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Comments "Akshaya Patra’s midday meal runs into yet another controversy over missing onion & garlic":

Author: Zulkinos
It there belief. If u feel the food is not adequate. Start a kitchen yourself and start suppling meal. Idiots. In India people don't like any good thing happening in this society. Especially if these great service are done by Hindu organization. Think it dirty work department of evangelist churches.
Author: Akinokinos
I'm surprised to see some of the comments are very funny. In our homes, are we preparing the food without Tamota and Onions. Of course, garlic is not used every day in our daily food but Tamota and Onions are used daily in our food. If so, Akshay Patra can make use of Onions on very day food but not garlic. We have to be more practical rather than critizing for the sake of critizing it. People have to be more matured in this 21st century but not thinking or looking for a petty things
Author: Dokinos
#ProudDonor to AkshayaPatra
Author: Nektilar
If they are providing nutritionally good food. Then they are all good.
Author: Yozshugami
Very unfortunate . It's again a planned strategy by leftists and congress to defame Hinduism and Hindu organisation like Iskon.
Author: Moogunris
why is print bringing up these issue, if print have problem they should their own Akshaya Patra. Hippocratic people!
Author: Mugal
These media houses always add politics in everything. Now they want to create cultural divide..
Author: Faugis
The hindu is such a oxymoron.. must be banned
Author: Tygolmaran
Rahul And Ketu are two Asuras from the Asuras big family. They are brothers. Rahu's head was cut off so of Ketu's body while trying to steal the nectar which was attained during Manthan of the Milky ocean. Vishnu cut off their heads, but a drop of red blood and a white flem from their body fell on the earth, which turned into red onion and white garlic. Ie. Why it's pungent in smell. It's layer. It has medicinal properties if used in small doses like the snake venom.
Author: Kazralrajas
Stop your foolish reporting
Author: Zolozshura
These complaint folks are break India people
Author: Nenris
pointless arguments by Joshi and whoever is behind joshi. at home i dont use onion or garlic and we are doing fine. next will johsi and team come up saying that serving only vegetarian food is imposing religion on children. senseless joshi and team and the team which did this study.
Author: Mazum
What's the issue here. It is a private entity and they are serving what they find suitable. Would you ask a Muslim institute why they are not serving pork in their canteens? It seems like garlic or onion is indispensable in food and causing an unneccessary ruckus.
Author: Maushicage
Now some food researcher will say children should be given burger and pizza...
Author: Faujin
Start your own Shekhar paatra and comment #Presstitutes
Author: Mam
The news which you provided is not biased towards anyone, both the arguments have been put forward adequately , a quality which is missing from other media houses be it pro government or anti government . I hope you keep on this and bring the news the way it is .
Author: Kigakus
Akshya patra is doing a great job. These so called liptards are doing no good to anyone but yet keep poking their nose here and there
Author: Kazijar
Kids are kids. if food are not taste kids are not eat. Marderchod Libralido
Author: Samuzilkree
Those who have problem with Akshya's mid day meal, they can skip. Koi jabardasti nahi hai.... liberal parasites free mai Hydrabadi Chicken Biriyani khilaynge
Author: Kikazahn
I doubt the intention of reporting this unnecessary news.
Author: Maura
Shekher should start his own
Author: Nibei
BTW I like your CUT THE CLUTTER too.
Author: Kajicage
Don't you have anything better to do print?
Author: Daibei
Cancel the order
Author: Maule
"when there are likes of akshay patra or any good charity without any self interest " .. in those areas its very difficult to convert people with fake god magic.. so some how these organisation likes of akhay patra or any other good charity who work withoiut any agenda have to be stopped and then there will be poor in that area.. these people can be easily targeted and can be easily converted.. things what succeeded in taml nadu and kerala is not working according to plan in karnataka.. these akshapatra etc doesnt allow them to convert in places likes of karnataka etc..
Author: Akinolabar
i want while elephant and black tiger in my food.
