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Comments "Le Cri (extrait)":

Author: Kigabar
how old is he is in this?
Author: Mikakora
Does This Have English Subtitles?
Author: Juran
what is this movie about?
Author: Makora
Wish there was subtitles in english and the rest of it;p
Author: Yozshusida
I don't understand a thing xd
Author: Kagajar
his voice is so hot :)
Author: Tygozshura
Really, lol. How many episodes...?
Author: Bagal
Oh, but the episodes look interesting. I'd like to watch them even if Jean is only in a you know where?
Author: Fenrinos
Author: Mezidal
it's about last coal mines in france
Author: Akigis
@mariana4gymnastics 15 or 16
Author: Yozshukree
How could I get this movie??
Author: Tygogal
Do you know if it's finished now or where i could get it online? I don't have enough money to buy it i'm sure, but i'm trying to learn french so hopefully i can understand some...
Author: Munris
on dirait trop les ouvriers ou les chinois des années 60, 70
Author: Nazuru
vestimentaire bien-sûr ^ ^
Author: Sara
No prob;p Guess i'll have to live without this masterful movie in my life;p
Author: Dokasa
On the right...i'm sorry, i don't see it. Also, where could we watch the rest of this?
Author: Turn
beau film de fr2
Author: Mibar
Oh, do you know anyone that might?
Author: Munos
so many crips in this film hahah were are the bloods? CRIPS WIN
Author: Kazrashicage
Aw.. Thats Really sad. Thanks Any way there.