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Comments "Huss 20th smashing on lil mermaid":

Author: Tekree
Shy looked hella mad all bad lol
Author: Zulkis
she really is a goon from the bay haahahha
Author: Tygole
Shes only 20 ? Wattttt ??
Author: Voodooran
Damn, u hate lil mermaid that much? lol. Good thing I'm a fan of Flounder haha.
Author: Juzil
I can't believe she's bearly 20
Author: Kazilrajas
Wats her nationality?
Author: Zulurisar
Ling Ling No Good Why You Hit Fish ... LMFAO!
Author: Vudokus
Author: Karn
tooooo bomb!
Author: Kazigar
she well take your top, she well take your top, she well take your top rite off everybodyy!! lmfao
Author: Zulkigami
Her man looked pissed off lol
Author: Dailrajas
Love Her Tattz Thoo !
Author: Shalrajas
Dammmnn she musta been pissed off she smashed tat shaooowww
Author: Akinonris
OMG that's me when I get mad
Author: Kazradal
Crazy girl lol you got some power in your arms lol
Author: Kizshura
a lil distasteful