Author: Togul
This is a malicious attempt by Christian missionaries. They want to defame and somehow stop Akshaya Patra. Maybe Akshaya Patra is an obstacle to their conversion plan through lurements
Author: Kazirr
Author: Tuzuru
This should not be a controvesy, onion and garlic should not made compulsory. Theres no need. Getting a good stomac full of organic meal should do the work
Author: Akisida
Aangan vadi me jakar dekho jahan khana wahi pe banta h paani wali daal aur jali hue roti....
Author: Fegrel
Free food for kids first introduced in kerala and by Christian schools.
Author: Grot
APs kichdi is most nutricious and delicious and it has no place for onion and garlic...
Author: Yozshulabar
Ie why Elephants don't smell nasty and are pleasant and elegant being Totally Vegetarian. And the strongest animal.
Author: Mazugrel
Next they will ask for beef and pork in menu.
Author: Samulmaran
Those who criticize are criticizing for political and religious reasons...
Author: Mot
Doob maro madarchod print wale SADAKCHHAP MADARCHOD, sale Kitna giroge re MAA kKE CHODE
Author: JoJorg
Socha tha theprint badal gaya hai, lekin nahi madarchod ka madarchod hi rahega. Khud ka akshay patra chalu karo bhosdiwalon aur phir dusre ko bolo
Author: Akitaur
Alas! the right wing yellow eye has befallen your popularity and reach.
Author: Mit
Kitne bika hua hai ye print wale #armsmafiagupta #chorprint
Author: Gozil
What is wrong with such organisations akshay patra is doing great job by providing good meal to the future of this nation. I don,t understand if some good work happens in this country why these goons have pain in their ass..!! They will do nothing to make a difference in this society they will just keep shitting from their mouths.
Author: Faetaxe
Will 'the print' and it's leftist friends take such initiative first before jumping into criticising it
Author: Samugis
Nutritious food & all that but we won't put onion & garlic bcoz of religious issues.. 😂
Author: Akinosida
Also @ThePrint please take a correct stand on this don't even make a news which is not worthy of a news.
Author: Kerisar
They are doing good work with large scale.. let them do... If you have issues you start one do that...
Author: Mokora
Idiot the organization can have some principles of its own. If they are providing a healthy diet why will the state dictate the menu?
Author: Dirn
Have the critics ever eaten this food ? I have and can say that it is VERY GOOD.
Author: Voodoom
Great deeds are always questioned by senseless people. This is not an issue with quality of food . I have personally been to their kitchen(my company partners with Akshaya Patra too) and have had food at the school with kids. Kids like it, teachers like it, all my colleagues liked it. Keep going Akshaya Patra, don't be deterred with shameless, jobless, senseless people who question your great work.
Author: Dasar
By haters logic. All the Jain's and hare Krishna followers who don't consume garlic and onion are under developed and weak...... RESPECT THE LOGIC
Author: Akishicage
Fci give more than required rice what Akshay Patra does is they sell or distribute the khichadi as Prasad. In their temples which is unfair practice .
Author: Fecage
These sickular and liberals should at least serve 5 meals a day before the cry on Akshay Patra
Author: Shaktim
What a ecosystem Congress hv built.
Author: Groshicage
really stupid, just carry out the good work
Author: Togis
It is meant to avoid Onions and garlic from the menu of Sadhus and saints as it is the main cause of "Rajas", but an essential food for the students and youth.
Author: Kigabei
#WahAkshayPatraWah !!! 🤣
Author: Shakazshura
If there is govt funding they shd add onions
Author: Gale
This is the reason I think these liberals are gone mad. Each good work hv to be shamed but will not donate a single penny for good work.
Author: Fegis
Mohandas Pai is selling beef n see his twitter,u will know how he is
Author: Samujind
As Lutyens club we will never support any initiative and we will be the first to label them as communal
Author: Moogurn
Get a life dude. If Salman can get away with Murder.. U can excuse APF with some Onion and Garlic. They are helping million of children every day.
Author: Zulkizuru
In chor whistleblowers ko jail me dalo....
