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Comments "Public Enemies - Johnny Depp as John Dillinger":

Author: Gukora
ha look at his face dude.. thats not the real johnny depp
Author: Mugis
I like the Warren Oates version a lot better. I don't know much about this Depp fellow, but he just doesn't cut the mustard here.
Author: Kajishura
right, i see it
Author: Shaktilmaran
That is a really dumb idea. Make a new movie, to go against the great "Bonnie & Clyde" from 1968!? You are going to be faced with an uphill battle, coming close to the greatness of the original, ground breaking movie.
Author: Zulujora
Author: Mur
haha what the hell! the scene at 0:57 is digitalized! i didnt even notice that on the movie.
Author: Shakazshura
@gothica940 oh yeah, lol but i meant like the actual movie like the directors and writers lol.
Author: Zulujin
one person kept all his money in the banks lol
Author: Sasho
EPIC MOVIE!!! loved it, johnny was great great as a gangster, so this was the perfection of the 2 J.D's :)
Author: Mirg
good job thank you i make another one join me and see it plz
Author: Brarn
I suspect you are more of a Johnny Depp fan, and really don't know any of the story.
Author: Akitaur
@bubbly871 yeah it is
Author: Nikolmaran
hhhh, come again!!!!!! your living under a big ugly rock for not knowing the excellent Mr Johnny Depp, who did greater than great in this movie (this is not only my opinion but every critics opinion), who the f*** is Warren Oates, if i might ask???
Author: Kazrajora
stop trolling
Author: Goltilrajas
Nice presentation gothica
Author: Kaganris
the people who made this movie should do a Bonnie&Clyde movie. in my opinion.
Author: Doular
@johnnyluver178 told you
Author: Gokinos
Great job !!! 5/5 :)
Author: Shaktigar
it is Johnny, i run it on slow motion using my video editor, its Johnny :)
Author: Dira
i <3 Johnny Depp in this movie
Author: Akinozahn
@bluedragon281 aya , that's will be my next step :-P
Author: Bajind
are you sure?, how do you tell?
Author: Gora
You should probably check out the 1973 movie, "Dillinger" (***) directed by John Milius, and starring Warren Oates, Ben Johnson and Harry Dean Stanton. You should also check out some of the photographs of John Dillinger, and the book "The Dillinger Days" by John Toland.
Author: Kalkis
i've seen it dude, just didnt know the actors name, it wasn't as good as this one, maybe it was the lack of budget maybe it was the writing, all i know is this one is way better than the 70's version, even acting is way better, not coz im a fan i would say everything Johnny does is good or great, i dont like certain films he did, like dark shadows & ninth gate, but this one was a master piece & Johnny as a gangster caught my eye from the 1st scene...PS: being a fan doesnt mean i dnt knw anything
Author: Grozragore
@bubbly871 its not digitalized johnny said he did his own stunts in a interveiw
Author: Gozshura
1 kid is gay
Author: Akihn
thank you for the clip xxx