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Comments "Masked Magician Secrets Revealed":

Author: Gujas
that was uhhhhh
Author: Mooguzragore
Good video funny or die, did you finally hired jewish writers?
Author: Zolotilar
Author: Faetilar
Masked Magician looks like a much lamer MF DOOM
Author: Vulmaran
i felt like i just watch gay porn after this.
Author: Goltikora
What stopped you
Author: Golabar
One where he made hankerchief to disappear or one where he gave a handjob to a devil?
Author: Sharamar
The censor did not follow the dick. What that the trick?
Author: Kagagar
Dude what the heck stop copying and put on gloves on to
Author: Fenrimuro
Lol tf
Author: Maurn
Author: Akinokazahn
Pity he made the hankie vanish , nothing to clean up with now
Author: Zulusho
Great censorship hahahaha
Author: Ket
Still funnier than your comment. :)
Author: Gazahn
Me and the devil came at the same time.
Author: Nakazahn
this was disturbing. i couldnt watch the entire vid. i stopped at the handjob. lol
Author: Kagasho
"Cracked" did it like waaaaaay before.
Author: Vojin
Damn The Devils dick is pretty small lol i feel bad for him...
Author: Turg
Whaaaatttttt?? Was that! /:
Author: Dougul
Just letting The Masses in on an era of history that is not taught in schools these day. Witch burnings are still happening to this day.
Author: Vudoran
This does not inspire any laughter. It is not funny. Magicians were forced on pain of excommunication, death by hanging and, the worst, being burnt alive by The Inquistion if they did not reveal how the tricks were done. All magic, even sleight of hand, was considered Satanic in nature by The Church of Rome. Many innocents died from ignorance.
Author: Kazikazahn
When I went to bed last night and turned all the lights off and was trying to fall asleep, I suddenly thought of this video and was laughing uncontrollably.
Author: Doujinn
LOL I remember seeing the special on tv before.
Author: Nek
hahahahahahahahhahahahha.. Fuckin funny!!!!!
Author: Fegami
i shared that shit on facebook before i see it because i trusted this channel 00100 unsubscribe
Author: Nakasa
stole this joke from the Clerks cartoon
Author: Yotaxe
kinda ruined the trick for me
Author: Mejora
Author: Bakree
It's sad, most people won't get it, but the first part was very true and very close to the ACTUAL show in the 90s.
Author: Felrajas
well, stfu
Author: Toramar
Fis was gay
Author: Vudozilkree
I catch your sarcasm but in all honesty I don't think he is invited to parties.
Author: Gardagami
Author: Jurn
Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!
Author: Fauran
That's a devil who doesn't want your soul, only to humiliate you.
Author: Gardabar
isn't the handkerchief still in his pocket?
Author: Grogal
i loved this dead funny
Author: Vogul
Why do I bother?
Author: Doular
Author: Yotaxe
this is the funniest thing ever, omg this is genius
Author: Talrajas
Author: Akinogor
That censorship....
Author: Samubar
Author: Vusida
serach World's Best Card Trick Revealed...thats the original.. how sad that they make the exact same video..
Author: Duramar
Ilways knew that there was some kind of trick... Will demonstrate to my mom tomorrow.
Author: Mikajind
Being the devil is rough...I mean there was no lube ...ouch
Author: Torn
Author: Grogor
Low brow humor.
Author: Shakasida
Movie? Don't know how you come to that conclusion.
Author: Goltijas
oh wow..,.was not expecting that
Author: Daimuro
I didn't know this was a joke at first LOL
Author: Shashakar
you gotta give me a french kiss
Author: Duzilkree
Author: Faenris
Oh, that sexplains everything! :o
Author: Yozshurisar
But funny
Author: Zuzahn
this is the most fucked up movie I have ever seen on youtube, and I've seen some shit in my life...
Author: Kazralmaran
and yet, if they were to teach others, the "magic" was lost. i'm betting that any of them willing to continue to pursue their passions weighed the option against burning at the stake and made the choice that led them where they are.
Author: Mazucage
why dont you go and fuck yourself then?
Author: Arashimuro
I do not think this is the original Mask Magician. Too cocky. Lol
Author: Gagar
Not at all. Praying that kind of lunacy never happens again. And I believe "leaving" should be "living".
Author: Faebar
Well know I know my dog isn't the only thing with a red rocket.
Author: Voodooshakar
it's a little funny..:P
Author: Malam
Because 2013...
Author: Duzuru
HAHA!!! :)
Author: Brakree
I bet this also explains people who are good at trivia, Scrabble, and maybe even Pictionary. Actually everything I've ever been beaten at (including Hungry Hippos).
Author: Gakree
nah she is dead.
Author: Ket
one of the few times i saw a funny or die video and diddnt die.
Author: Voshakar
Simplemente perfecto XD
Author: Groshakar
so apparently he summons the devil talks to him and gives him a handjob but you didn't notice because you were to busy following the handkerchief.....
Author: Fenribar
Shut up and give me a handjob!
