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Comments "Wyrd Sisters ( Discworld )":

Author: Dim
Lord of the Rings, Council of Elrond :3
Author: Gardalar
Well,  the animation and editing is a bit awkward at times, but they followed the book really well. :)
Author: Mikajin
Flatt earth hurray
Author: Mulrajas
If you want to read one non- disc world book, go for
Author: Menris
I'm thrilled you enjoyed the film! Soul Music is also an animated Discworld film, and I will be uploading it soon....
Author: Zulkidal
Whaaaat? Pratchett wrote these as Lancashire witches not west country farmers wives! Hint: they're in a place called Lancre. Preposterous.
Author: Zuluzragore
the style of this both in writing and how they are drawn very much like Danger Mouse and Count Duckula I very much like this whole thing
Author: Meztibei
35:00 a turtle in Magrat Garlick lap, there's good eatin in one of those...
Author: Togore
Im doing Wyrd sisters the play and i play magrat ! Great Film :)
Author: Voodoolabar
I watched this on ABC in Australia when I was young, I don't think I actually understood half of the humour, great show, great memories.
Author: Vudor
I didn't know these movies existed!!
Author: Samukasa
@Anglsachsen Cilebi Wyrd Sisters is just the beginning of the fun. There's a stack of Pratchett's Discworld novels where you'll find lots of real laughs. Enjoy!
Author: JoJorr
it's Friday morning I got this best movie for my day start 😘😘😘😘😘
Author: Meztitaur
love the demon's accent :D
Author: Yozshugul
RIP Sir C Lee
Author: Taugami
One of the funniest lines in the movie is from Granny Weatherwax..;Ave a apple!' ;)
Author: Mazilkree
Don't like the pace or timing of this cartoon. It lacks the charm of the books. Plus the audiobooks read by Nigel Planer are BRILLIANT. But thanks for posting.
Author: Vukree
Omg I've been looking for this for years!!! Love it :-)
Author: Samuzshura
Well this was so cool and funny
Author: Kazibar
This strongly reminds me of the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, but with fantasy elements. And it's amazing!
Author: Zoloshicage
I thought T.P. would never sell to Disney
Author: Shaktimi
seems kinda odd that Granny Weatherwax would have goggles on her hat when she hates flying.
Author: Mikagore
By 1:29 , I thought this was Hamlet, or Macbeth. The one with 3 witches a dead king and the guy who deserves more than what he got, but goes crazy with his wife.
Author: JoJom
...Magrath is my favorite witch...! :D
Author: Kigagrel
Is it just me or does death sound like Christopher Lee? So familiar
Author: Tygosida
Yes thats true, I enjoyed his voice too, but it still is not Christopher Lee :P
Author: Tugul
A brilliant Shakespearean tale about 3 good witches who fight evil, with a strange twist at the end. Oh, also its kinda funny. Lmao.     
Author: Kikree
So funny and I love Christopher Lee !
Author: Mugal
Unfortunately, "I shall wear midnight" is only a novel, and no animated or live action feature has ever been made.
Author: Malanris
Steampunk Weatherwax!
Author: Golrajas
I didn't know there were film adaptations until recently. Loving it. I haven't read his works since I was a lad back in the early to mid 90s.
Author: Juzilkree
49:15 is my favourite part.
Author: Daisar
"You could strike us down. And perhaps you could find one to replace us. But he would be a fool indeed because he'd know he ruled with your permission- and that would make him no king at all." I like this quote. Lots of wisdom in there.
Author: Nijora
The animation is eye-gougeingly terrible, but once you get past that its great!
Author: Arasar
its all the one liners and famous movie parts twisted so funny all his books i wasted a wonderful sunny weekend watching this :)
Author: Samuzragore
Thank you so much for this Ryan. I absolutely loved it. I've enjoyed all of the Discworld that you've shared with us.
Author: Vudole
gotta say i imagined tomjohn differently
Author: Arazragore
That was really weird and a literal accident I came across this video. But I actually enjoyed this despite having never heard of this stuff before. Much love from canada
Author: Zulujin
Thanks a bundle, that was a really uplifting movie there,
Author: Kazirr
Good editing, excellent typecasting. The voice of Death is absolutely perfect! Small pity though that he talks and gestures too much. In the books he's not very alive, you know...
Author: Dozilkree
I so need a DVD of this now.
Author: Shat
Author: Vudole
Absolutely brilliant, Loved it from start to finish.
