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Comments "Headgame (2018) Trailer":

Author: Mezile
Sračka napodobující saw
Author: Shakashakar
Feel like saw + hostel
Author: Arajora
Inspired by saw. Saw was different level. Amazing.
Author: Daitaxe
in argentina?
Author: Tygonos
Headgame is weak
Author: Ferg
I liked it better than Saw.That was a bad ass movie💯%😍
Author: Zudal
This is off version of jigsaw ridge
Author: Arashimi
battleroyale movie :)
Author: Kalar
looks like all the other movies in the last ten yrs. a repeated story line . kind of like saw or the circle . come on get creative folks.
Author: Doukinos
Is it good?
Author: Akinozshura