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Comments "Amy Winehouse singing Rehab at Bestival 2008 drunk":

Author: Fezshura
not drunk
Author: Vuktilar
omg from beautiful amy to rhea pearlman in 2 years
Author: Tokus
This is so sad 😥😢😭
Author: Kazilrajas
they tried to make her go to rehab but she said no.
Author: Garr
no just drunk but, drugged.......................we miss u lost soul
Author: Guzuru
There's so much sad irony in this....just 😥
Author: Vudolkis
They tried to make me go to rehab for years. But just like Amy I said No no no! And in 2013 after ten years of alcohol abuse my liver said enough is enough! They rushed me to the hospital, all yellow. They kept me there for 2 weeks. Doctors told me stories about how serious my situation was, talking about a liver transplant and dying. Man, that wakes you up. Believe me. I'm almost 15 months sober now. And I will stay sober. They tried to make Amy go to rehab, she said No no no. She died. They tried to make me go, I said No no no. I almost died. So if they try to make YOU go to rehab think twice before you say; No no no!
Author: Samur
It is so sad😞 she had absolutely nobody to help her. How her father and all people around her could watch her drinking on the stage????
Author: Zulujar
I agree except for one thing, Amy was an artist NOT an entertainer...that title is reserved for Beyonce and the like.
Author: Dubei
she completely blew it, 
Author: Zolohn
The problem is that nobody tried to stop her.... Neither her family
Author: Sakora
Dude, speak english on this international media like youtube. LOL
Author: Kajijind
so tragic. She had true talent
Author: Turan
1. LeBron James [athlete]
Author: Yozshut
youobviously have no clue what really happened.
Author: Arashilrajas
5. Marc Breed [fine artist]
Author: Sar
Author: Shakagis
People should seriously be their own child's role model & stop expecting others to take on that role. It was NEVER, Amy's job to teach your children anything! That's YOUR JOB! She was an entertainer and a AMAZING ONE AT THAT! RIP AMY!!!
Author: Akigis
I don't understand why her manager continued to put her on stage knowing she was spaced out
Author: Kajilkree
     she need some Zen., to find peace in her life, the rest wasn't workin
Author: Akile
A perssona que programaram a AMY foi pra auto destruir ela
Author: Yozshut
It's hard to see her like that
Author: Dougore
WAIT -- how can people be so mean and judgmental? She had a great voice, great jive, a great smile, and apparently a good heart. Addiction is not something to be judged. Look in the mirror, you mean critics. You are not perfect either. How can you take glee in another's death?? You are the bad role models, not Winehouse.
Author: Nashicage
3. 'Machine Gun' Kelly [musical artist]
Author: Tagami
no she didn't she was caught giving oral sex to a crack dealer the day of her death ... how pathetic
Author: Mauran
Wow! I wish drugs and alcohol never existed. My dad left me and my family 24years ago to drugs and alcohol and for some reason he is still alive. I still love my dad though even despite not knowing him.
Author: Gugor
Poor thing she needed help. Drugs will destroy you.
Author: Micage
Amy 2018 💗
Author: Tojajas
I's proven: we live in a zoo.
Author: Negis
To see if she spilled it
Author: Shaktidal
6. Michael Symon [celebrity chef]
Author: Kerg
she looks wasted nothing more and nothing less. Fortunately she died.
Author: Voodootaxe
Cara o que foi isso sem explicação como deixaram ela subir ao palco ta claro que queriam acabar com sua carreira com certeza ela incomodou muita gente
Author: Tygolar
Rest In Paradise Angle💖
Author: Vizuru
Jogou uma carreira,uma voz,uma vida nas drogas..Pena
Author: Tera
She did not want to do this crap anymore.To put her on stage when she is in a state of oblivion,they get what they deserve! Fuckers! Rest easy Amy.They can't touch you now!
Author: Bragrel
she makes me cry but in a good way love you amy !
Author: Mazuran
Author: Mazura
Rip Amy you are now free. we love and miss you.
Author: Arakus
what a badass.
Author: Grogal
perfection even in her imperfection
Author: Jutilar
Es una pena que una persona con una voz como esa haya terminado tan tristemente. Lamento mucho eso, ojalá alguien la hubiera ayudado efectivamente, empezando por ella misma.
Author: Dukasa
I feel like she died from a broken heart....💔💘
Author: Kem
Can't stand to watch her like, so sad.
Author: Kazisar
Totalmente desorientada coitada e ainda cumprindo uma agenda de shows desse jeito , lástima mesmo essa moça precisava parar p se tratar urgentemente q dó ela já estava numa situação em que ninguém merece ficar era hora de parar com tudo 😞😞😞😞😞😞
Author: Nekasa
I am, she's my hero.