Author: Fenrilkis
Omg I love this movie XD
Author: Gubei
Immensely happy to see you enjoyed it in that way! This is most certainly a lazy Sunday kinda movie.
Author: Samusho
2 official animated movies, and 3 live action movies so far.
Author: Gardarg
And then the the inexperienced one says "finger a prince?"
Author: Kigalkree
RIP, Mr. Pterry.
Author: Dataur
Granny Weatherwax is so cool.
Author: Kizahn
thank you for this
Author: Akinogar
More of Sir Terry's (R.I.P)  books  should be made into films.   I know his family would be greatly pleased by this.  So would his many, many fans around the world.
Author: Kirr
43:15 DERP
Author: Kigalkree
Very relevant in these times.....
Author: Moogujas
Magrat's so adorable when she giggles!
Author: Moogurg
Is anyone else reminded of her by this?
Author: Mikanos
I laugh EVERYTIME I hear that line lol!
Author: Vuramar
It is incredibly obvious that the entire crew, from coloring artist to voice talent to directors were not 'working'.  They performed an act of love. This is rare and wonderful when it happens. DRd. (Frieda Herbe). Now.
Author: Moogurr
it was very good who ever created the movie I did not find and thing wrong with it . it is appropriate I would have love to be in it .you did a really good job with it . keep it up .I don't have any thing bad to say about it only good prospers . thank you for reading my comment have a nice day.
Author: Kigor
If you haven't read any of the Discworld books, you are in for a treat. The Orang-utan who made a brief appearance in the pub is the Librarian of Unseen University. Ook!  
Author: Dourn
This is a pretty good adaptation compared to others I've seen.
Author: Dijinn
Good luck with the Color of Magic.
Author: Sara
Upon further reflection, this animation studio should do ALL the Discworld stories.
Author: Voodookinos
Currently looking in to uploading Clour of Magic though....
Author: Arajind
2:06:12 Was that an impersonation of John Gielgud?
Author: Shalar
I didn't se Margat using that magic on the fool, did she?
Author: Tojajinn
i can do next tuesday,
Author: Kilkree
i like how so many people have uploaded this and none of them got taken down
Author: Kagazahn
Im thinking "Death sounds like Saruman..." turns out, it /is/.
Author: Mohn
disney owns goin postal? u learn smthing new everyday
Author: Grodal
I never knew that someone had actually made any movies of Terry Pratchett's discworld books! I wonder if there is a list where I can find all of them.
Author: Mohn
One of the best parts is Christopher lee
Author: Zulur
Oh... Too bad. Sorry for that then.
Author: Netaur
OMG I'm so happy right now! The Discworld books are some of my favorite of all time,and I've often thought what good films some of them would make....and then while just browsing through some of the anime on offer I find this :) I just hope its as good as the book......If anyone knows of any other films based on Terry Pratchett books that are worth watching please let me know.....I've been told The Hogfather was done,but isn't very good. 
Author: Kazira
à quand les sous tires fr ;)jsuis une quiche en anglais XD
Author: Kigataxe
I can't help but to think that the three witches are McGonagall, Sprout and Trelawney..
Author: Nekasa
I watched this last night. Terry Pratchett is a gift, his work is priceless
Author: Vudot
This was actually a surprisingly good adaptation though I think the story needed a bit more snark in the line delivery. Christopher Lee as Death was the perfect choice :) Wish I could find the last parts of Going Postal.
Author: Gajind
Does it count as deja vu if it was yesterday?
Author: Goltim
"...wizard staff is four foot and a half and it's got a big nob on the end..." HAHAHA!? I only just got this!
Author: Nikoshicage
One of the many masterworks from Terry Pratchett that the entire world needs to see.
Author: Tugami
I love Magrat.
Author: Nikokazahn
I looked in to the legal aspect of uploading Going Postal, and Walt Disney owns the licensing rights... So I will likely never be able to upload it.
Author: Mausar
Christopher Lee plays Death? Sweet! :D
Author: Mazulabar
this movie was excellent...
Author: Visho
Great take on the unmentionable Scottish play.
Author: Tujar
Only Terry Pratchett would give a character like Death a horse named "Binky". I miss him, Thank you for this.
Author: Mora
And the perverted, drunk witch says "finger a prince!"
Author: Zugar
oh... could you update Going Postal? i cant find full film anywhere...
