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Comments "The Golden Voice Ted Williams":

Author: Guk
tell it Wendy!!
Author: Doushicage
Hahahahahah pause it at 0:34
Author: Zolozilkree
i think wat shes say is true and realistic
Author: Vokus
i hate this bitch...sry
Author: Bat
ahahah wendy does such a good impersonation of her mom!!
Author: Nikonris
So what if he drinks, That crazy horse face woman shouldn't judge anyone, especially with her shady past
Author: Gazahn
Author: Dijora
i sada ste ga poslali u centar de cete ga unistiti,
Author: Balkree
After all would you like somebody telling you what you think is wrong? no you wouldnt. Same shit different situation.
Author: Nirr
Author: Kebei
Hollywood will kill him
Author: Arashim
She is right about the drugs. But she's full of caca about it not being fair about Ted being handed a career because of her broadcasting friends losing opportunites. The same can be said about all of the reality stars that she is always giving free publicity to who are now taking opportunities away from real actors. She constantly gives legitimacy to people like the Kardashians. And soap operas that employ people are being cancelled. What's good for the goose....
Author: Malasar
i agree with her
Author: Balmaran
Author: Migore
Yeah I understand what your saying. Hopefully he can find the strength to (basically man up and fight those demons) and make it to the other side safe. Not very many get this type of second chance whether they are in this field or with whatever they do. His kids need to let him do his thing TO FIX EVERYTHING and stop putting so much emotional baggage on him right now. He isn't strong enough at all to handle that. So hopefully the rehab will help.
Author: Aram
She's right. Dude was hot mess.
Author: Mishura
youre ugly
Author: Viktilar
Good on you Wendy! to many people especially in the media are to afraid to voice their own opinions. Stand true to your thoughts and you will stay true to yourself!
Author: Dojind
she just kips touchin her boobs.. dang !
Author: Faull
yourself, you f***n whimp !!
Author: Vonris
Shut the hell up! You have a big biig mouth!
Author: Dum
her name is wendy williams? how come i never heard of her but i heard of ted williams?
Author: Bazshura
You are judging Wendy not giving your opinion
Author: Mikatilar
Wendy is right! Very sincere person.
Author: Grorn
so negative ...your opinion does not matter do u doubt and encourage people at the same time...and the comment that she said her mom made to her dad...triflin 
Author: Zulkidal
evil woman
Author: Faelmaran
Why are you all saying this about Wendy? We all have our own opinions! To say Wendys this Wendys that just makes you look retarded for not appreciating the fact that non of us are right but we all have THE right to express our opinions.
Author: Mukasa
be happy for the positive in other people lady..leave the man alone
Author: Tautaxe
know it all cow
Author: Kigakazahn
ignorant bitch
Author: Dolkis
jelous bitch arent u ? xD
Author: Tojazil
ye may be she is !!!
Author: Bakus
@tom11zz884 Nono he's not an alcoholic he is a drug addict
Author: Zukasa
american's are like that (not about her) i mean the media always jumps to new things all the time and forgets about the hard working oldies
Author: Vokinos
did someone stab her face with a tuning fork
Author: Kagasar
iscedili ste coveka izreklamirali se preko njegove grbe,
Author: Bagore
Stop hating you big mouth ugly ass bitch
Author: Tezil
Haters every where and she reads this lol Keep it real WENDY!
Author: Akinosar
I wish Ted the best. I hope he can use this second chance wisely.
Author: Tetaur
I understand her point...but I think this was one of those things that should have been thought.... Not spoken.... Thats just me....Wendy is paid to give her opinion..and has her own forum to do it. I wish Ted happiness and prosperity ; )
Author: Tygorn
this was very clear. Anyone who misunderstands her isn't very smart.
Author: Kigajin
Wendy get off your soap box. We get it...YOU ARE AN ADDICT.
Author: Brazahn
You Go Wendy Thanks for telling it like it is
Author: Arashigore
STFU "i wish him well" she sounds so fucking jealous..
Author: Gulrajas
i completely agree with wendy.
Author: Nikoshicage
Author: Kajizil
that is the dark side of getting public....
Author: Dailar
fat guy with glsses at 1:10 made me laugh haha
Author: Kazralabar
wendy a little jelouse it didnt come to her that easy get over wilson i mean wendy.
Author: Nagami
what a bitch. where is the damn encouragement. just a selfish insane bitch.
Author: Grolrajas
What a know it all asshole. It should be the Ted Williams show. Get Wendy the fuck outta there.