Author: Morg
Wow, she was wasted. That was nasty. She pick her nose and flick it! Someone out there saying wow I got Amy Winehouse's boger! I wonder how much it worth?
Author: Tonos
la mejor en el mundo
Author: Basida
People wondered the same thing about Kurt Cobain.
Author: Mazular
as much as I love amy I think this video should be a reminder of what drink and drugs can do to future young generations
Author: Goltiran
I've never seen that clip before how cruel to film Amy in that state, she was clearly in some kind of emotional pain, she couldn't wait to get off stage, that much was clear. RIP Sweetheart you were beautiful and talented before life and addiction ground you down xxx
Author: Taulabar
omg yes love it
Author: Mazujind
Did you get paid by the producers of the documentary Amy for the use of this clip?
Author: Grogis
Next time you record something, put the recorder out of the water :D
Author: Shakakus
I guess so, never heard any different. :)))
Author: Kazira
whew, she shoulda called in sick that day, poor gal needed help,
Author: Voran
its sooo sad ;C
Author: Faegore
Damn, she sure was an ugly crackheaded drunk. At least we can take comfort in knowing she's dead now. Yee and Haw.
Author: Meztik
wow,it look like somebody wanted to throw in pills into her drinks.
Author: Voshura
She was beautiful a big talent .... watching her in this condition makes me feel very sad is crazy, incredible how the drug alcohol and bad friends can change, destroy someone like that. We are fragile :(... I love u Amy I wish u were still alive!! hope u are still singing in heaven with some angel far from the fucking shit of the drug that is the devil and is part of the hell.
Author: Vudojind
bv b]nmn
Author: Voodooktilar
she looks so sick and god
Author: Kagazahn
Que mal ejemplo para esta juventud drogada de consumismo......que porquería.
Author: Tazshura
Voz do caralhoooooooooooo!
Author: Vuramar
Bad Copy! :/
Author: Mezikora
.... u will stay always in my heart sweet qeen 😿
Author: Diktilar
Drunk, boo'd off stage, dead at 27 years of age.. 5 mins of fame gone because she was a fool.
Author: Gataxe
2018 Amy bae Rip 👏
Author: Samugor
Painful to watch. Such a lost soul, such in pain. She wasnt cared for. So so sad. I wish I could've helped her somehow. Rest in Peace.
Author: Tezil
she could have wasted my oxygen anytime !poor amy imagine your whole life a open book for everybody to have a opinion and insult her ,she not the only young person to get sucked into a drugand alcohol world that leaves you a addicted mess ,i was proud of her trying to get clean in the end,wished it had turned out better for her and when it comes to men,women have been making fools out of themselves since the begining of time ,we just never learn so its a good lesson for the young girls out there dont become something for a man be yourself!if he doesnt like it well!!plenty other men out there will just keep looking and dump guys like blake whos motive was to drug her up and rip her off for evry penny he could get from her,and thats what drugs did to that guy turned him into a piece of shit!r.i.p.amy hope theres a heaven full of good lookin guys up there treating you like a queen you shgould have been treated by someone who says they love you!r.i.p.amy
Author: Magrel
I hope she is not steering that ship?
Author: Zulkimi
Please note = This clip is now in the film AMY release on 3rd July globally.  It's a wonderful and moving tribute to her.
Author: JoJora
she wasn't singing the part "I don't ever want to drink again."
Author: Mazuzil
Poor thing... I just love her and her music  .  Sad we lost such an amazing artist.
Author: Tukora
Totally agree. I'm happy she died too. She was such a bad model for the youth and many junks do see an example in her like: hey see? Junkies can get somewhere too.. Feel sad for her parents though...
Author: Nikogami
Amy siempre vas a estar en mi corazon ·♥ se fue una gran cantante y no lo puedo creer pero siempre te recuerdo escuchando tus gran temas ·te quiero sos lo mejor , sos y seras siempre una gran estrella♡♥♡♥
Author: Malajas
obedece a la morsa
Author: Mataxe
Amy winehouse needed someone that was musically bigger than her and sung the blues for support. She was out their all the time on her own. Isolation can kill
Author: Kazrarisar
I adore her even though she had problems. Love her music.
Author: Mosar
I couldn't have said it better myself!!!
Author: Mezilkree
Author: Douran
Author: Taular
Sound quality of video very poor. Not Amy's fault. She was awesome. ❤️
Author: Kigashicage
Lamentável tanto talento perdido pras drogas e álcool amy sempre deixara saudades. .....
