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Comments "Teaser Transfiguration de Olivier de Sagazan":

Author: Makazahn
we all hate mondays......
Author: Nikolkree
Can't wait for the full song to be out.
Author: Mooguhn
He ruined that nice coat.
Author: Zukus
After watching his videos and looking at his paintings... this guy should be a Silent Hill monster desinger. Working with Ito. That'd be the best thing ever.
Author: Yozshuzragore
Author: Kalkree
This guy can make Horrifying stuff in just a minute... 
Author: Zulkizuru
This guy is fantastic.. Hah He does on the outside what many people do on the inside.. What you see a friend who is depressed or a friend who beat themselves up this is what goes on on the inside of them. Is very very nasty. But need to be seen.
Author: Grojinn
This was difficult to masterbate to. But don't worry. I did.
Author: Brazahn
Great psychosis. I can see the full expressions of aberrant experiences through its "face". Which is constantly suffering a noticeable change of physical and its way, mentally deforms.
Author: Taulkis
Well...that's one way to ruin a perfectly good suit.
Author: Talabar
Did I watch a new Slipknot's video clip?
Author: Gonos
I'm just chilling with my headphones on when suddenly at 3:41 I shit my self
Author: Tygohn
When I see my sister in her room, doing her make up. This is her.
Author: Brajas
This is what I imagine HowToBasic looks like when he is making videos.
Author: Kazijind
This is weird but strangely fascinating
Author: Yozshujar
Wow.   Gonna try to book this guy for my kids birthday, he'll be 5 years old next week.
Author: Nigal
how my girlfriend do her makeup on her period
Author: Bakinos
This should have been the monster in Amnesia.
Author: Akirg
Man the new silent hill teaser looks awesome!
Author: Dagore
Isn't playing with clay fun?
Author: Kimi
Professional horror Makeup artists takes like 2-4 hours to perform creepy makeup that doesn't look creepy...
Author: Mosar
fucking beautifully awesome!!!