Author: Naran
Thanks so much for uploading! I have adored pratchett for 25 years and I've watched this I don't know how many times, brought me hours of joy. I'm trying to get all the disc world novels so I have the collection. This is fab, so thank you v v much Janie x
Author: Zolomuro
Is there more I love this guy I just recently discovered his magic
Author: Gogal
Good Omens - it will be one of the best reads you'll ever have if you like this type of humour and story.
Author: Samunris
LOL! The idea that Death has a horse called 'Binky'... :D
Author: Voodoorisar
Author: Maktilar
I notice even after so many years I still need Pratchetts writing and satirical dark sense of humor to brighten up My days thanks for the upload
Author: Vudokora
Thank You :)
Author: Mazuzshura
I've read the book in german and some references got lost... For example the one with the ring wasn't clear enough but thanks to this movie :D
Author: Kikus
french version for the baguettes/croissants Discworld amateurs please ? <3
Author: Mezigul
Ever noticed how Magrat was not only voiced by Jane Horrocks but actually also looks a lot like her?
Author: Vinos
I love this the words the Shakespear like spuns and wimsical carcasums, all of it this is one that should be turned into a street play for the Shakespear festivals , to go with mecbeth and hamlet , and its kid friendly enuff to play for my god sons and daughter , the best morality tale ive seen by far it should be on net flixs with the outhers hes done as well ,
Author: Meztizragore
Author: Gazil
this is sooooo Hamlet
Author: Vojind
Love the way the witches talk in West Country accents - lovely!
Author: Branos
Nanny Ogg - Betty White
Author: Dishakar
Brilliant! Thank you very much for the upload!
Author: Vudot
Magrat Garlick - Lisa Kudrow
Author: Juhn
A Sky One adaptation with these 3 would be awesome! :)
Author: Nemuro
Rip June Whitfield. (Voice of Nanny Ogg)
Author: Faugore
It's so ironic that Magrat has a symbol of the moon in her hair, because her voice reminds me of Daphne Moon. (Played by Jane Leeves on "Frasier")
Author: Mor
hope they have Deaths daughters story here
Author: Dourisar
Aw, they ruined the line at the end. Nanny and Magrat have the evil queen held, and she tells Granny, "Do your worst!"
Author: Yozshutilar
I would love too have the entire, I'll Shall Wear Midnight, uploaded, I'm a Navy parent, and Bipolar One, Terry Pratchett helps me too forget about life itself, and brings lots of relief too everyday stress.
Author: Viktilar
I just tried watching the live action version of TPs work and it made me cringe so badly I immediately had to rewatch this just to clean my brain !!! it was horrible ! :$
Author: Febei
Rock is an aquired taste. xD
Author: Basho
Rip terry
Author: Ararisar
Wyrd sisters is great! I haven't had a real laugh in a real long time. People need entertainment instead of being bombarded with "what's real" & the nitty gritty of life. 
Author: Brajar
However, my most honest opinion is that, outside of reading the books themselves, the best adaptation would be as a radio play: the pictures would be infinitely better.
Author: Sanris
Thanks for uploading - very much fun. Cheers
Author: Zusar
Thanks for uploading the film. The script is good, but it's a shame that the animation is so bad: animation suits Pratchett's work much more than live action.
Author: Gardagul
Thank you so much for this! My kids are just embarking on their journey with Mr. Pratchett, this is the perfect introduction. :)
Author: Vudozahn
XDXD, cool
Author: Zuluzshura
Granny Weatherwax - Judy Dench
Author: Voodoot
Discworld was my youth. Thanks.
Author: Vudogis
Found the movie through
Author: Nishakar
Very entertained...
Author: Kajisida
Magrat is a cutie.
Author: Tubar
The other witches let her go, and take a few steps to the side.
Author: Kasho
I have more on my channel... check out The Hogfather.
Author: Voodoojind
This has got to be one of the funniest things i have ever seen
Author: Nalmaran
I really hope there is a movie of the 2nd book in the wyrd sister set... witches abroad, I think? 
Author: Gardakinos
I was distracted at first while watching Hogfather (which is also on my channel), but whomever voiced Death in that, did a wonderful job.
Author: Vozahn
A camp demon - Oh genius!
Author: Fenririsar
Even though death is not here that much....when he comes on Stage it was a Deer Caught in the Headlights moment for him metaphorically speaking
Author: Kazrataur
Author: Zolomi
I would feel so much better about dying if THIS Death was who met you afterwards. He seems like quite a nice fellow for the most part.