Author: Zugami
kobieta-lump, fajnie posłuchać, gorzej z patrzeniem na nią
Author: Goltirisar
I am not, and of course, anibody is the right person to judge you, only you knew why you lived your life that way. God bless you wherever you are lovely Amy.
Author: Zolomi
I never really watched any of her videos but jeez she looks like shit in every video what a fuckup
Author: Mokus
This brings tears to my eyes watching this. What type of management would allow this? ♥️ U Amy.
Author: Febei
1:27 people started throwing things at her. Thats why she threw the whiskey. :))))
Author: Todal
sometimes people can't handle fame.
Author: Faeran
Poor girl :(
Author: Guk
Poor Amy😞😞. R.I.P. my beautiful Amy❤❤❤
Author: Dom
1:31 Iconic ! ♥
Author: Voodoogor
drugs will take you down
Author: Bam
Amazing audio. Well worth uploading.
Author: Kashura
this is the WORST recording in the history of mankind....
Author: Moogushura
People keep denying her use of drugs and say she was drunk and alcoolic. She's on coke right here. And most of the time. And using other stuff like opiacé.
Author: Kam
I love this chick
Author: Gokree
right. there is a difference between and artist and an entertainer. Amy was an artist. Beyonce is an entertainer.
Author: Tojarg
Author: Grozshura
ok, i think u dont understand that the REAL point is the person who needs help accept and recognize that needs help. And another point that this person has to do is REALLY try to stop with the bad habits
Author: Shakazilkree
I notice in so many of these videos, she goes over to the men, seems as if for protection and help.  It is so very sad to see the pain.  Hard to think about the people around her that loved her.  If only they had been firmer with her to stop it all.  Bottom line is that she made her choice on how to live her life.  I guess she was beyond help after all....
Author: Zulujinn
This is like watching someone commit slow motion suicide. It should be shown to people upon entry into rehab and during interventions.
Author: Akinozuru
you must be that guy who has that friend?? UG and LY!!!!
Author: Mazugis
sepbb vb´v bmf b[bn],m
Author: Gunris
Author: Zukazahn
how was that caught and by who
Author: Vutaur
Why hasn't she released any new songs?? I miss her music :( x
Author: Zulkijar
She always looks beautiful and Will always be a legend 💝
Author: Tonos
0:29 she flicks a booger.. that's something to remember lol
Author: Dor
Author: Grotaur
she wants to take a sip sooooo bad lol
Author: Vusar
whitney houston, michael jackson, billy holiday
Author: Zulkree
why give oral sex to a dealer anyways when you have so much money??
Author: Fenrisho
what a pretty woman.
Author: Kajigis
amy amy amy, eres unica, espero en el cielo pueda tomarme una fotografia contigo.
Author: Fenrikree
oh wow. soooo wrong.
Author: Dorr
hahah parents seem to blame others when they cant control their
Author: Shakahn
i think she was trying to prove a point here ,i dont need rehab !sad thing is it showed that she needed more ,rehab would have been just a start of healing,i wonder tho what made her think she could still drink?did she know stoping and starting would kill her?blake said they would remarry or would have so why would she drink herself to death if this was true?
Author: Voktilar
So yes she was a joke..
Author: Meshicage
Amy i love you my idol 😢
Author: Didal
Why did her family, friends, manager allow her to drink at shows? Where were people to help her? Sad
Author: Yozshuk
she was a human being and loved. @lespaul00rhythm you are being a troll on this comment page .. by the way. Takes one to know one.
Author: Kezahn
Author: Brajind
she wasn't ;)
Author: Vinos
So what if she's drunk, Billie Holiday sang on high on heroin and with a pitcher if gin masquerading as water often. Amy is better than any of these other chicks on their best day sober or drunk, bar none!
Author: Mazil
en este backstage amy pidio 48 botellas de jack daniels
Author: Daibei
Its sad to see this ...
Author: Akirn
5 Grammy awards in one evening including three of the "Big Four": Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, sold 25 million CDs, The BBC has called her "the pre-eminent vocal talent of her generation'', Back to Black posthumously became the UK's best-selling album of the 21st century, at that point, she was listed at number 26 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music etc. And she was a joke?!
Author: Dozilkree
Meu eterno amor... ♥
Author: Grosar
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Author: Tygogul
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Author: Vokree
http://rnc2016clevelandposter [dot]
Author: Shaktikree
I like when she throws here drink on the crowd at the end.
Author: Kagagami
Author: Muzuru
Pocas por no decir que nada, ella era una buenísima cantante 😔 talento perdido.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Author: Dajora
she didn't want to go to rehab she said no no no....
