy others, JUST because they can. Humans show character and moral qualities when they CAN do something, but DON'T do it because they realize it's wrong.
Author: Nesida
Wow this President is a hard chatter box...Not just media humiliated...They pissed off with nothing...Well said Mr. President
Author: Gardashicage
Assad: "Of course"
Author: Tegor
Have no idea about what I am talking? Here's another one. Your so-called Netanyahu (not his born with surname, btw), is quoted as saying, when referring to American Christians, "they are useful idiots".
Author: Nektilar
Egypt ✔
Author: Kajim
He's a good guy! You see in a face if it's covering something or not. This man has a good soul!
Author: Faek
"Assad executes reporters, so we're gonna bomb the entire country and execute everyone instead" - Good plan...I also like how the first reporter opens the interview with "why did you bomb hospitals", when Americans bombed several hospitals on several occasions and tried to plant evidence to accuse Syrian military of killing their own people. On one occasion the bombing was constant for 4 hours, doctors were calling everyone they could to have NATO stop bombing the hospital full of civilians (and there are recorded conversations online you can hear) , but they didn't stop, they kept going until everyone was killed.
Author: Brar
If there's a debate between Trump and Assad, I guarantee that this guy is gonna win! xD
Author: Vudozshura
best regards to siria and and asad from serbia!
Author: Nikoshura
Dumb reporter: FBI reports.
Author: Yobei
he shuld have been a seals
Author: Bahn
You know who bomb schools and hospitals? Netanyahu.
Author: Dougami
As an awakened American, I am fully cognizant of the indoctrination, via the Western Luciferian (which is irony, as the Accuser or Beezelbub has no such name) installed puppet leaders, including Trump, are committing the gas attacks, not Assad.
Author: Dabei
Do Europeans know how much their governments are evil ?
Author: Najar
I thought it was an actual footage of Assad killing journalists.
Author: Kigore
Because Assad is such a good gentleman.
Author: Tom
God bless you our great president and leader. We love you so much and proud to be a citizen of the nation you lead❤️❤️🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾
Author: Bakinos
C A N ' T M O S S A D T H E A S S A D
Author: Taumi
Foreign Journalist in Syria: Can foreign journalist come to Syria?
Author: Voodoozshura
God bless and protect Assad and the Syrian people.
Author: JoJoktilar
How strong is this man!
Author: Bak
This is too good. This President is indeed brilliant and these journalists are utter imbeciles who haven't even researched what they're told to ask.
Author: Faejin
Finding out we are the bad guys is really fucked up. I feel let down by my country, and my government. I feel horrible. This man is clearly a good person. And I hope that more people from the west see this and come to the same conclusion that I have.
Author: Fenrishura
make sense brahh..
Author: Goltik
Yeah the syrian government funds hospitals then bombs them yeah makes perfect sense
Author: Nami
Love 💕 Bashar al Assad from uk 🇬🇧
Author: Grodal
Assad hes a Such as good Presiedent of Syria
Author: Gucage
Assad is so much smarter than all those journalists
Author: Mikat
Syria and Assad won in the end. They are about to crush ISIS and restore full sovereignty.
Author: Brakree
You either have inaccurate bombs or accurate bombs, everyone knows that the USA and Russia both use only one type of bomb on their aircraft and artillery, to do otherwise would be a clear violation of the 1995 treaty of bomb uniformity act.
Author: Kiktilar
"you don't have bomb to make nothing"
Author: Dishakar
Who prepared those questions?
Author: Muzahn
God bless you President Assad, saviour of Christians .
Author: Faeshakar
Syria 💓Iraq
Author: Brami
Pray for Peace 🙏🏼
Author: Nasar
1dollar=160000 rials
Author: Arashizil
Clickbait, I was expecting something liveleak style...
Author: Zuluramar
Prove it? Here? ......LOL
Author: Tekazahn
ASSAD is #accussed by the U.S. govt.
Author: Vudozuru
Instead we call BAssad a dictator for defended h i s country..
Author: Dousar
Smart guy. Much better than most politicians
Author: Mauktilar
Author: Kat
Dollar price goin high
Author: Gusar
USA is a treat to the hole world. USA greatbritain and France is the biggest terrorist on this planet. Best regards from Sweden.
Author: Kajitaxe
No, that is YOUR job. People are wise, I believe.
Author: Tadal
And God damn the war mongers trying to destroy Syria.
Author: Mezahn
i have a much different opinion about Assad than i did before watching this video
Author: Tesida
The man is a legend...
Author: Yozahn
Assad - "No I've been in the Presidential Palace" (With a smirk on his face)
Author: Fezahn
Here is the irony. None of these reporters would have asked Hitler, Stalin, Edi Amin, or Pol Pot these questions or anything like them. They would know that such questioning would lead to their immediate deaths because these dictators were the monsters they knew them to be. Not so with Assad. They KNOW Assad is not going to torture and murder them because they know their accusations are false. Given the millions who have died, who are the monsters here?
