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Comments "Jebao Sw-2 wave maker review":

Author: Shakak
I bought the sw2 and when I screw in the pump to the controller the controller shuts off but before I screw it in the controller is my pump broken or am I doing something wrong ?
Author: Fenrisho
fragbox corals, my Jebao Sw-2 started good for the first 2 seconds then lost power (50%) and the propeller seems to be spinning in reverse and doesnt produce enough flow in my 9g reef tank. any idea on how to fix it? Thnx
Author: Nikora
Is this recommended for a 18G tank?
Author: Kazrakasa
Hi i have a 40 gallon and was wondering which size you would recommend thanks
Author: Moogulmaran
Whats the difference between Jebao and Jacod?  And why is Jacod is more expensive?
Author: Bralrajas
i have 6 gallon tank power looks too low on highest speed or mine is DAMAGED.? do anyone face same issue.
Author: Zushakar
Hi thanks for your review. I just setup my sw-2 today. I have a 14 gallon biocube and not sure about placement and speed. I have a mixed reef inside mine. If you want to see the pump setup in on intagram @reefurbished
Author: Samuran
How do I go about adding a second pump to the controller ?
Author: Milkree
Would this be ok in a 5 gallon pico. Or would it be way too powerful👍🏻👍🏻
Author: Mogis
I had the PP8s on my 75g. Great pumps altho the controllers don't stay linked up like they should. But I ran them on the "Else" mode for completely random flow so that didn't matter. I just ordered one of these for my IM 14g peninsula. I've been using a Koralia 565gph pump on there and I think the random flow will help my SPS out a lot. The Koralia is just a simple AC always on pump. I think this one pumps an extra 100gph on max, so I'll probably set it to max flow on Else.
Author: Kigasar
Author: Malagul
I have a Nuvo 16 and was debating between the sw4 or sw2. Which one do you think is appropriate for my tank? Thank you!
Author: Akinot
Could I use two of these for a 30 gallon (36" long) that has only softies and lps?
Author: Maur
Is it strong for a 5 gallon?
Author: Kajiktilar
crazy 8 foot tank and using a 20! wowza... good review
Author: Yok
Never could get the 0-10v input to work correctly, the pumps don't seem to respond properly as if the default controller is somewhat over-riding the external control input.
Author: Kekus
Which one should i pick for 29 gallon
Author: Brazragore
I just got this for my evo 13.5 and am having a hard time getting it out of night mode during the day. I have to unplug it and plug it back in. Any suggestions?