Author: Todal
Author: Nikoramar
Are you Einstein or Gandhi? If not, stop judging. Your comment was more poison than Winehouse ever discharged.
Author: Faegor
Até bêbada ela arrasava!
Author: Kagasida
if u dont like her why bother to comment? whats the point?
Author: Dougor
This shouldn't be online!
Author: Arashikus
I feel sad for you. You are mean and heartless... and you drive an ugly car which demonstrates your lack of testosterone. Get a real life and stop judging others, dude. ANd get a real car.
Author: Vorisar
There's too much negativity. People say it's sad because it is. She wasn't born a drug addict or alcoholic, she was a young woman made some really bad decisions. As a society who claims to be so sophisticated we still fail to realize that addiction is an illness. To those who criticize Amy Winehouse, look at some of her earlier performances (2003-2005) and read her lyrics, and you'll see her true greatness before drugs and alcohol ruined her life.
Author: Araramar
It hurts to watch her :'( why a great artist like her got taken so soon.why.why? :(
Author: Malajora
Author: Mele
why didn't someone take care of her :-(
Author: Tomi
Author: Metaur
This made me sad. I mean, how could she not notice she had a problem? Didn't she watch the videos of her bizarre performances when she was drunk on stage? I really, really, don't understand why, but I guess she was in denial.
Author: Dizahn
Ha ha Yea I think she sucked and according to Andy X above she did lol!
Author: Meztilabar
by law no one can make another person seek help. I can't believe WHO EVER didn't stop here performing anywhere while on drugs or alcohol. It's all a money thing these days
Author: Taudal
they tried to make her go to rehab she should have said yes ,yes, yes
Author: Tolkis
This is not a critic to Amy but to the one who made and published this video of which the sound alone is an abuse.
Author: Mutilar
They tried to take her to rehab but she said no no no... And look what happened...
Author: Magar
I miss her so much! If she could have just climbed this hurdle! Rest in peace darling,you did what you could. You did not belong to us! We had privilege to behold your gift!
Author: Meziran
What a mess. SAddens me that she and others allowed herself to fall this. Yet she still sounded amazing!
Author: Daigal
wouldnt have made any difference ione way or another. In the end she looked like pure trash. Dirty filthy actually, missing teeth, skanky skinny, even her voice was going down. I dont feel sorry for people who have every chance to get well and fuck it up and drag their families through hell. She was a talent and then a waste of skin. Too bad.
Author: Daijar
the mman sounds like hes mooing
Author: Daikinos
did anyone else see her flick the booger at 0:32
Author: Meshakar
she needed help
Author: Fesho
Author: Darg
this is so sad to watch . Love u amy 💗
Author: Arar
haha point proven.
Author: Douzuru
Author: Moogunos
Her eyes look dead, she looks so sad ☹️
Author: Malakinos
2. Urban Meyer [sports coach]
Author: Yorr
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Author: Mezilar
La venció las drogas y el maldito alcohol por siempre contigo vivirás 😩
Author: Mura
There is a guy who posts vulgar comments on here, I won't say who it is but I just found out that he suffers from severe, drug addiction & a personality disorder. In addition, He hears "voices" that instruct him what to do. His brother/father contacted me & apologized on his behalf. Please ignore the vulgar, mentally ill guy who posts on here & simply enjoy You Tube the way it is supposed to be.
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Author: Yogis
4.. Johnny Manziel [athlete]
Author: Kigall
pobrecinaa¡,,se notaba k era una xicaa joven que necesitaba ayudaa¡,,como se nota que estaba sufriendooo¡
Author: Fenrimuro
Am i the only one who was fncusing on the glass?
Author: Goltisar
Ya se fue, Ahora nos quda recordarla y entenderla que a cualquiera le puede Pasar... Amy fuiste, eres y Siempre seras la Mejor.
Author: Tezshura
she threw the cup. Let subconsciously, she knew it was wrong and she didn't want to drink. But, also seemed like it was too hard for her to resist, like she couldn't stop. Poor Amy. :(
Author: Kehn
noo. those are bubbles
Author: Mitilar
Sad to read some of the disrespectful comments here. RIP Amy, you were and always will be an amazing talent.
Author: Kazitaur
she was a joke.. nothing more
Author: Taugami
Have you ever tried to stop an addict! Good luck with that. I tried, they don’t stop until their ready.
Author: Zulkishicage
so sad for Amy
Author: Shakazragore
Whew!!!!!!!!! We can throw that glad shes dead and staying that way party now.