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Comments "Pediatrics Tutorials: IUGR-Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (Animated Medical Tutorials)":

Author: Voodoogore
Just awesome
Author: Mikar
thank u sir.....
Author: Akinogal
this is so helpful for me,, thank you for your great effort and keep making more great content. Cheers!
Author: Vudojar
Thanku... Wat a quick description...
Author: Vudogrel
where's the source sir?
Author: Malakinos
that is a lot of information in 4 minutes. good work
Author: Faekora
Thankyou for making it soooooo easy the mnemonic thing rocked keep on doing the same looking forward to more such videos 😀
Author: Tezil
Concise, simple. Thank you for the great effort you put in. Highly appreciated
Author: Manos
Thanks alot for making this topic easy and concise!!!!
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Really helped... Got my exam tomorrow..
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Very very very nice ..