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Comments "3 US soldiers killed by Afghan Army soldier claimed as Taliban militant":

Author: Kazrami
Does anyone have any clue as to how high that number is ?
Author: Kicage
Since Jan 21, 2017 , it is more than 75.
Author: Kagahn
only 3 ????? what a shame let them die they are cold blooded killers.
Author: Nisar
lol smh
Author: Jugul
Saudi Arabia first
Author: Bat
Not bad , not bad at all !
Author: Fell
North Korea first.....
Author: Fesho
Iran First
Author: Shakajin
Remove hamburger. Free Afghanistan.
Author: Mezizahn
i feel the world is hopless and brainwashed , until i see some RT commentring guys makes you feel there is still humans left on this world.
Author: Doll
He has every right to defend his countrry from invaders
Author: Kigajinn
Not a second of mainstream TV coverage of the innocent people killed by Navy SEAL
Author: Tojagal
Friendly fire accident
Author: Arashile
Syria First
Author: Zuluhn
Americans dying for America has lost it's moral compass.
Author: Voodoogal
This is why America should LEAVE the middle east!!! American streets are full of heroin and other opiate based drugs because of the CIA missions in Afghanistan!!! I don't wish death on our brave solders but I do wish death on the satanic run CIA and their proxy rent an army named ISIS!!!
Author: Daidal
Praise God for dead American soldiers, to bad it wasn't more. May someone piss on their graves. Amen
Author: Milkree
raids gone bad.
Author: Samulkree
So basically, friendly fire?
Author: Tygolmaran
Can anyone name a single Yemeni or Somali civilian killed by the American forces in the past 2 years
Author: Febar
Author: Mazuru
Go home pigs.
Author: Mazukasa
Haaa xD
Author: Zolok
Israeli First
Author: Gakinos
When is the US gonna leave afghanistan they have done enough damage as it is.
Author: Shaktigar
just get out of the middle East
Author: Basar
The real Question should be; What the F**k is US Still doing in Afghanistan? What happened to America First..... Suddenly it's everything but America first
Author: Mikinos
Considering all that time in Afghanistan (what... more than a decade?), I'm actually surprised the death count for US troops in action is so small. Suicide rates among US troops are much much higher.
Author: Arashigar
Kill'em all :D
Author: Kagam
Afganistan First
Author: Gabei
Don't invade others countries then...