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Comments "19yr old George Aylett - standing for Labour 4/4":

Author: Sakus
This poor guy is making a clown of himself. The Labour party is a sinking ship. How can you reform a party that covers up illegal wars, paedophile politicians and bank bailouts. He has no higher education, life experience or historical grounding. Very naïve, a "useful idiot" to attract the "youth vote". Here in Scotland we have come to realise the labour party has turned away from the people and become lapdogs of the banksters and warmongers and needs to be put to rest.
Author: Tygogal
He should stand as an independent, his voice will be lost on the platform he seeks to use to change things.
Author: Banris
Author: Samura
"Most people's vote don't count"; a party receiving 11 million votes ends up with zero elected representatives. What can you expect in a constitutional monarchy democracy? Proportional representation with no minimum vote restrictions could be done if parliamentary votes were weighted to achieve accurate proportionality. Then every vote would count, and 11 million votes would end up with the same proportion of the parliamentary vote as the proportion of the total national vote. That would require just a single national electorate rather than many geographically local electorates determined by a corrupt winner takes all system. A constitutional monarchy democracy? Are you joking?
Author: Arakus
Out of all the party's labour, has the very worst record related to terrorism overseas, and attacking people here in the UK in the furtherance of neo-liberal ideology, which has been facilitated here by changes to the law made by labour.
Author: Douzil
UKIP at this moment in time offer the one and only viable alternative to another 5 years of tories, or even worse allowing labour to get back into industrial level criminality in this country................
Author: Fenrizahn
blair sank the labour party ...
Author: Dozil
Just shows that we made the wrong decision on the referendum. (Well I never)
Author: Dougami
Labour are a disgrace, although the morons on here who support them seem to have forgotten all about Iraq, PFI, and Workfare, all crimes committed by labour.
Author: Tygoshura
Judging by some if the comments here I'm not even sure they bothered watching the whole thing. Good chat, it seems to me that any leader jockeying for position loses any credibility from the first intent.
Author: Kagalabar
google  LABOUR 25 
Author: Zulkizilkree
Flogging a dead horse comes to mind, although some people probably like dead horses.
Author: Balkree
Lastly, I think Labour has to return to what Tony Benn wanted otherwise the Labour party is expected to break up and will have a democratic socialist party on one side and red tories on the other. The Labour party is not worth it unless they embrace anti-capitalism and democratic socialism meaning real socialism and not third way centrism which Blair was all about, or Tory-lite. 
Author: Grodal
How can he describe himself as a strong labourite when he knows so little about the party?
Author: Gardalmaran
Cromwell, David (2012-09-28). Why Are We The Good Guys?: Reclaiming Your Mind From The Delusions Of Propaganda (Kindle Locations 473-480). John Hunt Publishing. Kindle Edition.
Author: Kinos
Hurry up May.
Author: Dihn
It's always good to weigh one's options but no one should be tied down to any party. If I had my way I would pick the Greens, the Socialists, the BNP or the Communists. The honest truth from that is because neoliberalism has failed and I say the only way to fix Britain is with nationalism of the left or right, socialism or some kind of system where you have a populist movement that wants to get rid of the current model and nationalize and end the monopolies and oligarchic models. Italy has a populist party with their Five Star Movement. Spain has Podemos. Greece now has Syriza. The fact is a nation needs a party that will end neoliberalism, globalism and be for more disposable income, more public ownership, worker cooperatives, democratization, ending debt once and for all and a multi-polar world and a world without war. The mainstream in every country are just satisfied with the current corporate models. That has to change or the middle classes are going to end up poor in I would say all cases. 
Author: Nejinn
i'm looking at an overweight, out of shape child fresh out of school, no experience, never had to live away from home, never worked in industry or tried to survive in the job market, never had a business, a product of a dis-functional education system. who would this appeal too? is it some kind of joke?
Author: Tegis
This guy is so naive its unbelievable typical new Labour, get them young and manipulate them .Sad they no longer represent real working people anymore, they are corporate, end of, just like the rest of the parties, corrupt
Author: Akinora
Another great interview 👍👍
Author: Gror
Change is needed!!
Author: Akinogrel
Total faith has been lost and that is a good thing. We need to change the way we do all of it.
Author: Nikinos
Blair clone, poor lad. 
Author: Akilar
We need to be aware of what John Pilger calls ‘the violent, ruthless nature of a whole political culture’ that hides ‘behind its democratic façade ,’ and recognise ‘the scale of our own indoctrination in its messianic assumptions, described by Harold Pinter as a “brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”’ 62 Pilger continues: ‘While popular culture in Britain and America immerses the Second World War in an ethical bath for the victors, the holocausts arising from Anglo-American dominance of resource-rich regions are consigned to oblivion. […] These true stories are told in declassified files in the Public Record Office, yet represent an entire dimension of politics and the exercise of power excluded from public consideration. This has been achieved by a regime of uncoercive information control, from the evangelical mantra of advertising to soundbites on BBC news and now the ephemera of social media.’
Author: Gardar
nice guy
Author: Tygonos
George's got the correct approach but his allegiance to Labour lets him down completely...they've blotted their copybook so much it's no longer legible - without Scotland's seats, I can't see them getting into power ANYway...the whole idea of "Party" politics is flawed..all MP's should stand as Independents so they can truly stick to their principles without being pressurised to vote one way or the other on every issue - Good luck, George
Author: Akinorg
This guy has a good heart, but he will be swamped in the Labour party by the poisonous cretins in the party.
Author: Mojinn
I get the feeling tho he is running for the wrong party.
Author: Kibar
Nice lad, but woefully underinformed and the expression 'rhetorical flotsam' springs to mind
Author: Nasho
I love how mark kept referring to Scotland.
Author: Dushakar
marks got the guy on toast