Author: Fenrigor
I would be happy to send you the file, if you know of a safe way to email or send a file that large.
Author: Fauzilkree
Isn't the guy who voices the headless ghost the same who played Rincewind in The Colour of Magic movie?  David Jason?
Author: Tygotaur
It's funny that they changed "What the hell's going on?" in the demon bit to "What the Disc's going on", but they still let Magrat say things like "oh bugger" and stuff like that
Author: Yogor
i think this is one of the few movies in my life i will watch multiple times
Author: Samukinos
Poor Death got a stage fright. XD
Author: Duzshura
rip terry
Author: Arashit
Can anyone tell me why the books are such good fun and all the screen adaptations range from bad to dire?
Author: Moogulkis
Terry is a very good writer
Author: Tygolrajas
Am i the only one who thinks Magrath kinda looks like Zelda from Skyward Sword, only with a big nose?
Author: Grora
Indeed, Your Absurdity
Author: Akik
This was quite a good watch, thanks for the upload sir/ma'am.
Author: Arak
when shal we three meet again!
Author: Vudogis
I'm currently starring as Vitoller in a play of Wyrd Sisyers, so it's nice to have a visual and vocal reference to check out here.
Author: Kashicage
2009 movie
Author: Sazahn
Just shared this to my Facebook. I've been reading Terry for years, but this was like having a good friend read one of his stories to me and they were doing the voice and accents so spot on. The animation was sufficient to the cause and allowed my imagination and my ears to coordinate. Kudos on bringing a great story to life and let me express my appreciation for posting it.
Author: Feshura
Author: Digar
Poor Tom John, made him look old not to mention ugly - not the way I imagined him. :O(
Author: Sashura
I see it like this:
Author: Yorn
Please support the official release too! I adore Terry Pratchet's work.
Author: Nashicage
You are most welcome! Happy that you enjoyed it!
Author: Tuzil
And I love you, for watching it, and loving it!
Author: Vubar
Somehow each time I read Wyrd Sisters, I never once thought of Magrat sounding like "Bubbles" from AbFab.
Author: Maut
I love terry his works... Thank you for sharing this movie!
Author: Dolar
Wow, this is giving me CD-I Zelda flashbacks.
Author: Faumuro
Frankly, I think that animation is far more appropriate for Discworld than a live action adaptation (unless you have an unlimited SFX budget).
Author: Jura
omg yes!! But if only lisa could do a british accent!!! They it would be perfect. ;) same with betty white.
Author: Saramar
Power that requires permission of a higher authority is not true power. Same with liberty.
Author: Shar
2:43 , 3:11 , reused animation
Author: Dujinn
Read his stuff for years, introduced my niece and kids to him. r.i.p.
Author: Nikosho
You are so very welcome! Very glad you enjoyed it. Hoping to upload Soul Music soon!
Author: Zulkijin
12:45 honeydew
Author: Daizilkree
Love the part of 1:52:52 !!! Locks? Locs? Looks? HAHAHA
Author: Zulkijind
the plethora of jokes on so many levels, is just amazing
Author: Moogujas
Author: Fautaxe
Author: Dajas
The books a bit variable in quality but when they are good, they are superb and funny. The first two 'witches' books and the first 'watch' book are masterworks of plotting, characterisation and humour.
Author: Zulkira
So very glad to hear, that children are being introduced to his works!
Author: Gamuro
56:18 First sight at its best.
Author: Dugore
-do I really need to fill in the blanks here?
Author: Gaktilar
This was awesome! How come I never knew about this before? Absolutely thrilled. Was just as good as reading Sir PTerry's book -- and that's one of the BEST things I can say about any film where I'd read the book. Wonderful... where can I get my own copy?
Author: JoJojin
This is handy.
Author: Zologrel
The opening theme sounds like it has both didjeridoos and sitars in it.  Does it?
Author: Vudom
There are a couple of fan made animated and stop motion features for the Discworld books, that are good enough that they are widely accepted by the fans as official.
Author: JoJolabar
38:58 - The cats & the roller-skates... Two guesses what being eluded to. ("Cats" and "Starlight Express")
Author: Aranris
Whats this about Terry not being with us much longer? The old boys in his 60's right enough and close to 70 but I didnt hear of anything being wrong with him. If he plays his cards right he should have another 34 years on him. Maybe even longer.
