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Author: Tojaktilar
He said himself "the last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye". So I just figured he was playing a game of trust where two people stretch a rubber by walking away from each other, but the other guy chickened out.
Author: Fauran
CORRECTION: Looks like we used an old promo image for Captain Marvel that said 2018 when the release date is now 2019. More reason to start speculating!!!
Author: Maugis
What if agent colson actually dies
Author: Balrajas
I feel like the movie will end with captain marvel going out to space or something and nick fury is sitting there with a young agent colsin and he looks at him and says "I have an idea, there has to be more like her. More of the "super humans" I think if we find them we can round them up and use them to make sure no threats like this ever happens again." and then colsin looks at him and says "all that just to avenge the loss of your eye?" and then nick looks back and says "huh avenge....i like that" cut to black
Author: Mazuzil
Not totally linked, but I would love to see Coulson return to the movie side of the Marvel universe in this movie, if only in a small cameo role! Unless it's confirmed that he wasn't at SHIELD yet—I can't quite remember that! But I miss seeing Coulson pop up in the movies, while seeing him so active on the small screen. I'm looking forward to lots of references in this movie, along with foreshadowing and story seeds that can be returned to later in time, perhaps even for Phase 4 and the like!
Author: Voodook
What if his eye is an infinity stone
Author: Gagul
Damn fury lost his eye to a freaking cat
Author: Fenrinos
I couldn't figure out what eye was messed up without that red arrow.
Author: Daijas
Aunt May is a skrull.
Author: Kazikinos
@ 8:23
Author: Arabei
His eye was a skrull.
Author: Zulkishicage
What if iron man never came out of the worm hole
Author: Doudal
That sounds much worse than just losing it.
Author: Mazucage
What if green lantern was actually a good movie....
Author: Arashigis
Yes, I know this video is late. I was still traveling when the news broke about Skrulls and such. Plus, we wanted to put some effects into this that made it look all espionage-esque, and that took a long time to render, even though YouTube compressed the crap out of everything. Either way, here's a thing you probably already know about. Remember to rate five stars and leave a video response!
Author: Nitaur
Author: Aragami
Isn't it obvious, I mean look at the scaring over the eye on top of the damage. He will lose his eye to his pet cat, Mr Fluffles. A long loved and trusted family pet who is taken over and replaced by a Skrull who then scratches out Nick's eye once he is discovered to be a Skrull spy.
Author: Mekus
Nick Fury is a Skrull.
Author: Vokazahn
"How do you think Nick Fury will loose his eye?"
Author: Yozshukora
But obviously Nick fury was captured and tied up and he escapes with a pair of scissors and as hes escaping he trips and stabs himself in the eye thats really how he lost his eye
Author: Vinris
Captain Marvel: well actually
Author: Gozahn
Captain Marvel's been delayed to 2019.
Author: Doujas
Nope he gets scratched by a kitten
Author: Nem
Nick furry