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Author: Vujas
Excellent! This is the kind of thing we should be teaching in schools... But that would promote logical reasoning and critical thinking... And they sure don't want that kind of pandemic outbreak! Another interesting factoid to consider: it costs approx 2.5 cents to make a penny. None of their cents makes sense!
Author: Misar
Canada stoped making pennys because it cost more to make than a penny....
Author: Akinonris
very true and its not there money to spend so its easy for them
Author: Malashura
The more you said it, the more it sunk IS crazy.
Author: Nar
I always thought the 10th of a cent should be abolished when fuel prices are displayed on signs because there is no change for a penny so there for it has to be rounded off the the nearest cent which means the oil companies are getting a 10th of a cent profit more for free and the consumer gets that much less,doesn't sound like much you say? When you do the math times millions of gallons it really adds up,it then becomes theft of services.....Think about it.
Author: Tojanos
I pick up every penny I find on the ground. Pennys from heaven!
Author: JoJodal
Keep prepping!