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Comments "Trinity Blood - Astha Badass Moments (English Dub)":

Author: Akinorr
Beautiful, Badass, Ruthless and Strong. Quite the dangerous combination.
Author: Kazrale
The guy said 'B*tch' so strongly 😂😂
Author: Dajar
I love it! Please,made the same with Abel
Author: Vinos
I love it and it's awesome as always
Author: Gulabar
Astha was Bishamon before it was cool.
Author: Ker
Guess i have something to watch now
Author: JoJor
If only she knew Who Abel Really Is! She would of been mortified how she act towards Abel.
Author: Yobar
Is that Whis I hear? 🤔😯
Author: Faukinos
Plz bear my children