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Comments "Adriaan Geuze Made Governors Island Stormproof (HBO)":

Author: Tatilar
He says "dykes" awkwardly @ 0:50 , and then u realize why @ 3:00 , I'm sorry, but is that a cruel joke vice played on this guy?
Author: Jutaxe
Build a wall!!!! You know to prevent flooding
Author: Kagatilar
We are going to build a wall around Manhattan, and we are going to make Neptune pay for it! :D
Author: Shakakora
Now, after the land elevation technique, the next step is to build a red light district on top of it. Very Dutch touch! Also known as the "cherry on top of the cake". #sweetbitch
Author: Kigajas
Barber: "What you want?"
Author: Nizuru
Ohh boy " climate change "
Author: Zolozil
Jes wie hef to bilt de dijks or else blub blub
Author: Zulkigal
Get this guy to design the Mexico border wall .
Author: Gurn
They needed to fly in an overpaid european to come up with the genius idea of creating hills to stop water?
Author: Dugal
“I’m born below sea level, so for me this is in my DNA,” Geuze told VICE News. “I see the world differently because I’m from the Netherlands, a culture obsessed with sea level.”
Author: Dodal
Hmm.. Fighting the sea against storms.. This gon' be a Dutch guy!
Author: Kekasa
I can already see trump supporters raging ^^
Author: Gagar
Of course it's a dutch guy, I got a hardon just thinking about storm defences.
Author: Gokinos
Build a wall and make Poseidon pay for it.
Author: Taugis
Theees guy fram de Netherlands eeez a vury vury esmart
Author: Maujinn
How uncomfortable was that guy saying "dykes" to the report? lol!
Author: Faushakar
Author: Garn
Dutch ppl are good for building 👍 and NY mostly built by them
Author: Sanos
Her: "I wanna get a job at Vice"
Author: Zurisar
I thought the reporter was a male until she spoke and her name popped up
Author: Telabar
Barber: "I got you fam"
Author: Fausho
If only he created this design where people and business actually live
Author: Moogukus
Great planning and interesting vid, keep up the good work...Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!
Author: Kigajas
Haha so much hesitation when he had to say 'Dykes' to the reporter: 0:50