Author: Taumi
Here's a self answering question: Why do we in the west never see these interviews?
Author: Zolorn
America propaganda .. We started the war there ...sorry Syria from a true American not a zionist
Author: Akinolkis
A man like that and his face expression has such a calm voice. I can’t imagine him being mad.
Author: Kim
this guy is more than 900IQ.
Author: Majora
If Assad was that bad he would never have let the western reporters come over to Syria. He is not afraid to talk!!!!!
Author: Barisar
Love the bait and switch title
Author: Jurisar
This man is arguably the most responsible for defeating ISIS, al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria), and yet our "western" governments want to paint him as an evil man. Well we don't believe it. God bless you Bashar!
Author: Visar
4:50 checkmate. Allah bless you Assad. We love you brother. Stay strong and wise as always.
Author: Telkis
Yes you don't bomb a hospital if it is used as hospital 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Author: Kagagis
Author: Mogami
Assad fact after fact , the funniest was when asked that he doesn't allow foreign reporters to investigate freely, and he went like " but you are here ! You've been here for 2 days ! Did anyone tell where to not go ? " Loool soo simple
Author: Arashiramar
Syria was beautiful once, before US started to bomb it. Like most of the middle eastern countries. Its all destroyed by the US, sad actually. Before US we didnt have these terorrists in the world. Truth be told without US there would be world peace. What about the several countries that US sanctions? Look up what banking system these countries have. What about the wars in the middle east that you all belive was for massdestruction weapon, later terrorism that US started and funded. And people who dont belive that actually belive its for the oil. NO its because those countries didnt follow the global bank. North Korea one of the few coutries that dont follow the global banking system. There is a reason you all hear propaganda about them. Reason the population have shortage of food is because the US sanctions and not due to their leaders. See how it goes for venezuela and their starving population thanks to US sanction their country. See what happend in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afgahnistan, Venezuela for an example. These countries did not follow the global banskters. Its all about money, and money is power. Its not hard to figure out why these wars started. As US only go to war with countries that dont follow the global banksters. Take Vietnam or even cuba way back for an instance. Dont ask about ww2 as most brainwashed people cant handle it im afraid. Its obvious, but most people are stupid and cant see the reality they live in. We are all slaves to money. Btw im a nationalist from Scandinavia, so dont misstake me. But most of the humanity are retarded.
Author: Zoloran
Journo: .....
Author: Vudolabar
President Assad is a brilliant leader for real .
Author: Bale
Every bone in my body is telling me this is not a bad guy.
Author: Kigacage
Wise words
Author: Migul
Israel is behind all this mess. They don't want anyone in power that's against them. They fooled Bush into removing saddam and now want this guy out. Oh don't forget Israel pushed united states in bombing Libya too . Hope someday someone nukes Israel and the world will be a much better place.
Author: Taull
The modern day Pharoah will be dealt with soon enough!!!
Author: Arashijind
Assad is an amazing president, very elloquent too.
Author: Vibar
that ended WITH a thug life
Author: Yojinn
A man far braver than he is given credit.
Author: Vunris
I dont see a dictator. I see a smart and respectful man who loves his country and people.
Author: Tajind
Assad is not an enemy of the United States.
Author: Zugar
Greetings to Assad and Syrian people from Armenia
Author: Muhn
I’ll be honest, this isn’t what I was expecting from a video titled “Assad Executing Reporters Compilation”
Author: Yozshubei
And they need a dictator king to controller every single thing
Author: Shakara
FBI is a joke
Author: Faubei
Amazing how some one who speaks the truth exudes a relaxed confidence. While the reporters are bumbling around behaving rudely constantly getting stumped when confronted with simple logic and reason
Author: Tygokasa
It's was the same in Iran
Author: Dainos
Why do Zionists lie so much about this man? Why do they stand to gain by doing so?
Author: Megul
What a legend Alhamdulillah.
Author: Nerr
Optometrist telling the media to use both eyes.👍
Author: Malrajas
Iraq ✔
Author: Shakami
He should quit his dictator job and become a lawyer !
Author: Vuran
Best statement of the past 90 years
Author: Ketaxe
It is easier at least for me, to trust people like Putin or Assad than American leaders
Author: Akinolmaran
"Do you have any evidence?"
Author: Kagashicage
"Can outside foreign reporters come? they have not been allowed".
Author: Arakus
Assad lives in a different planet.
Author: Mezigul
Love from India.
Author: Taukora
No shit, It's a war. Scheiße
Author: Vocage
Good man protecting his people and standing up against others from the west with agendas
Author: Mazusar
"You own the question, I own the answer"
Author: Migami
Everyone knows the US owns the media.
Author: Dobei
These reporters make me sick with their obfuscation and loaded questions
Author: Bajora
Interviewer - "Have you been in that prison"