Author: Nejind
If the food was entirely funded by Akshay Patra, they have complete freedom in deciding the menu. However given that 39% of the cost is borne by the state, the menu should be decided jointly. I don't understand the controversy as this should have been clear from the very beginning. The video suggests that Akshay Patra has exclusive control over menu. Can the reporters elaborate on this point?
Author: Arajin
School children exposed print's biased reporting.
Author: Nikotaxe
I think the solution is straight-forward. Instead of moaning and complaining, give the kids free eggs and onions and garlic so they can take them home for their parents to cook. What about the religious intolerance angle.
Author: Shasida
This is stupid some people can't eat garlic and onion but those do can eat other things so it's ok to surve a Jain food
Author: Vozahn
🤮 Shit journalism.....
Author: Zulucage
Don't do any good thing in India bcs then controversy is always with u .
Author: Malakora
Choro ko bribe karne ka moka nhi mil raha h na.....
Author: Grojin
Don't malign this wonderful scheme!
Author: JoJomuro
This is unwanted controversy. Those who are criticizing Akshay Patra should start their own NGO
Author: Dabei
please be aware of the negative propaganda of naxals and the so called activists against Akshaya Patra . They are trying to tarnish the good will of Akshaya patra... which is doing a good job..... The waste activists are not able to provide a meal to single child , still they are complaining ..
Author: Shakaktilar
So much salty comments.
Author: Mooguzilkree
This is strategy of some forces to defame such respected organisation just because it is related to ISKON(Hindu religious organisations). Simply because they don't want any good will be developed by Hindu organisation as it will hamper their programs. Noticed lots of Hindu religious organisations are scrutinized for trivial reasons and other religions organisations can walk away with murders
Author: Fenrisida
Ridiculous! As long as the food is hygienic, healthy and tasty, it doesn't matter. I've had Iskon's food, and it is delicious. Lack of onion and garlic does not make food bland. Moreover there seems to be no complaints from the kids.
Author: Yozshuk
These parasites don't even donate a penny but wants Almonds, Butter Milk, Chicken Biriyani, Pizzas, Burger to be served lol
Author: Mujas
Akshay patra shd provide Beef :-)
Author: Vir
We are very much concerned about nutrition..
Author: Grosida
R e hum bhi bhul jate hai ki colour lagane se sear tiger nahi ban Jata....
Author: Malara
maybe the food campaigners should spend their money on buying onions and garlic instead of fighting the NGO?
Author: Meztik
People unaware use it in large quantities not knowing it produces pungent smell to the body. Those who eat regularly will have a peculiar smell when they come near cause nausea to others standing near by. So is with the meat.
Author: Vokinos
Children are being given free meal that too hygienic and nutritious...
Author: Zolora
The Print back to its anti Hindu angle. It’s called saatvick food you idiots. Get the hell out of India.this is the reason, why Hindis have had enough.
Author: Dasar
To my knowledge state Government don't give any money. It's actually a part is received from Central Government.
Author: Gara
I think the organization objected to akshay patra providing good food to the children should provide food to all children then object
Author: Didal
Where as 🐅 Tiger or Lion you know by just bad scent they are not far off
Author: Gagami
State doesn’t have the means. Let
Author: Melkree
Controversy! That too on the claim of some random "independent food researcher"... AkshayaPatra is doing to the best of its capabilities to feed millions of children daily, if not contribute to it, then for God/ Bhagwan/Allah whatever sake! Please don't defame them. Please. Don't paint such great initiative with some particular color.
Author: Dougis
When people want or children don't have any objection with onion and garlic then why don't you just give it to them......
Author: Gozil
Lo, a Gaye print apni aukat me....
Author: Kigagul
Akshay patra mid day meal has an impeccable record of zero incidence of food poisioning or any kind of sickness etc. This record itself is ground to let AP continue its mid day meal to poor school children and politicizing this sincere effort will be a great disservice to Lord Krishna and the thousands of poor children inour country. Onion and Garlic are two ingredients which are disallowed in Lord Krishna’s offerings and the same is being followed.