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Author: Tukora
What a mammath clean! Well done.
Author: Gotilar
I have used Oven Pride quite a few times now and am about to embark on a ore-Christmas oven clean on an oven that closely resembles your 'before' pic! I find it does a very good job with the addition of the soap filled wire wool pads too, but will definitely try your tip of pouring the used liquid in the soapy water and also decanting it into a squirty bottle for doing the awkward bits in the oven. Hopefully it will look as good as yours.
Author: Fekus
Sorry, strange question, what do you around at 17:53 ? It may have been messy did you say? It was messy obviously but I'm not sure if you said messy at that point in the video or something else. ((-:
Author: Tygoran
Amazing. It looks fabulous. Well done.
Author: Doujora
It had a really thick power cord and while this might seem silly to some people, for those of us who live in areas where we battle mice on regular basis this is important.>>> If you have never lost an appliance of any kind due to a hungry mouse chewing through the cord you are indeed a blessed person. This microwave oven works great and looks good, doesn't take up much space either - exactly what I needed.
Author: Kigahn
Wow such a great transformation! I am
Author: Arashiktilar
now going to clean mine today! Thanks for the inspiration!
Author: Vudojora
I always do my class door never has a problem with it z
Author: Gulabar
You really did get amazing results in the end! 3 days is worth it in that case <3 x