Author: Zulushura
I steeled myself, but it turned out much better than I expected. In the hands of Disney/Pixar it would even look dazzling. But hey, they're muricans, they would totally screw up the humor and the unique Pratchett ambiance. They would put songs in it and Jack Black.
Author: Nagor
This shows how much power Granny Weatherwax has, and builds suspense. This rainbow spell in the cartoon, it's just, lame.
Author: Yom
Isn't Magrats idea of a sword made from thunderbolt iron a reference to king of elflands daughter? :D
Author: Sajinn
Granny asks, "My worst?", ominously.
Author: Vigal
I'm hoping to introduce the USA audience to his works, and any younger generation I can reach.
Author: Migami
the thieves scene made me scare my dog because of my laughing!
Author: Terisar
the animation reminds me of those cd-i games
Author: Jugor
Really, that was just as hillarious as the book. And I like Magrat a lot. :D
Author: Faugrel
I had a dream aout this once and untill today I had never seen nore heard of discworld. I am NOW INLOVE with it. I MUST HAVE THIS!
Author: Bagore
monstrous regiment is one of my favourite books
Author: Nikole
transfer big files dot com
Author: Gulmaran
So sad that Terry Pratchett is no longer with us. For me, I escaped whatever was going on in my life when I pick up his Discworld books, and still do. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, rest in peace now Terry xxx
Author: Vonos
There is a huge fan base of us in America.  A lot of us choose one book to pass on, and the rest is geography.  I just purchased the screenplay for Mort.
Author: Faule
Death is one of the best characters! He is personally my favorite one!
Author: Samugor
I just finished the audio book for this earlier today, and it was kinda nice being able to find this. It's fun to watch it and hear all the familiar lines. :D
Author: Akirisar
And btw. I know that its on your channel too. I watched it from your channel :P
Author: Zulum
Author: Tokinos
That demon though.
Author: Dogore
The thing i dont get the most about discworld is, why does Death show up every time someone dies? I thought it was only wizards whos souls got personally taken by Death.
Author: Kazrarisar
Basically, the script carries everything- and I do mean EVERYTHING- else.
Author: Fauzragore
Colour of magic, on the other hand, is something I may be able to do once I sufficiently compress the Blu Ray file for YouTube.
Author: Kashicage
I'm halfway through it, and so far this works great as a feature. Haven't seen the series in years. Thanks, and I think I'm in love with Magrat... That accent just... melts me away.
Author: Digore
can't tell you how many times i had to stop video so i could finish laughing
Author: Malale
I thought this would be about the girl band from Harry Potter.
Author: Dousar
That is.... Christopher Lee, right??
Author: Goltigul
Author: Jugis
How many of these were done ?
Author: Zulukus
1:34:59 / 2:18:19 groucho marx ref
Author: Toll
WOn't be able to upload Going Postal, as Walt Disney company owns the US licensing and distributing rights. My channel would be instantly deleted for something like that.
Author: Akizuru
No you arr spot on :) The voice of Death is Christopher Lee. He also starred in Soul Music as Death
Author: Faelabar
Lots more on my channel :-)
Author: Samulabar
I thought the same but its the shittest of the lot so I can believe it lol
Author: Tora
First-hand proof that great animation and direction can't save a bad story, but a great story can save bad animation.
Author: Nikole
Anyone come here after glass animals?
Author: Zulkigrel
Author: Tygokus
Author: Momi
RIP terry pratchet 
Author: Arashinris
Its a guy called Ian Richardson but Cristopher Lee voiced Death in all the others
Author: Barisar
Everyone says animation is bad, I disagree. Just as good as when used to watch when was young, much better than some rot on now
Author: Dikinos
It's like a mobius strip.  Whenever I need cheering up I watch or listen or read discworld.  But once I'm cheered up I become sad again.
Author: Samujin
That's because it is Christopher Lee doing the voice. ^_^
Author: Tezilkree
this is a malformed macbeth
Author: Shazshura
"Wait forever boneface!!" ROFLMAOOOOOOO
Author: Grolmaran
"No sir, she offered us a bun" xD XD X'D
Author: Bazuru
Anyone reminded of The Bloody Hand from ASOIAF?
Author: Tushakar
Ah... I just love Christopher Lee's voice as Death... Too bad that he didnt Voice acted Death in Hogfather.
Author: Shakataxe
You're very welcome!
Author: Malatilar
i watched this when i was about 10 or so.. so many memories