Author: Zulkinos
what has the world come to.
Author: Vunris
It's a plastic or rubber thumb. You then pack the handkerchief in it. You can see it on his left thumb if you pause it or slow it down. It's a different then that of his skin color. That's a good way to spot it.
Author: Mazurg
Author: Goltirisar
Good job you know basic history. If a black guy makes fun of slavery or a German makes fun of Hitler it doesn't need to be a history lesson. Just laugh dude. This shit is funny :D
Author: Mijar
What the fuck did I just watch?
Author: Kihn
my parents always toll me never ask a magician how he does his tricks ,now i know why extremely disturbing
Author: Mazubei
Momma always said, "Magic is the devil."
Author: Gukasa
Funny. I cant stop laughing
Author: Akinole
O . O I'm scared
Author: Goltizshura
assuming you read what i said the words "the first part" should give some clear indication.
Author: Muzil
It's John Lovitz you idiot. He played the role of the Devil (actually Mephistopheles) on SNL back when he was on the show.
Author: Dukinos
to bad it isn't a movie
Author: Vomuro
Author: Kagaktilar
My dick is longer
Author: Fenrill
And they should be excommunicated, they are in tether and coitus with satan...
Author: Kigaran
Sorry right thumb!
Author: Vulrajas
Author: Zulkigore
Because our names are attached to our Facebook pages, and at least in my case, my mother is a frequent visitor.
Author: Akishakar
Polaydi mone
Author: Kizil
pressed the like button numerous times...wonder if it did anything...
Author: Tojajinn
Die...t please, can't really stand sugar at this moment :P
Author: Zolokasa
that was awful
Author: Goshura
ó_ò I need a shower and to burn my cloths
Author: Mizuru
It was funny just a little just a little like at the end
Author: Malalabar
thats pretty damn funny if you ask me. magicians rather die then to reveal their children clown tricks. thats just hilarious.
Author: Vira
I died
Author: Fauran
Author: Malagore
At least it wasn't a wish granting zebra.
Author: Jurg
He made it look so easy.
Author: Shazuru
Author: Julkis
no its a joke. -.-
Author: Voodoosida
This isn't a movie
Author: Zular
Look to fngar
Author: Dairan
This made me laugh so hard I had trouble breathing. It's just so F'd up and wrong it's hilarious.
Author: Vudorr
I shared it
Author: Aragor
I tried it. Not only it didn't work, but now I like gay porn! Damn it!!
Author: Gogar
An a dam in Indonesia burst. Holy Crap that's my effing country and it's flooding right now.
Author: Galkree
In actuality the magician is wear a thump piece that he stuffs it into.
Author: Zulabar
Same here...
Author: Kisida
Wow, apparently not enough ....
Author: Gogrel
this is vaguely disturbing.
Author: Gokree
02:07 xD
Author: Taurr
I guess the censoring didn't really matter, did it?
Author: Akinolkis i get 4 it?...ok...bye....!!
Author: Majinn
Author: Tojashakar
The past should be learned from, not lived in.
Author: Gusida
I'm watching this with my mum in the room -.-
Author: Voodoobei
FUNNY!!! FUNNY!!! clever, and funny! there was a cock, but it was seriously clever, more than vulgar.
Author: Goltijind
My dick is that 100000000000 times bigger
Author: Kagat
0:17-0:23 is the best part!
Author: Kashakar
Author: Tygokree
The guys got pretty good technique when he's jerking off the Devil.
Author: Moshura
I feel really incorfortable now, that's enough Internet for me today
Author: Tezahn
2008 did it better watch?v=Vcie7vYjk1E
Author: Manos
i think it's time to delete my watch history...
Author: Arashijinn
Im gana start teaching people that trick.
Author: Yozshutaur
Fuck, imagine what Chris Angel has to do to pull it off, lolz
Author: Goltiramar
"Our magician lowers his hand and places it on the Devil's dick"
Author: Kigalmaran
Author: Tataxe
holy shit. this is not what i was expecting.
Author: Dozilkree
i'm about to share this on facebook, then i saw the "catch".
Author: Mizahn
Look up "pizza time."
Author: Mikashicage
giving the devil a handjob for black magic??
Author: Goltijora
Was it twenty years ago.... I think I've achieved less than little pete!
Author: Kazisar
Geeze, I always just used the hollow plastic finger that came with the magicians kit. So, I guess Ive been doing it wrong.
Author: Shakataur
Author: Kagazshura
... How did I get here...
Author: Shatilar
Holy shit, you must be the life at parties.
Author: Gular
Yesterday one dude that i don't really like showed this trick to me, now i will try and understand him
Author: Faubei
lool our pictures explain our comments btw.
Author: Shagor
Shut up Meg.
Author: Meztile
Author: Moogusida
Our magician rolls his eyes: he's been to this rodeo before. ROFL
Author: Yoramar
i always wanted to be a magician cause i saw these ama-zing tricks, then i understood that to be a magician= a Devil Pleasing Whore, i guess that's not a
Author: Aragami
my thoughts exactly