Author: Kazizil
what a fucked up nose she has
Author: Voodoozahn
It's funny how she says, "I wish him well but....there," at the very end of this video.
Author: Kagazshura
Go try living on the streets for a few months and maybe you wanna kill
Author: Tygom
She is probably on MORPHINE as she speaks in this show.....
Author: Mazuzuru
fuck talking like that.leave him alone.hi is better from you.god dam
Author: Arat
Wendy is not giving him his break . Someone had to give her her's. When it other's people time to shine stop throwing salt in the Wounds, Live and Let Live.
Author: Mazil
You look more ugly than the homeless man..
Author: Zuluzuru
Your Opinion maybe right "MR" Wendy Williams.. But please Leave him alone! Lets HOPE he gets on well when he's out! You And Dr. Phil are desperately out to get ratings off the back of this homeless man...whos just been out from a very dark low place! You probaberly shitting in your pants, thinking your job might be at stake once he's out yeah ? Good move Ted, good move.. Majority are praying for you..
Author: Kagazuru
She might know thousands broadcasters but Tad has one of the best voices for broadcasting I've ever heard... he deserves a shot... and if he doesn't stay clean... the shot will go away and he will go away as well which is sad.
Author: Kajik
I believe your right Ted is in a very dangerous place right now.
Author: Mokora
just be happy for the ones who get opportunities. Only God can jugde who deserves what and why..
Author: Vigore
I have a radio voice Wendy! hire me!
Author: Bagul
kathy grifin in the 3:16 mark lol
Author: Kimi
wtf does she mean that he was clean for two years because he was homeless and had no money???? That has to be the dumbest argument for sobriety ever. Did you not see him panhandling in the original video??? He was broke and homeless for years and manged to get high. She acts like a drunk or high homeless man is an anomaly. Give cred where cred is do he got sober because he rocked up and decided to, not for lack of money.
Author: Moogukree
Author: Vijin
@AveolarD I am definitely praying for him. I would never wish ill will on anyone regardless of their situation. I know he can be brought through this with HIS help. That is what it will take and he has the ability to bounce back. But I do agree with her regarding the industry as well as temptation. GOD will be the only one to bring him out of it.
Author: Tojagami
the story turns in way like in movie
Author: Doukus
I think wendy williams is jealous...she said her peeps went to school for this etc....but ted did to...regardless of what thats hating...cmon man...if anything say things like congrads ted or good job ted...dont hate on him wendy.... Cuz last year you couldnt give a damn bout its like you parying for his down fall....see thats how i know wendy williams is miserable on the inside..ted wasnt. He was unfortunate...wendy had all the stop hating....
Author: Grozshura
apparently he's on his way to rehab, so I wish him the best
Author: Vutaur
is anybody praying for the man? has anyone ask God to strengthen, guide, heal and deliver this guy. too much analysis. dr. Phil call on God. there should be a corporate prayer sending a major request for this mans sanctity. we should send up positive energy.
Author: Samuzil
I can't believe someone would ever pay Wendy Williams for a voiceover.
Author: Kazizuru
She's so mean.
Author: Sazil
She is just jalous...hey leave Ted in peace !!
Author: Grojora
nice tits bitch !
Author: Mazahn
picketine americke!!!
Author: Kazicage
shes a freakin hater man,ole giant wasp lookin ass!
Author: Nezilkree
You are a man Wendy williams fuck u and yo little show
Author: Gutaur
@RobbieRob619 i do
Author: Brasar
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Author: Arashira
I thought I heard in one of his first interviews that Ted indeed went to school for broadcasting BEFORE kids, drugs, and alcohol??? Anyone else hear that? I agree with Wendy for the most part, but I understand that he studied his craft as well...I give him 6 months...
Author: Mar
dabog da vas meteor pogodio i sve zbrisao!
Author: Voodooshicage
I'm one of those who felt you were too hard on Ted. If I were homeless, I'd drink a little nip to stay warm too! But at least he was narcotic free and did not rob people for a cheap fix that's readily available on the street. It speaks volumes that he only drank. Look at all the pubs and bars we can all sit down and take a drink and drive home. Who's the offender? Just my thoughts. We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. I love your show Wendy.
Author: Vudolkis
I totally agree with Wendy. As a broadcaster myself since 1984, I have seen and experienced a lot. Like Hollywood, Radio can be ugly at times as well. There are thousands or Radio Jocks with great voices, drug and crime free, yet can't get a break. I wish Ted well, but I hope he doesn't blow this.