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Comments "Constructing a Probability Distribution Table : ExamSolutions":

Author: Tashicage
could they put a question where the arcs are of different sizes and we have to work out the probability of that of one? it doesnt seem that hard etc but just wondering. Also for mechanics could they not set it up with this and different areas with some not given where we have to work this out and then a given force on the wheel, with friction R on the spin and we have to work out where it will land? or we are told how many rotations it had and where it landed and we have to work out what the initial force is? would they also potentially include wind resistance?
Author: Akilabar
I am confused at how the second example with the "roll the die" gives values of -50p and 10p. Surely winnings only refers to the money won from the game, which is still 0p and 60p? I understand that the profit would be -50 and 10p, but aren't profit and winnings different things? 
Author: Gazilkree
In example 2 how is the probability of -50 is 3/6 and from the winnings, 50 is deducted so the probability of -50 should be 6/6 because it is used in all the 3 winnings.
Author: Samugore
thats zero then
Author: Tugami
@0165sarmad That's good
Author: Brarg
hey.. do you have a complete sort of uhm.. playlist of all the videos you got involving this subject.. because i really am having a hard time on deciding which is to watch next.. tnx
Author: Dajind
If you are on my site and looking at the home page. Click on the link that says statistics to the right of the picture of students. The videos are in order there.
Author: Mojin
DUDE you saved my degree made this part of stats make sense. Thanks so much :-)
Author: Goltilmaran
Author: Negal
good work... this time i'll pass the exam well ... thanks ... god must protect you..
Author: Gubar
@Rabzzz7861 Pleasure
Author: Kim
or does A level not get that hard?
Author: Kazrarr
what about P(X=0) for the third question?
Author: Faulmaran
you are officially my maths teacher :)